74+ Adorable Baby Donkeys That You’ll Want To Cuddle ASAP

Baby animals have the power to melt all hearts, even those made of steel. But while everyone enjoys seeing a palm-sized fox or deer, people rarely take their time to enjoy tiny donkeys. These fuzzy creatures are usually the subjects of butt jokes, and it’s quite a shame. To get them the attention their cute and cuddly looks truly deserve, Bored Panda has collected a heartwarming list of fuzzy baby donkeys.

Donkeys aren’t like horses at all; they differ physically, mentally and emotionally. Donkeys are more stoical in their behavior, startling less than horses. They are very social animals that simply adore company. Because of that, donkeys develop very strong emotional attachments with other animals. Scroll down meet these big-hearted baby plushies and upvote your favorites!

Baby Donkey

Image credits: Angela M. Miller (on a long, long break)

Beware! My Mom Is Watching

Image credits: Piotr Golebiowski

Levitating Donkey

Image credits: Doug Brown

Baby Donkey Mule With Its Mother

Image credits: Svetlana Foote

Baby Mini Donk Thug

Image credits: Michael Mount

Baby Donkey

Image credits: Peter Hendriks

Donkey Baby

Image credits: George Catalin Baragan

Does My Bum Look Big In This?!

Image credits: Rob

Ruby In The Snow

Image credits: Travis Weis


Image credits: Jessie Miller

Learning To Speak

Image credits: Doug Brown

Mother And Baby Donkey

Image credits: Oleksii Zelivianskyi

Long Ears And Sweet Eyes

Image credits: Stefano Cavallini Photography

Shy Baby Burro

Image credits: Janet Everhard

Wsd 2016

Image credits: Rudi Moerkl


Image credits: Miroslaw_Dolny

miniature donkey

Image credits: Chris Finch

Tougher Than He Looks

Image credits: Mick Nolan

Baby Donkey (Explored)

Image credits: Brandon Godfrey

It’s Not A Puppy Or A Kitten, But It Is Fluffy. Meet My New Baby Donkey Nelly

Image credits: rockpapercat

My Cousin’s Miniature Donkey Had A Baby Today! Everyone Give Capri A Warm Welcome Into The World!

Image credits: chrometurret

Daily Double Donkey

Image credits: heather__d


Image credits: Russ Beinder


Image credits: hannahperkins

Our Baby Mini Donkey, Opie, Likes To Get In Trouble

Image credits: baldylox

Actual Baby Donkey. Not A Baby Pygmy Goat. His Name Is Opie

Image credits: baldylox

Dougie, The Baby Donkey

Image credits: yearlyfiscal

Meet Opie The Baby Mini Donkey, The Newest Member Of Our Farm

Image credits: baldylox

Baby Donkey I Found The Other Day At The Place Where We Get Our Christmas Trees

Image credits: chalz_dawin

Baby Donkey

Image credits: deadandgrateful

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