Most Evil Trump Family Members

Based on the fact the Trump presidency so far runs about as smoothly and the Hindenburg, Donald Trump comes across as a rather unlikeable guy who appears to not know or care that his actions impact global policy. But is Donald the most evil member of the Trump family? While certainly the most publicized, Donald Trump still keeps the rest of his family in close proximity (unless they’re Tiffany), so their own influence upon him cannot be downplayed. As far as evil Trump family members go, he may be the most public, but as for the most vile, he goes up against some nefarious contenders for the deepest circle of hell.

His sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, both show no remorse killing endangered animals, sporting grimaces they pass for smiles as they pose with their “trophies.” Meanwhile, Ivanka, the Taylor Swift of politics, and husband Jared Kushner, provide only a facade of decency to the administration, all while quietly mixing their political endeavors with their business ones. Even the dead Trump family members like Fred Trump continue to tarnish the family name from beyond the grave, with stories of Fred’s attendance at KKK rallies not making Donald Trump look any less racist.

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