People You Shouldn't Bother Tipping Anymore

To tip or not to tip! That is the question. And lately, it’s a question that comes up all too often. Tipping has gotten so out of hand… it’s as if every cash register comes paired with a quippy tip jar and a complimentary black cloud of shame if you don’t indulge in some 19 year old’s weekend fund. So, before tipping gets even more outrageous, we’ve done the world a favor (you’re welcome, world!) and created a list of all the people you no longer have to feel guilty about

This isn’t to say tipping should be abolished. Tipping is a wonderful way of showing appreciation for top-notch service, and there are definitely industries and people who are worth the extra monetary gesture. But we think we speak for a good portion of the masses (except for those found on this list), when we say we’re getting fed up with these expectations of forking over our measly salaries every time we make a purchase.

Tipping started out as a simple acronym – “to insure promptness.” If we start tipping every Peter, Paul, and Mary who works at Quizno’s, we’re never gonna make it out alive. So push your guilt aside, read through this list of people you shouldn’t have to tip, and revisit that old fashioned institution of simply being polite at the register.

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