The 18 Hottest Older Sisters In TV Sitcom History

Sitcoms love the trope of the “hot older sister,” and the very hottest sitcom older sisters are in-turn loved by the viewers of these sitcoms. While hot TV casts come at a dime-a-dozen, the sexy sister archetype occupies her own throne in terms of beauty and allure. Time and time again, the sexy and sassy older sister becomes the target of affections for a younger brother or sister’s acquaintance. Right next to hot moms, the hot older sisters on TV comedies transcend the screen to enter into horny teenagers’ erotic fantasies. A Helen of Troy placed in a rectangular box, the hot sister can stir the plot simply through her good looks.

Sometimes, the hot older sister stirs up all-consuming envy in the plainer younger sister, i.e. “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” If she’s aware of her charms, like That ’70s Show‘s Laurie Forman, she may use them to her advantage against inexperienced adolescents. Either way, everyone loves watching these sexy older sisters, especially their sibling’s friends.

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