The Best Flair Colors on r/TheButton

r/thebutton. What in the heck, right? On April Fools’ Day 2015, Reddit users found themselves obsessed with a little blue button. They could push it or not, but what would happen? Well, the timer, which had been counting down from 60 seconds would reset. And, each user could only push it once. Depending on when they pushed it (or is it “pressed”?) they would get a fun flair color! What an experiment!!

Anyway, people got really into it and the community grew and grew. But what is the best button flair color to have? Is it purple for those who pressed early? Or is it red for those who waited until the last second? Upvote the button flair you are rooting for (#teamgrey mirite?) and join the fun/whatever is happening over at r/thebutton.

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