These Savage Chick Flick Burns Are Never Not Funny

Chick flicks provide viewers with all sorts of helpful information: fashion advice, friendship and relationship goals, and burns that would reduce your worst frenemy to a puddle of designer imposter perfume. Among the most satisfying movie plot points are chick flick burns, perfect little gems for reminding your haters they simply don’t have the range. Gentleman, just because these movies are made with women in mind does not mean they don’t pack a punch. If anything, these chick flick burns prove more useful than anything you see in Die Hard or Fast and the Furious; it’s not like you’re drag racing all that often, but a**holes always need to be told to take a seat, and chick flicks teach people the proper way to do so.

If you need a savage comeback prepped, look no further than the chick flick burns below, made by inspirational leading ladies and even a few gents. The next time Liz comes at you for your bangs, remind her they came from her mom’s chest hair. Deal with it, Liz.

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