Which Extinct Species Would You Bring Back From The Dead?

Life began on Earth approximately 3.8 billion years ago, and in that span of time countless species have come and gone. Extinct species, as sad as it sounds, simply become part of the natural cycle of life and evolution, except the species made extinct by human interference and pollution. Those extinctions fall on our shoulders. For one reason or another, species that went extinct are no longer able to be studied, observed, or enjoyed by humans. But when you think about all the cool extinct species lost to time, you start to think about what species you would bring back from extinction. We decided to pose this question to you, the Weird Nature audience, to determine which extinct species deserves another chance. Some of you desire to to bring back an extinct mammal, while others fantasized about making Jurassic Park a reality.

In addition to your selections, we also included the reasons why you want these organisms back on Earth. Hopefully, looking at this list of extinct organisms will help people realize how valuable and important endangered species are, and how much it blows to lose them.

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