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58 People Describe The Most Bittersweet Moment They Have Ever Experienced



Life is rarely black and white. Happiness often comes wrapped in a sheet of sadness, longing, sometimes even regret. Complex emotions are what make us human.
To find out more about these dualities, Redditor BlaasianCowboyPanda posted a question on the platform, asking: «People of Reddit, what is the most bittersweet situation you’ve experienced?» And they’ve been heard.

From letting go of your loved ones to helping your pet cross the rainbow bridge, here are some of the most touching memories that were shared in the comments.



Adopting a decrepit senior dog with one hot mess of a body. He was cherished and adored by myself and daughter. My daughter was his main squeeze. He had health problems galore but he always persevered, and for a brief moment he got to BE a dog.

One year ago we helped him cross the rainbow bridge. My daughter made the decision that she would be there, she held his snout in her hands and kissed him the entire time. She was so brave, because of him.


Recently had one last sleepover with my childhood friend before he passed from leukemia. It was just like being kids again.


He couldn’t do much at the point he’d reached, but we listened to music, watched Luca (which he hadn’t yet seen), and just talked about life. And of course we stayed up way past bedtime haha


Sitting in the hospital room, mom was about ready to pass away from cancer, everything was shutting down internally. The date was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. The last thing dad said to her was ‘Thank you for 40wonderful years.’


My friend and his fiance wanted a baby and were doing IVF treatment and were down to their last chance. She got pregnant but my friend died three months in from a sudden heart attack.

So basically super bitter for six months but then his daughter was born and is healthy and beautiful.


About ten years ago just before she died of lung cancer, my mom called me by my childhood nickname, told me she loved me and then fell asleep. That was the last thing she ever said to me. I was 35 when she died and she hadn’t called me that nickname in maybe 30 years. I still tear up thinking about it.


Holding my grandfather’s hand as he passed away. It was incredibly sad to see him go, but also relieving to see that it was peaceful and that he had been released.


Breaking up with my then girlfriend because her dream of moving abroad permanently was coming true. I was happy for her but sad to see her leave


Waking up from a suicide attempt.


Bitter because I woke up, sweet because I woke up.


I always looked back so longingly on my first love. It was the summer we both turned 18 and it was my first time falling in love and everything seemed magic. She was a lifeguard and I still remember her long legs splayed over the lifeguard chair, her long blonde hair, her tan skin, her movie star sun glasses. On that lifeguard stand up high she was a shrine to everything summer. And I freaking loved summer. I had a manual labor job putting in swimming pools, damn that was so hot down there laying plaster with that Kansas City humidity.

We fell in love that summer and did everything together, every waking hour we could we spent together. In the day we would go down to the creek together and wade in the water and swim and lay on the shore, she always wanted to ride on my back across the creek to get to the other side, our side, where no one ever went but us. Sometimes we would climb on those oversized hay bales by my house and stare up into that cloudless summer sky and talk about what the future would be and going off to college and running track and the Olympics and how we would always love each other.

My favorite days though, God damnit I loved these days so much was when it rained. We both got off work when it rained so I would get an early call from my boss canceling my work and I would just lay there and smile and look at the ceiling and wait for my phone to ring, it was always her telling me to come over and we could spend the day together. Movies or the mall sometimes but usually we would climb over the gate to the swimming beach and go swim in the lake and feel the warm rain and dive under the water and come up over the dock. Best times of my life.


I’ve always looked back on them so longingly.I’ve been in love since and been married and divorced and dating but it seems my thoughts always came back to her. Even though we live in the same city it was 15 years since I had seen her. Back when I got married to someone else I had an outdoor wedding and even from the front I could hear her sobbing when I said the vows that I wanted to grow old with my wife, that was from a movie my first love and I used to watch together sometimes when it rained. She left right after the wedding and I hadn’t seen her again for 15 years. I longed to see her, I even contacted her one time and suggested meeting up but she said she was happily married and would never meet up with me, even to just talk and reminisce. I longed to see her again just one more time.

Well it happened, I saw her again for the first time in 15 years. We were both at a U2 concert and we hugged and laughed and even danced when they played With or Without You. That night we all had a great time and we walked the women all the way to their car before going to ours. I realized when I saw her Honda minivan and sippy cups from her kids and saw her face that had gotten older that I didn’t long for her. Don’t get me wrong, she was still beautiful, incredibly beautiful. But she wasn’t the girl on top of the lifeguard stand anymore. She had gone on with her life and had kids and drove a sensible minivan and wore sensible mom shoes. And then I realized I didn’t long for her at all. What I had a longing for was me. When I was 18 and athletic and handsome, with my whole life ahead of me, that was what I longed for more than anything. A life before mortgages and bills and small backyards in the suburbs with fences, I longed for that part of me that was still back there with her at the creek. What it was like to fall in love and swim under the dock in the rain and laugh and hear the words I love you for the first time. I didn’t miss her at all. I missed me. It was the most bittersweet realization of my life.


Oh man. I’m always a sucker for the long love.

Amidst a loooong illness in hospice and dementia that meant he recognized no one my Grampie still lit up every day when my Grammie showed up. He would turn to whoever else was in the room and say «ah, I’m just the luckiest fella in the world to have the most beautiful woman in the world to love. I love you, Dolly.»


She got to be there when he passed away and she died a few months later. I think she was just waitingforhimtogofirst.


Hottest woman I’ve ever seen cheated on me.

Well she attempted to with a good friend of mine, and the good friend ratted her out.

This probably saved me a few million bucks when I look back at the whole situation.


My fiance’s funeral. It was literally the first time I got to meet his mom. And she was such a sweet lady. When I tried to give her back my ring because it had belonged to her mother. She refused to take it, she told me «My son chose you to give it to. And it would be rude of me to take back his choice.» She probably still has no idea how much it meant to me.


I literally have no pictures or anything of him. But I still have my memories and my ring I keep in my jewelry box.


Well I may be getting deployed unexpectedly due to the current craziness in the world, so my wife and I decided to get married Saturday.

Happiest day of my life, but I’m nervous about possibly having to leave this week or next.


Spending the last month of my mom’s life caring for her, teamed up with my sister. We laughed, we cried, we looked at photo books, we ate lots of Mexican tater tots and coffee shakes. Of course, losing her to cancer was horrible, but it was her choice not to seek treatment, so my sister and I decided that, if she was going to go, we would give her the happiest sendoff we could. She died contentedly in her own bed, in the arms of her daughters and granddaughters.


I finished University not that long ago. I was very excited because I literally went through four years of an engineering degree just for this moment and it finally happened. But the moment the graduation ceremony ended I just turned really sad. It’s over. Everything good in University life is over. Plus I’m like, an adult now? What the f**k!Idon’t want that!


My first two pets were two parakeets (aka Budgies). Both passed about 5 months apart but they both said goodbye to me in a way I haven’t gotten to experience with any other pet. They were never fully tame and mostly just liked to go out of their cage and spend time together on the curtains or somewhere else that they could perch.


The first to pass was eggbound and her passing was devastating but instead of being alone when she passed I was able to hold her and she rested her head on my finger and chirped once before her time came. The second lived for another 5 months and was never as bouncy as before but in the last month, for an unknown reason she became incredibly tame. Not only did she perch, she would run up to me and snuggle against me. She continued this until one evening she passed peacefully.

I still miss them to this day, but I will always appreciate the goodbyes they gave to me. Here’s to you Sunny and Sky.


Watching my babies grow. Obviously I want them to grow well but if I could just pause time for a bit.


When I was 17 or 18 I met a girl online. She lived in Florida, I lived up in New England area. We chatted all the time, got very close. We eventually met when I went down to visit my parents for spring break Senior year of college to FL. I was head over heels in love with her but the age, the distance and not having a career or money at the time really just didn’t lend itself to us giving it a shot.

She went into the army for a short time, did service got out. Met a fellow vet who became a firefighter. Had 4 beautiful daughters was really happy for her and figured she had a great life. 3 years ago the husband was cheating on her, recording a house-sitter with a hidden camera in the bathroom and other places, also cheated on this woman with said house sitter and others. Was going to be tried for the recording and for statutory rape of the others who were all under 18.


Before that happened on Halloween that 3 years ago he got drunk, beat the hell out of my friend and fled. Committed suicide.

What that poor woman went through, and the underlying guilt I feel like maybe she would have had a better life if we were together will always seem bittersweet to me.


divorcing my ex. she cheated and was abusive. it was LONG overdue and any feelings were and are gone, but the old romantic side wanted to be married until the end. wanted a 50 year anniversary. so sweet in that i was able to break free and find myself, bitter because divorce sucks. remarried and i love my wife to death, but at our ages, the big number anniversaries are very unlikely



Deleting Forza Horizon 4. Ive played it science it came out and I’m sick of it, but at the same time I played it for 4 years and there are some good memories.


The last time I saw my Grandpa. He was in a coma, had been battling Parkinson’s for years. My relatives were talking to the nurse while I sat next to him, holding his hand. For a split second, he slightly opened his eyes, and softly smiled. I will never forget that, it brings so much peace but also pain.


Unintentional pregnancy the month after a miscarriage.

The pregnancy I’d lost had been planned, wanted, and tried for. The baby had a name and a place in the family I was building for myself. The miscarriage was physically traumatic, required surgical intervention, and had me seriously questioning if I ever wanted to be pregnant again if I risked that happening a second time. I had just decided that I couldn’t face the thought of another pregnancy. And then I missed my period.


I got medical bills from my current pregnancy that said «prenatal care» and bills from my surgical procedure that said «incomplete abortion.» I missed one of them somehow and got a call from a debt collector about it shortly after the second baby reached viability. (24 weeks of pregnancy, at which point the baby has 50/50 odds of surviving premature delivery.) My original due date passed and I was pregnant with someone else. And I couldn’t get drunk about it, or even just lay in bed not eating or showering, because I was pregnant with someone else.

The second baby is a healthy toddler and is currently watching his big brother play video games. He is very loved. Carrying him scared the absolute s**t out of me.


A friend’s step father had been thru a nasty divorce ~20 years back at the time. Was told his disabled daughter died in a car accident. His daughter was told he died in a car accident.

Daughter never stopped looking for him but he was a very tin foil hat kinda man. Didn’t work anything that wasn’t under the table, Didn’t own anything that could be tracked, whole nine.


He had a fall one night and got very sick. Decided to marry his long time girlfriend for the health insurance.. court house wedding, straight to the hospital. He was hours away from death, was put into a medical coma and admitted to ICU. Lots of touch and go. Needed major heart surgery and some other unattended health issues caused complications.

I was living him and his new wife at the time. Wife was with him at the hospital when his daughter showed up at the door. She found him through the marriage certificate. I had to pull her caregiver aside and tell her dad might not make it after she spent some 20 years looking for him.

He lived a few years after that so was a happy reunion for them. But they day she found him finally, just to be told he may be on his death bed. I’ll never forget that moment.



The only thing I can say is that being there with him at the end is a blessing. When my grandpa was dying in hospice care, nearly all of the immediate family (his wife obviously, his kids, and us, his grandkids) flew out to Tucson immediately. We spent days there, being with him (even though he was completely out of it), talking, reliving memories of him, and sharing stories that not all of us knew.

Then when we were getting ready to head back to the hospice the next morning from one of the family members who went back earlier that morning, we got a call that he was doing worse, and that we should get back there ASAP. We all missed his passing, and his wife, my grandma, just completely broke down, saying that she gave him so many years, and he couldn’t give her 20 minutes to get there to be with him at the end…god, that was so hard to hear.

The only good thing about that day was that he was no longer in pain. But holy s**t, it crushed all of us. We adored that man.



In Kansas City we have an amusement park and a water park that have combined into one now so its Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun. Its such an awesome day! You can ride a roller coaster and then go jump in the wave pool and go back and forth. My kids are getting older now and they don’t need me as much, in fact there was an hour or so where I was sitting there all by myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it, I read a book and even had a nap. But its bittersweet because they don’t need you as much anymore. I tell them how I feel though. I tell them I love being with them. I get just as excited as they do to go to the waterpark. At the end of the day we went to the old time diner place in the park and had french fries and milkshakes and in the booth when we were all drinking milkshakes I told them, ah, this is one of the good parts of life!


Saying goodbye to all of my friends and my hometown to move to college. I’m excited for this new adventure but all of us chilling in my basement playing board games for the last time killed me the moment they had to leave. We were all doing just fine until then, when one after another they started crying as we hugged goodbye. I held it together. The moment they drove away I sobbed. Happened about a week and a half ago so it still hurts. I know that I have (and will) experience much more sad things but this is fresh enough that I’m still heartbroken.



My family got a puppy when I was about 5. My freshman year of college he had to be put down. Every part of his body was failing. He couldn’t stand on his own, fur falling out, infections that wouldn’t go away, etc. and the vets couldn’t help him no matter what they did. My mother finally made the choice to let him go peacefully rather than try to force any more treatments and hope they ease it. I opted to be the person to go back with him when the time came.

I held him and cried. But I pet him behind the ears the way he always liked and made sure he knew he had one of his humans there. There was relief in his eyes when he went. Like he understood what was happening and was okay with it. Finally able to rest.

I didn’t want to let my childhood pet go. But I’m glad he didn’t have to keep suffering and he didn’t have to go out alone.



I realize it likely seems small, but sending my youngest off to college. He’s not “mine” per se, but he’s basically mine just the same and has been since he was ~4 and I became his step-mom. He has grown into an interesting, funny, intelligent, and kind-hearted young man with the sweetest heart you’ve ever encountered. Literally, I choose to hang out with him over many other people in my life. He’s worked very hard to earn his scholarship to college, and his dad and I are incredibly proud of him. I love seeing him succeed and reap the benefits of his work. I love seeing him begin to spread his wings and fly.

But I miss the absolute hell out of him. Coolest damn step-son on the planet, and I’ve been lucky enough to claim him as my own.


Dropping my little brother off at college. After the initiation event my family was kind of scattered around the place rounding us up to leave. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I saw my brother through the window, looking around like…what now? My urge was to go out and talk to him but I had already said my goodbyes, so I followed my parents to the car. I always get teary eyed thinking of it. Feels like a scene from a movie



My daughter’s double amputation just after her first birthday. It was the most difficult experience of my life, especially the hours leading up to her going into surgery, and I’m too squeamish to let myself think about what the procedure actually involved. But due to a bone defect she would never have been able to walk, or run it dance or climb, unless she’d had the operation. We had to sacrifice her adorable little baby feet. We lost a little part of her that day, but she gained the ability to walk, so it was totally worth it.
If I ever feel sad about what she went through, I just look at her and the sadness goes away because I’m bursting with pride.


My dad crying out of happiness while wishing me a happy 15th birthday…

I couldn’t really process what I felt, because I was secretly dealing with mental health issues since the past 1-2 years and I pretty much forgot what happiness is and have been in a numb type of mood. I believe that that night was the first time I cried out of what may have been happiness.



Getting the greatest job and worst boss at the same time.


At my grandmas viewing my little cousin (2)and her dad (my uncle) walked up to see her and to say their goodbyes. As they walked away my little cousin turned to her and waved goodbye


Realizing there was a mutual love with a friend, but that it was platonic, and we absolutely wouldn’t work as a couple


I attended my maternal grandfather’s celebration of life earlier this afternoon.

My grandfather at heart was a bit of a party animal, and most of all, a really jolly guy. I know for a fact that there was no way he would’ve wanted a funeral in the traditional sense, but rather, he would’ve wanted us to try to take the time to remember all the good memories we had together with him.

And so we did.


We talked about how he told a professor teaching a college algebra class he was failing, that nobody in Hawaii spoke English as a first language, which allowed him to drop out of the class several weeks late. I got up in front of the crowd and told a story about how he would occasionally make me jelly sandwiches with a slice of cheese in it as a kid. We watched a video of him singing his high school’s alma mater together with a classmate of his during a class reunion several years back.

Grandpa in his final years was a bit of a shell of the man he once was; Alzheimer’s Disease caused a lot of damage to his brain, turning the guy who was once the boisterous life of the party to a man of few words. But his celebration of life reminded me once more of the amazing man Grandpa once was.

The crowd laughed at times, but at others, I felt like I was being hit in the chest with a baseball bat as I heard my grandmother and younger cousin stifling sobs as my aunt recounted the final moments we had with him. My own father, one of the most stoic people I know, admitted to feeling a lump form in his throat as we sang the lyrics to the song Aloha ʻOe, how we’ll someday meet again.


It’s one thing to be given a “thank you” for a random act of service, but another to be thanked for being your grandfather’s grandson as he lay on his deathbed in a rare moment moment of clarity, and having to relive that moment as your aunt mentions it in a speech.

Sitting through that service may have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but ultimately, I feel I came away stronger, and ultimately, a bit wiser, knowing that we finally got some official closure to it all.

It may have been hard, but we all came together as a family once more, and were reminded of how sacred life is. Each day is something we can’t take for granted, and we should all make it a point to love on and spend time with our loved ones.


There’s still times where part of me pauses for a second, wondering where’s Grandpa? when my family goes out to eat or when I need to help out my grandmother, but I think that with this closure, I’ve finally accepted that he’s gone, and that it’s okay that he is.


The last conversation I had with my Grandad he was reminiscing about when he was a farmer, and started talking about his horses. I asked him how you took care of a horse back then (he stopped farming in the 1950s, the conversation was in 2004) and he spent a good 30 minutes explaining what they did and how much land you needed etc. A simple conversation about country life and animals, two of his favourite things.

I live in another country so when I said farewell I had a nasty feeling it’d be the final time I ever visited or saw that house. He died 10 months later. The next time I was able to get to England was in 2011 and I visited his graveinstead.


Finding out my housemates suicide attempt was just a cry for help


Wrecked my truck. Got some stitches and a mild concussion but otherwise I was fine. Insurance paid out and I bought a car with the money.


I wanted to get a car anyways because I didn’t need a truck anymore and the cost of gas was killing me. So now I have a one inch scar on my eyebrow but I get almost 30 mpg vs ~18 mpg and I love it


When I was 11, my family and I went to Laos. It’s a repressive country where people are almost never allowed to leave (I can’t think of any situation where they were able to). It was really sad to see my dad’s siblings crying when we had to leave. I’ve never seen my dad cry either. I can’t imagine not knowing the next time I’ll be abletoseemybrothers.


Finding out my crush liked me back.

However she was going to switch cities and we were too young so I let it go. It hurt, but it was for thebetterofbothofus.


When my father was dying it was kind of sudden but there was a moment at the hospital where he was awake and we were going in one at a time to say goodbye. He couldn’t speak but he was giving understanding looks, as my brother, his adult grandkids, my mom went in. I was last because I knew he would want a little more time, I’m his youngest and we have a different relationship, not better just more friends ish.

When I went in he immediately motioned in a way that I knew he was thirsty, the nurse saw too so she gave me water to rub on his lips. It was so sad and so intimate. Like he wouldn’t burden anyone else with his comfort in this moment? I had been quietly taking care of him for most of my life and had recently moved to NY and it was the furthest we had been apart but he still saw me as being able to care for him. That was our last moment together before I watched him die like 10 hours later. I was the one to tell the nurses to stop reviving him because everyone else was being…. a lot?


At the time I thought it was a sign of this really great bond we had, but now I realize I actually took on a lot of emotional stuff for him I was probably a little young for. But he also may have been ok doing it because I knew how he felt about me so I didn’t need a moment, or maybe he just couldn’t hold it back anymore. Who knows.


I was talking to this person on a specific forum once. Both of us were equally engrossed. I don’t know how but it gradually morphed into a lovey-dovey conversation as we kept talking. Shortly thereafter, we found out we had a Twelve year old age gap. I was Sixteen then and he was Twenty Eight. I laugh like an Idiot every time I recall. It feels strange but silly and sweet.


Moving back to my own country after studying in the US for 3 years. I was sad to leave my friends, but happy to leave the country.


Receiving a check for my inheritance as part of Dad’s estate.



Marrying my husband and moving out of my parents’ house. My parents have always been kind and supportive of me. They made it difficult to say goodbye. It was tough looking back at the house as we drove away to start a new life.


I let her go. Because i knew i was not the right man for her. It’s been years but she still visites me in my dreams and she always smiles at me. Sometime ago i woke up with tears in my eyes. I loved her. When ever i saw her i immidiately felt good, warm inside. She is happy now i know this. And i’m still convinced i made the right decision, she found a better man. But when I think of her, sometimes…, you know… «what if…» Love hurts but i’ll keep a special place in my heart, just for her 🙂


My last interaction with my grandfather was on Christmas 2017, his last birthday. He had Alzheimer’s, among other things, but when he and I were alone that night, he was lucid. I asked him if he would be able to attend my wedding in six month’s time, he said he wouldn’t make it since he’ll have to look after my grandmother (she has mobility issues, but otherwise healthy enough for her age).


He died about a month later.


My dog getting put down the same day I arrived at Disneyland for a friend’s birthday trip.


There was a 10+ year feud between my mum and her parents/sister, which resulted in us not seeing or speaking with them for that duration. It was killing my mum not speaking with her parents (my aunt caused the whole thing) and I dearly missed my family.

I travelled to them unannounced and without telling anyone to fix things and re-build bridges – it worked. My grandma then got pancreatic cancer and passed very quickly after (literally within a couple of days).


I’m so thrilled I managed to bring my family back together and my mum got her mum back for a bit but I know it wasn’t enough and now my mum wishes she’d tried to fix things herself much sooner. It’s happy and very sad all at once.


My best friend was in a very bad car accident. This was the mid aughts and no one quite understood how bad opioids were just yet. I personally wheeled him out of the hospital and a doctor in a white coat gave him a huge bottle of oxy.

This set him down a bad path that none of us realized before it was too late. He ended up losing everything – girlfriend, job, apartment etc. and spent a decade begging, borrowing and stealing. I loved this guy but he began lying to me as well to get his fix.


At one point he was able to straighten out some. Got some treatments that helped him resist the urge and got a job trucking. He would call me during runs and actually be lucid. One day we met up and spent hours together. It was like I had my friend back and I didn’t want the night to end – kept making excuses to stay longer.

He got into a big accident during one of his runs. Partial paralysis and total loss on the vehicle. Now he can’t work and stays at home teetering on the edge of a relapse. He’s better than it was, for now, but all I have left is that one wonderful summer night.


Yesterday actually. My gf had to go to a work trip and I had to drop her off at the airport. I’m not a clingy guy, but I am a sensitive one. Was really proud of her for taking this opportunity but also sad cause I won’t see her for about 6 weeks now. Teared up in the car on the drive home



Graduating from university.

I was incredibly sheltered growing up and as a consequence, I was scared of everything and would jump at my own shadow. I had my first taste of freedom at 16 and up until that point, I had never had noteworthy life experiences – no sleepovers, no going to the mall on my own, didn’t know how to cook, etc. Yes, my parents had watched me like a hawk growing up and didn’t allow me to do a lot on my own. Anyway, on to uni. I was young, tiny, wispy, shaking with anticipation at the prospect of moving out, going away and living in a university dormitory with my peers. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t think I would make any friends but I did, and we did everything together.

I remember getting sick and missing my mom and my roommate passing me the flu medicine from her own stash. I remember trying alcohol for the first time and my friends laughing silly while a girl throws up behind the couch. I remember discovering boys for the first time and deciding they’re not as icky as I thought. I remember going on road trips, holding hands with strangers I met in a mosh pit, trading kisses and spit with the most beautiful boy only to forget his name and face the day after. My classes were interesting and the beautiful weirdos I met as I hopped and skipped through my university life were just as engaging and so I studied them just as intensely.


I remember surviving my freshman year and being drunk in my own potential. Oh, to be young and invincible! Adulthood has its own set of fun and challenges but I know that I will never be this combination of hope, innocence, curiosity and bravado ever again.


Visiting my grandpa for the last time. He died two days after I saw him. He was pretty out of it in those last few days, but he was quite lucid while I was there. My mom later told me that was the most lucid he had been. I spent about 4hrs with him, and I’m so grateful for that time. I try to not remember him that way, because the cancer had absolutely ravaged him, but I am so glad I got to spend that time with him.

He helped raise me (my dad wasn’t there most of my childhood) so his death was really devastating for me. It’s been about a year and a half and still feels pretty surreal.



My grandpa died when I was 9 and the last time I saw him I had an urge to hug him goodbye – even though we usually never hugged – he died the next night and I still remember that hug vividly


Probably my elementary school graduation. It was the first time I’ve ever felt what bittersweetness was. I was really sad because some of my friends were going on to different middle schools and I might not ever see them again but little eleven year old me was really proud of myself for finishing that chapter of my life.


Was in a long distance relationship. I saved for three months to buy a plane ticket to visit her and I had a great time. When it came for her to visit. She redecorated her room instead…I’m glad I figure out what her priorities were back then.



Leaving home to go out of state to care for my grandmother who had just gotten a positive cancer diagnosis, only to have her pass away before I got a chance to see her. Really broke me.


Grandma dying of cancer. My sister and I used to take turns to help our mom and aunt look up for our grandma. One day I went out with a guy and asked my sister to check my grandma and I would take the morning shift. She agreed. Next morning, I am getting ready to go my grandma’s house when I received a text from my mom. My grandma died that morning. I was so in shock, but mostly sad and dissapointed about my poor choice of priorities. I would have been able to see my grandma alive if it wasn’t for that date. I also remember a few months before that, she read «The shack» by William Paul Young. She loved it cause she was very religious. I read it as well and promised myself I would buy her the movie and see it together when I had the money. That moment never happened. Over all, my grandma’s death made me learn not to put anything or anyone above my family and friends. And to always take those small opportunities to spend time with my loved ones, even if its just for 5 minutes, those can be the last moments you share with them.



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50 personas que llevaron la carpintería a otro nivel y compartieron los resultados en este grupo en línea (nuevas fotos)



50 personas que llevaron la carpintería a otro nivel y compartieron los resultados en este grupo en línea (nuevas fotos)

Mi abuelo construyó su casa no muy lejos de la casa de troncos de su madre. Cuando ella murió, él convirtió el suyo en un taller de madera. Recuerdo haber ido allí cuando era niño; el lugar me parecía otro mundo. En el interior, había pilas y pilas de herramientas, algunas grandes, otras pequeñas, y siempre se podían oler aromas cálidos y terrosos. Una silla de abedul en un rincón y una mesa de roble casi acabada en el otro. Fue tan pacífico.


Había pasado un tiempo desde que me sumergí en estos recuerdos, pero tan pronto como vi el subreddit r / WoodWorking, todos volvieron corriendo hacia mí.

Esta comunidad en línea está dedicada a «muebles, juguetes, herramientas, madera, pegamento y cualquier otra cosa que tenga que ver con la carpintería como pasatiempo o profesión», y tengo que decir que sus miembros son muy, muy hábiles. No tanto como mi abuelo, por supuesto, pero casi. Continúe desplazándose para ver sus mejores proyectos y comience Panda aburrido publicaciones anteriores en el subreddit aquí y aquí.

# 1 me atrevo a decir … ¡La «valla interminable» está completa!

Créditos de la imagen: magicstickbending


# 2 Hermoso proyecto en el que he estado trabajando durante unos meses. ¡Pensé que a todos les gustaría ver!

Créditos de la imagen: bunfunion

El usuario de Reddit u / magicalstickbending es una de las personas cuya habilidad puedes ver en la lista. Pero para este artículo, vamos a referirnos a él por su nombre real, Justin Roberts. Creó la ‘Valla interminable’.

Logramos ponernos en contacto con Justin y tuvo la amabilidad de tener una pequeña charla con nosotros. «La carpintería es una forma de vida para mí», dijo el hombre. Panda aburrido. «Hace 10 años, tuve la idea de hacer la canasta de Pascua de mi hijo mayor. Después de la Pascua, plantábamos la canasta y la convertíamos de nuevo en un árbol. Con el sauce es una planta renovable y uno puede simplemente clavarla en el suelo y crecerá, también puedes cosechar la misma planta hasta por 28 años. Esto es lo que más me atrajo, vivir lo más cerca posible de la tierra y su ritmo. He estado trabajando con madera verde de 7 a 5 días a la semana desde hace 10 años «.


# 3 La cuna Longship que hice para mi primer nieto está completa

Créditos de imagen: Ill-Trainer-9903

# 4 El propietario quería cortar el árbol para la terraza, pero en su lugar le pedí que construyera un banco a su alrededor. Creo que resultó agradable y salvó el árbol

Créditos de la imagen: stillcantshoot

# 5 Reflexiones de perspectiva 150x90cm completo. Una pieza inspirada en Artdeco

Créditos de imagen: lifeinlayers


El ‘Neverending Fence’ era en realidad una comisión con permiso para jugar. Así que Justin lo hizo. «Hicimos un marco de metal para el arco y reutilizamos el poste de la cerca anterior, envolviéndolos con alambre de calibre 14», dijo el carpintero. «Luego cosechó árboles jóvenes de sauce al borde de la carretera y los tejió uno a la vez. Tomó alrededor de 700 horas de principio a fin».

«Este subreddit es un lugar increíble para hablar de todo lo relacionado con la carpintería. No sabía sobre Reddit hasta que alguien robó fotos de mi trabajo y trató de decir que lo lograron. Me desperté una mañana con mensajes en mi bandeja de entrada en otra plataforma que decían ‘Amigo, ¡Estás en la portada de Reddit! ‘ así que hice una cuenta para reclamar mi trabajo «.

Para obtener más piezas interesantes similares a la valla famosa en Internet, visite el sitio web de Justin Walk the Willow.


# 6 Debido al alto costo de la madera, decidí hacer una casa de juegos completamente con paletas y techos gratis

Créditos de imagen: DJ_poopmypants

# 7 esculpió una cuerda y un nudo de tilo

Créditos de imagen: YouKnowWho2016

# 8 ¡Conseguí mi primera exhibición en una tienda local!

Créditos de la imagen: Chronicpaincarving


# 9 Hice esta caja de música de orca

Créditos de la imagen: dilettantetaun

Para un artículo anterior sobre r / WoodWorking, Panda aburrido También contactó a uno de sus moderadores, Joseph, y nos dijo que el subreddit se fundó en 2008 como un lugar para que los Redditors intercambiaran ideas, técnicas, consejos y proyectos.

Ahora, se ha convertido en una comunidad de 3,2 millones de miembros y se visita unas 250.000 veces al día.


Hay una regla clave que hace que este subreddit sea único y es que las personas solo pueden compartir cosas que han creado ellos mismos. «Esto mantiene nuestro contenido original y orgánico», explicó Joseph. Así que cada pieza increíble que ves en esta lista fue recopilada por un miembro del sub.

Sin embargo, el equipo de moderadores recordó que la carpintería, no importa lo genial que sea, no es solo diversión y juegos, y uno nunca debe olvidarse de mantenerse a salvo. Vea esta publicación como «un recordatorio para el taller de que ocurren accidentes».

# 10 tallé un pequeño búho de arce

Créditos de la imagen: seanpt3009


# 11 Wayfair dijo que el sofá al aire libre no llegaría hasta septiembre, así que tomé el asunto en mis propias manos. Encontré planes simples en Youtube. Esta fue la primera vez que usé una sierra …

Créditos de imagen: fppfle

Ya sea que esté aprendiendo un nuevo idioma o cómo conducir un automóvil, aumentar su conjunto de habilidades es valioso en una multitud de niveles. La carpintería no es una excepción. Puede beneficiar tanto al creador como a quienes lo rodean, así que si estás buscando un nuevo pasatiempo, ¿por qué no intentarlo? Quizás termines amándolo.

Es algo que se puede aplicar como mejor le parezca. La carpintería puede ser una fuente de relajación e incluso de ingresos si se le da bien. A muchas personas les encantan los muebles, electrodomésticos y obras de arte personalizados y de alta calidad, así que no se preocupe por no tener un mercado para sus creaciones.


Además, al construir objetos de madera desde cero, comenzará a comprender cómo se hacen las cosas. Este conocimiento puede ahorrarle dinero en reparaciones del hogar, que pueden ser bastante costosas. En lugar de pagarle a otra persona, ¡podrá enorgullecerse de cuidar de su hogar!

# 12 Está lejos de ser perfecto y aún no está terminado, pero realmente estoy tratando de hacer que el porche de mis padres se vea mejor

Créditos de la imagen: AnnyLam

# 13 Acabamos de terminar Rapunzels Tower y Cottage Playhouse. A continuación, un poco de paisajismo

Créditos de imagen: AwkwardMethod


# 14 Yo – Escena de lucha épica tallada: Goku vs Vegeta – Fuera de madera

Créditos de imagen: DWoodartstudio

# 15 Madera recuperada, tabla de surf de 7’2 ”con estructura hueca

Créditos de la imagen: tablas de ventanasurf

# 16 La pieza de mi jornalero terminada. Un escritorio hecho de nogal y fresno con una computadora en el interior

Créditos de imagen: Nexaner7


# 17 Acabo de terminar este joyero para mi abuela. Hecho principalmente de roble de las escaleras de su antigua casa

Créditos de imagen: ilcadm

# 18 Finalmente puedo presumir el proyecto final de mi aprendizaje

Créditos de la imagen: Chko123

# 19 Luz de noche que hice para mi esposa. ¿Por qué comprar uno por $ 3.99 cuando puede hacer uno por 30 dólares y 10 horas en la tienda?

Créditos de la imagen: anonymoususer1776


# 20 Soy un principiante, esta es la primera vez que no lo hago a medias por frustración

Créditos de la imagen: sloppyjoesandwich

# 21 Mecedora de Tauntaun. Álamo Y Roble Rojo. Fue divertido

Créditos de imagen: SerCornballer

Área de escritorio de roble con acabado n. ° 22 para una biblioteca escolar local

Créditos de la imagen: ElFunkioJunkio


# 23 Mesa de comedor de nogal macizo que hice

Créditos de la imagen: coffeebic

# 24 Gracias a todos ustedes, y su enorme amor por mi primera pieza, me he quedado atascado. He refinado mi proceso, así que mordí la bala y construí uno con nogal

Créditos de la imagen: Acecarpenter

# 25 Yo mismo diseñé y construí este estante para plantas de 4 ‘; Arce rizado y duro, con piezas de madera contrachapada de arce

Créditos de imagen: OverZealousCreations


# 26 Casa de juegos pandémica de bricolaje con películas al aire libre

Créditos de imagen: Moodyplex

# 27 ‘alcancía’ que hice para mi hijo

Créditos de imagen: gridr_ch

# 28 Confía en el proceso

Créditos de la imagen: joe-welly


# 29 ¡Primer proyecto! Bandeja del brazo del sofá con una ranura para el teléfono y un pequeño espacio para un vaso / taza. Hecho de madera laminada de bambú y una tira de madera de haya reciclada en la junta de inglete. Parece simple pero tiene algunos detalles complejos

Créditos de la imagen: astillaestudio

# 30 Banco de entrada de caoba africana + cordón blanco

Créditos de imagen: Schmidtgoods

# 31 ¡Cambio de carrera! Ojalá lo hubiera hecho antes. Después de un año de ser aprendiz en una tienda de gabinetes, este es mi gran proyecto por mi cuenta. Desde el diseño hasta la construcción y el acabado

Créditos de la imagen: LittleShallot8902


# 32 Construí un porche con mosquitero en la parte trasera de mi cabaña

Créditos de la imagen: morphinebysandman

# 33 Proyecto de verano – Oficina de jardín

Créditos de imagen: hunt_gather

# 34 Esculpí un nudo de trébol de una pieza sólida de cereza

Créditos de la imagen: heritageoak


# 35 Proyecto Covid

Créditos de imagen: kanyewestie

# 36 Terminé dos de estos malos Oscar hace un par de semanas. Mesitas de noche flotantes en nogal con tiradores de nogal de Nueva Guinea. Terminado con Osmo

Créditos de la imagen: tommywoodchip

# 37 La casa no es mucho, pero estoy bastante orgulloso de este porche que construí. Cedro rojo y más de un par de Grks

Créditos de imagen: JaquesPackage


# 38 Acabo de tener nuestro segundo hijo, así que perdí mi oficina. Hizo este escritorio estilo Murphy para ahorrar espacio en nuestro dormitorio. Está hecho de cereza que yo mismo molí con un molino de Alaska de un árbol en el patio de mi padre que cayó hace aproximadamente un año

Créditos de imagen: Leadpainteater

# 39 Tomó un par de clases de carpintería hace 10 años y volvió a hacerlo ahora. Por supuesto, me encargaron hacer una caja de anillo de compromiso para mi Bil. Hecho de wengué. Lo que me falta en habilidad lo compensé con una confianza no ganada

Créditos de imagen: pt606

# 40 Depresión y carpintería

He sufrido durante años depresión y ansiedad. Mi tienda ha sido un desastre desde que tuve una tienda que solo lo empeoró. Los últimos días he trabajado mucho para renovar mi tienda y convertirla en una fuente de alegría y no de ansiedad. Detalles en subtítulos.


Créditos de imagen: BTLDAD

# 41 Hice esto para mi novia y estoy realmente orgulloso, no voy a mentir. 24 «X48» con anillos para sostener plantas en macetas

Créditos de imagen: Ryguychu

# 42 ¿Qué piensan todos de esta bandeja para servir que hice?

Créditos de la imagen: simon5678


# 43 No hago muchas duchas al aire libre como ebanista, pero cuando uno de tus buenos clientes dice que el costo no es un problema, hago mi mejor esfuerzo

Créditos de imagen: headyorganics

# 44 Casco de madera mandaloriano. Talla de madera. Madera de roble. 6 días de producción

Créditos de imagen: OleksandrHrytsai

# 45 Mi papá y yo construimos estas cosas hace años. Ahora estoy cuidando la casa de mis padres mientras mi papá espera un nuevo hígado, así que, naturalmente, estoy sentado en el suelo, llorando, fotografiando todo. Más sillas para hacer, papá

Créditos de la imagen: Chrissyml1


# 46 Una toma interior / exterior de la puerta de la tienda que hice. Son rellenos de álamo, nogal negro y múltiples resinas. La luz natural entra a través de los bits azules. También brillan en la oscuridad

Créditos de la imagen: highsierra3b

# 47 Cómo abro mis cervezas

Créditos de la imagen: assgoblinface

# 48 pequeña mesa plegable

Créditos de la imagen: davidf37


# 49 Construyo casas pequeñas y esta es la última. Remolque de 24 pies con muchos detalles personalizados

Créditos de imagen: SpartacusTiny

# 50 tallé este porta cigarros Hellboy & Wolverine en madera de padauk y carpe

Créditos de imagen: RadonLab



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