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70 People Share The Weirdest And Creepiest Experiences They Had On Public Transport



Whether it’s dealing with total jerks or snapping a photo of something completely bizarre, life is never boring on public transport. In fact, people are often pretty thankful that it takes them from point A to point B. For all its benefits, though, there are some definite downsides—it really tends to bring out the worst in people.


Sometimes, passengers can be rude and weird, other times they are downright scary or even aggressive. People who encountered such commuters shared their creepiest stories with fellow members of the r/AskReddit community. Just to warn you, they might send a shiver down your spine.

Bored Panda has collected some of the most unsettling answers to share with you, so check them out below. If you’re up for it, let us know what you think about all these stories in the comment section.



A woman went between cars on the subway while it was moving. She had tons of bags, smelled like urine, and was yelling the second she entered the car. As the train comes to a stop she turns toward me, spits in my face and gets off the train.

Also, one night I was coming home late. A man got on the train. There was only one other person on the train besides this guy and myself. He sits across from me and leans forward. He then proceeds with the typical speech «Ey girl you got a boyfriend?»

For some reason I decided to engage him in this conversation rather than ignore him (he had crazy eyes and I didn’t want to piss him off). His comments became increasingly inappropriate i.e. naming specific sexual acts he would do to me. Then he says, «Girl what you got between them legs. You gonna show me?» I had no idea what to say and was starting to become afraid. Thankfully the other person on the train decided to stand up for me and told him to back off. He told the guy to watch his manners when he spoke to a lady. Then he came and stood by my side until the creepy guy got off the train. I couldn’t believe this kid stood up for me though… he was dressed like the typical 18 year old gangsta. He didn’t even hit on me once the guy got off he just said, «I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. There’s no reason you should have to deal with that.» He told me to be safe and got of at the next stop. That experience definitely proved to me that you shouldn’t judge people on something as trivial as their clothing.


I was riding a not very crowded bus in LA, when a very old woman gets on the bus (80s?). She is wearing a skin tight sequined dress, has crazy white hair, and is carrying some groceries. And she has an eye socket that has been completely gouged out. There is still dried blood, and as she stands next to me (there were open seats) she keeps picking at her eye, and wiping her hand on the grocery bags that were banging into me.


She seemed perfectly fine. Just a lady with a completely gouged out eyeball on the bus.


I was taking the last bus home from a friend’s house at about 1 am. The bus is completely empty except for me and the bus driver until we get to a stop about 15 minutes from my house. A man gets on holding an animal carrying cage, sits directly next to me, and pulls a large, fuzzy rabbit out of the cage. He then sticks the rabbit DOWN THE FRONT OF HIS SWEATPANTS and smiles creepily at me until I get off the bus.


I got on a mostly empty bus and sat down. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone get up, cross the aisle, and sit down in the seat behind me. Thought that was weird, but put it out of my mind.

The bus starts moving. A few minutes later, I feel something brush my side. Look down. The dude who’d moved to sit behind me had reached around my seat to touch me.

I turned around and gave him a WTF look. He sat back and muttered a quick apology. I shrugged it off as something odd, resumed staring out the window.


Few minutes later, it happens again.

I turn around and say loudly, «Keep your hands to yourself.» Then I get up and move to a seat in the frontmost row.

The bus stops to take on more passengers. Someone sits next to me. I do not look up to see who it is.


Then I feel a hand on my knee. I look over, and it is the creeper.


He mutters, «I ain’t doing anything! It was an accident!


A woman nearby has seen and heard the whole thing. She gets up and starts yelling at the guy. He starts yelling back. Bus driver notices and informs the dude that he’ll be getting off at the next stop. Creeper is still shouting at that other lady. She lets him know that she’ll be getting off to kick his ass.

The driver makes him get off at the next stop. The woman follows. I like to think she beat his a**. She looked like she could have.

TL;DR: Creeper kept touching me on the bus, was kicked off, may have gotten the s**t kicked out of him by a woman who followed him for that purpose.


I was waiting for the bus late at night, when a guy with a trenchcoat approached me, and whispered «Psst – Hey… want some meat?»
I immediately thought he was going to flash me, but before I could react, he opened his trenchcoat to reveal… meat. Actual meat, in styrofoam packages, in his trenchcoat pockets! Ground meat, chicken.. all kinds of meat.


Didn’t even know what to say. I mumbled something about being a vegetarian and ran to a nearby convenience store.

…I actually think it may have been LESS creepy if he flashed me.


This was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, and I still get a little nervous walking places alone at night.

I was alone in Paris when I was 17, and after much searching I had finally found the metro station. It was late at night, I don’t speak French and the ticket machine did not have a language option. My anxiety was running high until a group of men (maybe mid-late twenties) came up to me and offered to help me buy my ticket. They bought my ticket, and I didn’t think much of it until they followed me onto the train. One of them asked me if he could take a picture with me, and sleepily I agreed, again not thinking much of it.


I get off the train to transfer and am walking to the next one when suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see the guy who had just taken a picture of me. He pursed his lips and tapped them, but before I could do anything he grabbed my face and started kissing me. He was forcing his tongue into my mouth and I was too stunned to do anything about it. I didn’t want him to try anything worse than what he was doing, but I tried to hit him when he grabbed my boobs. He tried to take me on the next train with him, and I went on, but I jumped back onto the platform at the last second as the doors were closing. I went back to my hostel stunned and silent, unable to think about anything else.

TL;DR: Creeper followed me on the subway in Paris and started making out with me and grabbed my boobs and tried


There is a guy who rides on the Red Line in Chicago who will ask to look at your shoes. Do not let him do this. He bends down and starts licking them. One of my friends got his shoes licked, then he asked another one who was wearing sandals. This apparently has happened to several people I know.


took the bus from Ottumwa Ia, to Iowa City… total time on the bus was 11 hours.

I road the entire trip in the back of the bus, at one point i woke from a nap, nobody was on the bus. No driver, no passengers, no left over luggage except mine. Bus was parked in a gas station parking lot, gas station was closed and obviously been closed for years…. imagine an old time gas station at crossroads in the middle of nowhere iowa.


Spent around 15 minutes.. seemed like hours wondering what the fu**?

eventually a car showed up and the new driver jumped on the bus and said «hey, sorry overslept».

was my twilight zone moment.


I couldn’t get into a general chem class at my uni, so I was taking it at a local community college after my courses at uni. The days we had lab, the class ended at 11:45p, which was always the exciting time to ride the train on the way home.


One night, I got on the train and stood in the middle section standing area, as to not disturb the characters on the train. A guy gets on at the next stop and stands across from me. I was reading a book and ignored him, although I noticed he kept eying me. As I looked up to check the next stop, he says «You could fit in my trunk.»

I immediately got off the train with the next large group and called my boyfriend to pick me up.


I was waiting for a bus in London at around 11pm one night. I was alone at the bus stop until a man in a hoody, sporting a backpack walked up to the stop. He stood at the opposite end of the bus stop and looked over at me in a sort of creepy way. Not wanting to assume he was crazy, but still being wary from past experiences of nearly being r*ped, I casually pulled out my pepper spray and loaded it. He took off his backpack and pulled a pair of gloves and a rope from it, put the gloves and backpack one and then began wrapping the rope around his left hand. I got really freaked out, so I stepped off the pavement to run across the street. Luckily my bus came at that moment, so I ran like a crazy woman onto it and sat down. While the bus was pulling away I looked out the window at the scary man and he was staring at me intensely, with the rope wrapped around his left hand and his right holding it taut. I called my bf after the experience and he just laughed and said I was lying.
TL:DR I’m fairly sure I escaped the clutches of some sort of strangler in Lewisham.


I was riding a city bus home from school reading the chapter about pointers in a C++ textbook and an old smelly homeless guy sits right next to me and starts explaining how pointers work. I had asked several people to explain it to me earlier that day but damn that hobo gave the best explanation.


I was waiting for the bus to take me home at around like 9pm and these 2 teen boys probably around 16-17 (im 19yrs old) came over to the bus stop and started saying s**t like «hey sexy» «you want to go to my place later» I told them to shut up and they did.

But they followed me onto the bus, I sat in the middle and the 2 teens go on the bus one in front seat of me and one sitting behind me. The one infront of me turned around and grabbed my boob and I just yelled and the one behind me was playing with my hair. Bus driver stops the bus, but before the bus driver got up, an old guy (probably like 60+) got up and flashed a holstered gun and told the kids to get the f**k off the bus before he blows em away. The kids just took off running, never saw em again.


Police came and the old guy had a permit or something to legally carry a gun with him

TL:DR 2 teens tried to r*pe me, old dude with a pistol saves me


My first year living in a city I was waiting for a bus late at night when two homeless-looking fellows approached me in the bus shelter. They asked if I had any change. I said told them I didn’t (which was true). One of the guys pulled out a knife and said «that’s cool we can hit up an ATM». «So this is how I die» I thought as I figured they would be upset when they dragged me down the block and didn’t get anything out of it (I had $2.80) in my account. Luckily a group of other people walked into the bus shelter at that moment and the guy quickly put the knife away «ha ha, just kidding man!» and they ran off. Then my bus showed up and I got on. THE END


So I was thirteen, flying by myself for the first time. I’m at the gate, waiting to get on and I’m watching this guy who is wearing a white sweatshirt pulled over his head and sunglasses on top of the sweatshirt. He is running back and forth on those people movers, racing a bottle of sprite that he sits on the railing and laughing like a madman. Now, this isn’t the type of flight where you have an assigned seat, you just got on according to when you checked in and sat where ever you want. So I get on the plane and who sits next to me but the hooded man. He sits down, takes off his sunglasses and his hood revealing a red bandanna he has tied around his head. The plane hasn’t even taken off yet and he pulls out a little black book with pages and pages of numbers written in it. So he starts writing numbers in it and muttering the numbers under his breath. At that point, I was freaked out, but I mean, you see interesting people on planes, whatever. So the plane takes off and the guy pulls out a series of maps which he begins to tear to pieces and shove in the pocket of the seat in front of him. When he ran out of maps, he pulled his notebook back out and kept writing, this time throwing his head back and laughing every so often. A stewardess eventually came over and asked him to keep it down because he was disturbing other passengers. To which he quickly apologized, then he reached in his bag and pulled out a cigar. He didn’t light it, he just kept it in his mouth and continued writing numbers. All of this was nothing compared to his final act. He had gotten a glass of water from the flight attendant and reached into his bag to pull out more maps and a little leather sack. In the sack, was a Swiss army knife and a lighter. He used the lighter to set pieces of the map of fire then dropped them in the glass of water. This of course created smoke, and alerted the flight attendants to his activities. Needless to say, his bags were taken from him and he was taken away to sit with the flight attendants in the back of the plane.

TL; DR I was thirteen and a man somehow got a lighter on a plane and, among other terrifying actions, decided it would be a good idea to tear up maps and set them on fire.


I am a little big boned, and usually have to sit a little off the seat on the NYC bus. One day, on a busy rush hour bus, at the 42nd street stop a woman comes on the bus and sat on my knee. She was late 30’s, dressed like she works in a nice office, by all accounts normal, except she sat on my knee. I didn’t say anything for two blocks (genuine SAP moment), tried to gather the courage to say something for the next two blocks, then she got up and left. No one said a word, or even looked at us.


The very first time I rode the bus I was sitting in the back and this crazy old man sat next to me. He was intoxicated and said «Hey man, i’m sorry man» I said «For what?» «I k*lled your people man..back in ‘nam. With these hands man..these F**KING HANDS.» I’m asian and I was pretty freaked out. He kept saying he was sorry and then when he got to his stop he said «TELL YOUR PEOPLE I’M SORRY.» Then he stood outside the bus and saluted me.


Only a little creepy, but a bit hilarious.
A buddy and I got onto a NYC subway car and all the other riders were pressed into the ends of the car, save one. There was one guy right in the middle who looked half asleep, with a sweat stain running down his t-shirt. No one would get within 15 feet of him… So we sat directly across from him where there were open seats. A couple stops go by and all the people conspicuously avoiding sleepy get off and other people get on, gradually filling up the car…


Then sleepy goes into action! He snaps awake and starts loudly and maniacally laughing his head off. Turns out it wasn’t sweat as much as spit as he’s slobbering all over himself now. All the other riders get up and press into the ends of the car, sleepy smiles … And goes back to sleep.

My friend and I were both cracking up by that point, some times you gotta make your own fun I guess!


Probably when I was a kid and flying to Sacramento for the first time and I stretched, accidentally bumping the back of a chair containing a sleeping man. He woke up, grabbed my leg, and said «Don’t bump my chair!» Then went back to sleep in a matter of seconds.


My girlfriend and I left a downtown restaurant this evening and had to wait for the bus in the rain. The two of us were sharing an umbrella when some creepy guy with a huge grin on his face started to make his way toward us from just a few feet away. I assumed he was just going to ask for some spare change. What he ended up doing was making his way under our umbrella with the intention to share it with us until the bus arrived. I immediately told him he could not share our umbrella and he just laughed it off and mentioned that he just thought he would give it a try.

The bus finally came and as I was getting on he called me an a**hole. Now some may think I was being rude, but picture some tall, creepy-looking guy tall enough to have to hunch over to fit inches from your face.


I had a guy on the E line compliment my green hair, and he said «my mom would k*ll me if I did something like that» and I said «you should do something rebellious anyway!» and then as I’m about to get off he says «I did» and swings around so I see his other arm and he was missing his arm from the elbow down.


When I started college, I had neither the car nor the money to drive myself from my house to the campus. So I rode the bus. It was a small vehicle with maybe 12 seats total because I live in a fairly rural area and it was a specialty service. Pretty much the same people rode the bus day in and day out.


One guy on the bus started hitting on me every day that we both rode beginning day one. I was 17, and he was somewhere in his late 30s. Informing him of this fact never deterred him. Over time, he became more aggressive and more crude. Numerous times the bus driver interjected and told him to leave me alone.

The final straw came when I got on the bus and he moved to sit in the seat directly behind me. He leaned over the back of the seat and told me that what he had in the jug he was drinking from wasn’t actually apple juice like he’d told the driver, but beer. He offered me some along with a few suggestions about partying with him. I declined and changed seats at the next stop. He followed me, again sitting in the seat directly behind mine.

Again he leans forward over the seat, and again he suggests some carnal acts that we could engage in. I tell him very forcefully to leave me alone and that I am going to change seats at the next stop and he shouldn’t follow me.


He followed me. As I begin to appeal to the driver, I feel him lean in behind me and bury his face in my hair, taking a huge whiff. I scoot forward in my seat and the driver begins to reprimand the guy for harassing me. At which point the guy reaches forward, says «Damn your hair smells good,» and grabs a hunk of my hair which he promptly rips out of my head and stuffs into his pocket.

The bus driver pulled over, called the police, and I never saw him on the bus again.

TL;DR – Creepy 30-something guy perpetually hits on 17-year-old me every day on the bus until he pulls out some of my hair to take home with him and is arrested.


I fell asleep on a bus and woke up to a very old, scary-looking woman caressing my cheek with a very loving touch as she whispered «I’ve missed you so much.» She thought I was her son who died 30 years ago.


Guy got on the bus holding a big bag of rotting crustaceans. Proceeds to throw up and then dump the whole bag on my pants. Stay classy, Boston.


Taking a greyhound from Visalia, CA to SLC, UT I ended up having to be seated next to this ratty-looking woman maybe somewhere in her forties by the look of it. Figured I wouldn’t judge based on appearances, keep to myself, and we’d both survive the trip. Wrong.


While we were all getting situated, I pulled out my laptop, intending to use it as entertainment on the way (while its battery lasted at least). Instead, Ms. Rodentine starts shifting uncomfortable and giving me an evil glare.

**Me:** «What is it?»

**Her:** «You have to turn that off.»


**Me:** «I’m sorry? This isn’t an airplane, I-»

**Her:** «You have to turn that off, ‘cause I got a skin condition. That computer-light burns my skin.»

**Me:** «Ma’am, I’m sorry, but if that were the case these florescent lights in the bus would have scorched you already- they’re basically the same thing.» *(cue me turning down the brightness to humor her anyways)*


**Her:** «It’s still on. You have to turn it off. It *burns* me.»

**Me:** *(getting a little tired of it)* «Lady, if this burns you then I’ll pay the hospital bill. Can you just leave me alone?»

**Her:** «It’s burning me you little s**t! Turn that damn thing off!»


At that point she started trying to pull my laptop from me, slam it shut, and when that failed, started hitting me over the head until the driver came back and told her to nut up and shut up or move seats. She opted for the second, and ended up next to some mid-20’s dude and then promptly lost her s**t when the guy pulled out his iPod to change tracks.

Some time in late December last year, middle of the night, and I was waiting for a southbound transfer in a part of town I’m still a bit unfamiliar with, right outside a (at the time, closed for the night). The bus stop and this little pharma-grocery is the only thing that even has any lights on for a good quarter-mile. Waiting at the stop already when I get there is this big (tall and wide) black dude, just kinda moping around on the curb, feet on the street head on his knees- the bus actually had to stop right in the middle of the lane because he was blocking the curb in front of the stop. I don’t notice anything particularly out of place because it’s dark and I’m trying to mind my own business with my headphones and DS, mostly as a defense against nosy/crazies.

Well about two minutes pass and the guy hasn’t moved, showed no indication he even saw I was there, just kinda rocking back and forth a little. I pull an earbud out and he’s muttering to himself, something about losing something, and then out of nowhere he starts yelling gibberish, stands up, and starts ripping his clothes off. Then, stark-a*s naked, he goes out and starts dancing in the middle of the f**king road, screaming nonsense and random syllables while he jumps around and traffic tries to avoid him.


It’s at this point I start seriously considering getting the hell out of Dodge when I realize there’s a good ten minutes before the next bus is due but the next stop is much farther than I can cover in that time. So I head up the road a block or so and watch this hulk of a man dancing around in his birthday suit, screaming at the cars going by. The bus was late. By a good twenty minutes. I don’t take that route anymore.


While I was flying home during the holidays last year the person sitting next to me kept falling asleep and leaning on my shoulder. I asked one of the flight attendants if I could move to an empty seat because he had done it 5 or 6 times in an hour after i asked him to stop. He turns his head and says, «I wasn’t falling asleep.»


Maybe creepy. Mildly traumatic.

2 years ago I used to take the 10PM 92 bus in DC (nightly to work) and those familiar with DC bus routes know that the 92 goes by Capitol hill then over the Anacostia river into the less well off, 98% black neighborhoods of South East. Almost always after Capitol Hill/Barracks Row there no white people left in the bus. But often there was this cute white girl (20-25) that crossed the river with us. I never paid much attention to her or anybody else on the bus ride but I always noticed regular passengers… and white faces. Having boarded somewhere further up U St she always had a window seat and I’d rather stand than have to get up when she gets to her apartment across from the Anacostia Library. This went on for months; board, notice 10p regulars, get a window seat (always crack a window to fight the funk), read a story.

Then one day I sat next to her and s**t hit the fan. After a long hard day of play and not sleeping I was on my way to work again (only too tired to stand/waiting for a window seat). Luckily after a few stops a seat opens next to white girl and I thankfully take it. Then I open a boring Nat Geo magazine story and begin to plow it but instead it plows me and I doze away. For some strange reason the time between falling asleep and dream was greatly abbreviated on this day. Within 5 to 10 minutes of sleep I’m dreaming of falling which startles me and I start flailing my arms to catch myself. Luckily the cliff I was falling from had meaty walls. Long story long I wake up to my right hand holding a chunk of lone white girl thigh too close to crotch.


She starts screaming and cussing and I’m shocked and speechless. Too shocked to apologize or explain anything. After a few moments of hysterical woman and bumbling idiot the driver pulls the bus over and funny ghetto people are making funny cracks at my expense. Nobody buys my story, all the teens are guffawing, deathly stares from adults and the bus driver is threatening to call the police if I don’t alight immediately. I was in no mood for waiting for another bus since doing so would mean getting to work 30+ mins late. This goes on for a few minutes until the call is being placed and all passengers are irate at sitting on a stationary bus. So I gave in and got off the bus.


Got on the bus, pretty busy but some seats at the back. Guy gets on 2 stops after me, about 45 and dressed in full camo gear, and sits on the seat next to me. As the bus starts moving, he turns to look at me and give me a creepy, almost toothless grin. I face forward, and whilst I could see him out of the corner of my eye, I did not look at him for the rest of the ride. During the journey, starts shuffling closer to me, and I am pressing myself closer to the window (he smelt awful as well, so I was trying to get away from that too.) Got about halfway home, and I’m taking up less than 1/4 of the seat, him getting closer and closer with this foul grin on his face, so as soon as I get close to the next stop, I grabbed my bag, practically jumped over his legs, and sprinted off of the bus. Wasted $1.60, didn’t/don’t give .


I used to ride the bus every day to work back in 2000. I’m a friendly, outgoing person, so I’d chit-chat with people on the bus with me. One guy was there most days, do we’d chat fairly often. There was always something a little… off… about him. Like, a very real delay between when I’d say something and when it would register in his brain.

One day, we were chatting about… something, and the guy mentions that he had made some mistakes in the past, but that god ha forgiven him. Naively, I ask what he did. He tells me, in all seriousness, «I, ah… Bombed a couple of abortion clinics.»


I calmly replied… Something. Luckily, my stop came shortly thereafter. Needless to say, I started taking an earlier bus.


I was riding Amtrak once, and this guy sits next to me. He asks if he can use the outlet, since it’s next to me, so I say it’s fine. I notice that there’s this couple across the aisle making out. Like the girl is on the guys lap, and they’re totally going at it. Then I see that the guy sitting next to me is RECORDING it on his phone. I just turn away but later the guy next to me starts elbowing me and typing me a message on his phone for me to read. It says something like I know those people, it’s not weird. Well, yes sir it is still weird. Thankfully he left finally, but I was creeped out…a lot.


Not really creepy, My friends and I were getting on a tram and as one of my friends went to sit down some guy pushed her out of the way and sat were she was going to sit. He winced as he sat and the nstood up and there was a dirty syringe sticking out his hip. Guy looked like he was going to pass out.


I had an older man come and sit behind me on the bus. I then felt something like caressing my back and looked behind me and he sat back in the seat. I turned forward again and kept feeling him touch my back and I was too socially awkward and shy to say anything. I ended up just getting off the bus close to my stop and walking home…


I was with my mom on a local trolly, and there was standing room only for us. I was about 16. 2 minutes into the ride, a man that I would say was about 70 yrs old offered me a seat…on his lap. In a creepy way, with a huge grin on his face. Mom declined for me, and we got off at the next stop, haha.



This isn’t about me but a friend of mine from College told me once while she was on a bus that some guy pulled a knife out on her. Instead of freaking out, she proceeded and started to pretend that she was crazy, telling the guy, » OH GOD I’M HEARING VOICES HELP ME» and started rocking back and forth in her seat. He apparently ran off. Real quick.


I was sitting on the bus, leaning back and getting comfy. My hair is dark ginger and was pretty long at this time. As the bus is moving along I feel like there is something in my hair. I feel it and find nothing. As the bus ride continues I continue to feel, every now and again, like something is going through my hair. But each time I check, and each time I look behind me all I see if an older hispanic man asleep in his seat. It was getting close to my stop when suddenly my hair is pulled violently. My head hits the seat and pulled backwards a bit and I feel what would turn out to be a large chunk of a lock of my hair ripped out. Freaking out, in pain, I look around and see the man behind me holding the ripped-out lock of my hair. He’s twirling it in his hands, sniffing it, moaning, and all he says is «red». He just smiles and stares at my unblinking as he moans and sniffs my hair he ripped out. I got off the bus right after, very freaked out. I had to style my hair a little different for a while, due to the lovely patch of missing hair and now no longer lean back in bus seats.


I was on a bus on the way back home from language class. It was really crowded and I had to stand. I noticed that there was one open seat with a plastic bag. I thought about taking the seat but then I noticed who was sitting in the adjacent seat. It was an old Muslim lady and she looked as old as death. Her face was so stretched with wrinkles she actually looked mummified.


I reconsidered sitting next to the woman because I saw what she had in her plastic bag. There was at least three kittens in the bag. They were alive but very sickly and they smelled like mold and urine. The old lady was stroking the kittens and making orgasm faces with her toothless mouth.

I stood a safe distance the rest of the bus ride and watched the woman with a sick fascination.


A friend and I were hanging out in downtown Minneapolis for an evening and had to take a late bus back to our college campus. Mind you, Minneapolis is typically an okay city, but the crazies really come out at night. So we get on this bus and we’re the only people on the bus for a few stops. Then this guy gets on. I have this neon yellow hat (so I don’t get lost in a blizzard. Minnesota logic.), and the guy is just staring at the hat like it is the second coming of Christ or something. It’s making me really uncomfortable, so I just kind of ignore him. Anyway, he then proceeds to ask me if my hat is battery powered or if it runs on brain waves. I tell him that I have no clue. It has become apparent that this man is not right in the head or is abusing narcotics. Probably some combination of the two. He starts telling us about how he really admires Dr. Phil as well as his thoughts on Mormonism, and how he hasn’t seen his secretary in months. It was all kind of a blur, but he just kind of petered off.
Five minutes later, this same guy crosses the aisle to my friend and I and hands us some coins and tells us thank you for brightening his evening. I got 3 cents of this guy. My friend got 26 cents (lucky). He just kind of keeps rambling incoherently about how he’d like to give my friend and I a job because we’re both so attractive. He then asks if he can get off the bus with us and hang out with us tonight on our college campus. Thinking fast, we’re like «ah… no. We have really early classes tomorrow.»
So at this point we’re afraid that he’s going to follow us of the bus to our deserted college campus at 11:30 at night. He doesn’t though. I end up getting back to my dorm 3 cents richer and with a little more life experience.



Waiting for the bus, some guy walking along makes an evil laugh. Maybe he’s listening to a podcast. Walks right up to me, laughs loud and clear. Walks to the nearest intersection (about 15 meters away) and laughs and points at me till I get on the bus.


I don’t do public transport as a rule but last time I got the bus a hugely obese man sat next to me on a near empty vehicle and repeatedly offered me jellybeans from a filthy and stained brown plastic bag, then started talking about the weather… for nearly thirty minutes unprompted and with no more than two words of response.

I always feel bad for regular older guys who try to start random public conservations like that. In their generation it was a normal thing to do – now it’s reserved for crazies and guys hooking up with guys, and they don’t realize. I think jellybean guy was possibly both.



Not creepy, more funny.

After a big snow in Chicago i was hopping on the train to get to class and a homeless man approached me with a old dunkin’ donuts cup filled with a hand full of snow inside of it. He asked me if i wanted to buy a sno-cone from him. I proceeded to give him a couple of bucks because he was working with what was available to him.


Back when I was in high school, I had long hair, and skinny jeans, and really hadn’t hit puberty. Basically, I looked like a girl, especially if I was wearing a baggy hoody so you couldn’t see my lack of breasts. It was really common for me on my walk from work to the bus stop to be hit on a half dozen times by drunk a*sholes at the nearby bar.


So one night, I’m sitting there, waiting for the bus, when some guy comes up and sits next to me. He says «Hey, you heard of that Nostradomus s**t? Crazy stuff.» I ignore him.

Then we get on the bus. About 15 minutes before my stop, we’re the last two people. He comes up and sits behind me, leans over my shoulder, and says, «Hey baby, are you alright? You look upset.» I didn’t want him to realize I was a guy and freak out, so I just kept my answer super short and said «No, just tired.» He says «That’s too bad, the night’s young,» then sits back down in his own spot.

About a minute before my bus stop, he gets up and sits in the seat behind me again, looks side to side quickly, then produces a $100 bill from his pocket and puts it next to me, then moves back to his original spot. I look at him incredulously. He motions me to grab it, then does that eye wink, head cock beckoning motion for me to go sit next to him. I got up and left the bus.


Obviously I took the $100.

TLDR; androgynous teenaged me gets propositioned on the bus by creepy drunk guy, makes it out $100 richer.


Not as much creepy as it is sad:


Waiting for a bus in North Berwick, Scotland. It was the middle of the day so it was mostly old people, and beside a couple of old ladies it was just me. It was also raining so we were inside the shelter. After a few minutes a man staggers in. He looked to be around 60, and was dressed in a 3 piece grey suit. He was also drunk and you could smell the beer on him. He wimpered and muttered to himself for a few minutes, then taps me on the shoulder and says ‘I don’t know how I got this, I’m a strong man.’ He repeated it a few times, and I asked him what he got. Apparently he had been diagnosed with Parkinsons and was obviously upset about it. He didn’t say much except that he was a ‘strong man’ and started crying. The bus came and I helped him wobble up the steps and sat him down near the front. He just looked out the window and wept and muttered. I got out before he did, so I don’t know where he ended up.


On a train ride from Aarhus, Denmark to Kolding, Denmark, an older asian couple step on board the train. They immediately start yelling at each other, and through it, it becomes clear that they’re both mentally unstable. When the train finally reaches its destination, the woman proceeds to orgasm midway to the exit. After the doors open, the woman begins pushing her husband to the door and he screams at her at the top of his lungs in front on a group of kids. Traumatizing.

tl;dr Mentally unstable couple scream at each other loudly on train, then one orgasms.



This evening, there was a guy on the bus, a VERY overweight gentleman, who looked like he had done a few to many hard drugs in his lifetime.

This is a 97 from billings to bayshore in ottawa, for those who know the routes, he got on at hurdman, this started at campus, he got off at westboro

so this man is sitting on the bus, looking out of it, muttering to himself. Eyeing me and the 2 girls sitting on the seats on either side of me. pretty on par, no big deal.


This bus route goes through a university campus, then down the major route downtown and then continues on. starting at the main stop on campus he pulls the cord to stop the bus at EVERY STOP for the next bunch of stations and stops, gets up, winks at one of the 3 girls on this seat, walks to the door, spits out the door (has a generous amount of a*s crack showing) and goes back to his seat. just before he gets off, he asks all 3 of us to come home with him, we all decline, he spits on the ground infront of us, gets off the bus, then pulls his pants down to show the raging hardon he is rocking (classy as f**k) yells «that’s for you 3» as the bus doors close and it pulls away. we die laughing.


Pretty vile story I’ve not told anyone, but here goes: when I was about 8, I was travelling on a train with my grandma and sisters. This mid-thirties balding man in loose shorts sits opposite us. While my grandma and sisters are chatting away, I glance at him. He gives me this f**king creepy-a*s smile back. I still remember it so vividly. I glance down. Dude has his d*ck hanging out of the leg of his baggy shorts and is stroking it inconspicuously while staring straight at me. I almost started crying and made my grandma move carriages by feigning to smell something bad. Ughhghghghghghghghghghghghgh


Some random guy started hitting on me and kept asking me where I lived and where I was going. Then he followed me off the bus even though he said he lived in another part of town and was supposedly heading home. I was finally able to lose him by walking quickly in a crowd…but still, pretty creepy. I ended up calling the police non-emergency line just to be safe but nothing ever came of it.



A drunk bum tried hitting on me, I kindly told himto get out of my personal space. He proceeded to pee his pants, then try to grab me. About 6 full grown adult males were around to see this, no one did anything, so little 5 foot 2 inches me has to throw this guy to the ground. What can I say? I’m a woman beast.


Once upon a time, I was living in Sydney, Australia, taking the train, and a lovely gentleman who sounded like he was from Eastern Europe started up a conversation with me and the person I was with. About halfway through the conversation, I completely stopped talking and started staring right above his head at what looked like several dried streaks of blood, and a dried bloody handprint that had been thick enough at one point to drip down the wall. The man was leaning against the bottom portion of a couple of the streaks, as they were right above his seat – the benches sat flush to the walls of the car. The man didn’t notice the blood at all, and was a bit confused at my silence; I think he thought I was being rude, or that I couldn’t understand his accent, but either way, I had gone silent and wasn’t paying attention, and so the guy I was with took over the conversation for me.

When the man got off at the next stop, my buddy asked what happened, and I showed him the streaks and hand print. Upon closer examination, we determined that this was precisely what it was – blood all over one of the walls of the train car, and this poor guy had just rubbed the back of his head all over it, and I was way too shocked to say anything at the time. I feel bad; I wish I had the courage to tell him at the time.


I used to ride the bus at the same stop, same time every day. This guy showed up, just a little strange acting. I’m pretty friendly so I just said hi and went about my business. He kept coming over and asking me questions, so I answered, talked a little, then we got on the bus. He sat down by me. Then he sort of squishes over till our legs touch… okay. I’m wearing long pants, whatever. But when I get up, he gets behind me and starts rubbing on me. He actually followed me up to the front of the bus trying to rub into me the entire time.


Guy showed up at the stop and tried to do the same thing like 2 or 3 more times. I changed stops and started getting on the bus earlier.

*my therapist tells me this kind of person is called a «frotterist.»


A few months ago, I was with my friend T and M, and we were waiting to get on the subway.


The train was approaching, and suddenly a creepy older looking man with a long frizzy, grey hair comes up behind T and gets about 3 inches away from the back of his head and smells his hair. M and I exchange glances and she says, «did that really just happen?». The old guy looks over at us with shock on his face and quickly walks down to the next car on the train.


I was on a flight from SEA to BOS with my fiance, which is a solid 5+ hour flight. We get seated and think we are lucky to have the row to our selves and an open seat. Until the last guy gets on the plane and sits next to us, and boy does he smell. He’s clearly not showered in, well, forever.

My wife is in the middle seat next to him, and throughout the flight he keeps falling asleep, slobbering on himself and leaning over on my wife who would push him off. We ask the FA to do something, but there were no open seats.


Finally, with about an hour left in the flight, he is asleep, starts with a jerk, picks his head up, yells «YOU HAVE TO BOIL HER FIRST» then goes right back to sleep.

Was the longest remaining hour of a flight ever.


Not really a creepy story, but still somewhat strange. I was sitting on the bus and this girl is sitting in front of me on the outside seat. This guy gets on the bus and asks to sit beside the girl (on the inside seat). He’s average looking, except his clothes are a little dirty. He then turns and begins to box the rope that you pull to let the driver know you want to get off at the next stop. He starts swaying his head and continues throwing punches at the piece of string, adds in some dodge motions, cheers and throws his arms up as what I can only imagine is him knocking it out. He continues this for a while, girl gets freaked out and immediately changes seats.



Short, but funny. I woke up on a plane, and made eye contact with another man who was sleeping next to me. Either we woke up at the same time, or he was watching me sleep.


My boyfriend and I were on the bus in the countryside of Hungary, going to the town where my grandfather is from. In the last city before ours, a very drunk, not too well-off man comes on, carrying a shopping bag. As he sits down on the very last seat, we see that the shopping bag contains an old chain saw, with no cover around the chain or anything.. He then continues to get out his phone, and having a drunken shouting match in Hungarian to someone on the other end.. We could just picture him taking out that chain saw on the bus, and go crazy.. Scariest 20 minutes ever..


This guy just kept staring at me on the train. I confronted him and he threatened to cut me up into little pieces and send the pieces to my family. A death threat would be creepy enough but this guy was so specific.



I was rather inebriated at the bus depot while waiting for my boyfriend (gay) to come back from buying some smokes. I was wearing an MDC patch on my jacket (they’re an anti-fascist/racist band btw) and had a shaved head.

An extremely drunk and buff hammer skin (read: racist) came up to me and misinterpreted the patch and the haircut and thought I was also a racist skin head. He talked my head off for about 10 minutes about the ZOG machine and k*lling all the queers and jews.

As he left he told me to «STAY STRONG BROTHER! seig heils»


About a minute after he left my boy came back and said «HAAAAAAAAAAAY GIIIIIRRRRRRL.»


Riding the bus with 3 German girls. A homeless man leaned toward me and says loudly » WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THEY WERE ALL LESBIANS?». I casually come back with «Ask them to introduce me to their friends, of course». He laughed maniacally/hysterically.


Once saw a young kid, maybe 13/14 jerking off under his clothes while staring at an older woman on the train… It was creepy because it was the middle of the day and the train was fairly packed. One time this large woman was sitting across from me and smiling at me the entire ride. It was really unnerving, there was definitely something off about her. One more for now- I was standing on the train platform and I see this crazy homeless guy that looked like uncle fester standing across from me (with 4 tracks between us). He sees me and walks over so he’s directly across from me. He was GLARING at me with rage for some reason. I looked away because it was freaking me out when all of a sudden something hits me in the chest. He f**king threw a penny at me. Across 4 sets of train tracks! I was impressed and terrified at the same time. I’ve seen a lot of weird s**t on the train. I live in New York.



In high school, on the public transport, there was a guy that usually got on whom we called «Dangerous Dave». Dave had downs syndrome. He also used to carry little boy underwear ads in his wallet, and he would sit right next to you and show them to you and tell you about how much he liked them.


-Guy in same train as me stared at me as he was masturbating. I quickly walked to the other side of the train and switched cars at the next stop. He walked over to the glass and glared at me from the previous car continuing. Switched cars at the next stop again. ugh. (I should add that no one in the same car did or said anything to the guy and I was too shocked).

-Late night out of work, waiting for the train to go home and a guy walks behind a stairwell and starts masturbating behind a wall but peering at me from it. I yelled at him and he ran away.


-Guy keeps staring at me and licking his lips across seats from me. I yelled at him to please stop looking at me. Everyone in the train looks at him and he stops.

Yup I’m glad I don’t live in NYC anymore.


I don’t know if this is creepy or not. When I was three my family and I moved to Hawaii from Oklahoma. The first week there we still didn’t have a car so we took the bus to wherever we needed to go. I was getting pretty sick and told my mom, she asked the bus driver to let us off, but he refused. He may have had a good reason, I don’t know. Anyways, I was getting pretty sick and my mom was frantically looking for something I could barf in. Just as I was about to spew a guy pushed a magazine under my face, and I barfed on it. It was a porno mag. I had no idea, obviously. I don’t really remember it. My parents said the guy was super embarrassed but kind of proud that he saved the day. None of my barf touched the floor of the bus that day thanks to this man.



Some guy on the Boston T (B train on the Green Line) rubbed his d*ck on my shoulder. I was seated, reading a book. My long hair was loose, and I assume dude thought I was female, because as soon as I looked up he looked extremely disturbed. He’d timed it so he could hop off the train, it was slowing to stop when he did it. I was really flabbergasted, like «was that on purpose? It’s not like this train is crowded so why did he? What the f**k?» I didn’t get up and chase him down or anything, I was just befuddled.

Anyway, hope the dude was so confused by sexually assaulting the wrong gender he gave up on that for a hobby.


Maybye not creepy but nasty and a little weird: Last year I had my first experience riding the metro in Paris. When I sat down my hand rested on what turned out to be a very bloody kleenex. And then a lady who was standing up with her puppy started, literally french kissing it.



I’m from some small town (15000ish people) in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. I was in San Diego on holidays with my family (I was 11ish) and we didn’t have a car. So we decide to get downtown we will take a bus to the train station and take the train (not sure if that’s what its called. Might be tram or skyrail or some s**t) to downtown. We had a nice day of shopping, sites, and food. So its time to go home and we take the train back and border the bus. I was a feeble, nerdy kid who suffered motion sickness and didn’t have a gravol for the ride home. About 15 blocks from our hotel my family and I got off the bus to walk the rest of the way. This creepy looking homeless dude at the front of the bus turns to me and says «but this isn’t your stop.» I then proceeded to figuratively s**t my pants. I don’t know if I had ever been that creeped out before. Still don’t know if it was random and he said that to everyone or if it was luck or if he followed us across town and for 5 hours. Still gives me the chills till this day.


I live in Boston [Male, 18], and one day (and I do mean «day»; this was at like 11:30 in the morning) I was taking the Red line to Harvard Square. I got on and out of the corner of my eye, I spot this dude, about 45-50 y/o, standing near the door. He pulls out a 20 oz. of Rum or some similar heavy-duty s**t. Chugs like half of it. He then proceeded to walk up and down the train, occasionally stopping to talk to (read: ramble drunkenly at) random people on the train. I had my earbuds in at the time, so I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying (small mercy for my psyche), but by the looks of it, he wasn’t asking how their flower gardens were doing. Being from Boston, and thus having the ability to give zero f**ks, they all basically ignored him, but all of them exchanged the «Can you believe this s**t?» look.

As soon as the train stops into a station (maybe Kendall?), I casually but quickly leave the car,walk to the next one and get back on. When the train gets going again, I look through the window back into the car I came from. He was still at it, even climbing on the bars like f**kin’ Donkey Kong. He got off at Harvard, same as me, and I’m fairly sure the MBTA cops got him, but I just NOPE’d the f**k outta there before they did, since I figured it was gonna get ugly. No clue what happened after.


TL;DR, Man chugs rum on T, verbally abuses Bostonians, impersonates Donkey Kong.


I was coming home from work in Boston and was in an extremely crowded subway car. I was standing against one of the doors of the car with my body facing the rest of the train. This middle aged guy was facing me with one hand holding onto the bar and one hand down by his side. When the car bumped around, his hand kept coming dangerously close to my man bits. At one point, I started to suspect something was going on, and that’s when his hand came in on a bump and I was full on cupped. He held it there for a second, before I backed away as far as I could. I proceeded to get off at the next stop and wait for another train.


well for me it was on a subway in san fransisco when I was 14 and I was riding a train and this hobo sat down across from and started asking me questions «is your mom dad coming to pick you up» those kind of questions I was scared s**tless, but thankfully when I stood up I think he realized that I was a good 2 feet taller then him (according to my doctor I basically grew to my adult size of 6’4 once I hit puberty) and I always carried my pocket knife with me so I think that was what scared him off.



in toronto, i was going to rocky horror picture show with two girls. my girlfriends had spent about an hour dressing me up and forced me to shave my legs and put on makeup, etc.

on the bus, a guy hit on me for the entire trip asking me where i was from and ignored the two girls i was with. i’m pretty sure he knew i was a guy and it didn’t bother me much until he asked me for my phone number…


Dude was making eye contact with me on the MAX in Portland while singing Frarajaka. I am a girl and I was like 16 at the time with my little sister who was 14. Creepy as hell.



Mine doesn’t involve any creepy person. I was on the way home from my german army base and took a train very early in the morning. I wanted to transfer at a pretty small station, where I didn’t realize, that there was an A/B version of the plattform. At around 4:00 AM I got onto the train which was completely empty. Suddenly the doors closed way before the train was supposed to leave, the lights in the car turned off and the train started moving (in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go). I tried to get to the front, but there was no way. It was really creepy riding a dark train and not to know where it goes.

Luckily it stopped about 20-30 minutes later at another train station where it got ready for it’s next official ride. It moved me away from my destination, but I got a faster connection from there and lost only 10 minutes on my way home.


My sister used to ride the Metro in DC to work. One day she ran into a shoddily-dressed man who called himself «Ebeneezer the Lady-Pleaser».



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15 personas comparten sus historias de terror de propuestas para que no cometas los mismos errores



15 personas comparten sus historias de terror de propuestas para que no cometas los mismos errores

Él le propuso matrimonio en público y ella tardó demasiado en responder


De Redditor u/ace35:

Mi favorito tenía que ser mientras estaba en Las Vegas en los jardines botánicos de Bellagio. Todo el mundo está haciendo lo suyo, tomando fotos, exultantes y asombrados, cuando este tipo se arrodilla y da este pequeño discurso. Muchas, muchas personas dejan de hacer lo que están haciendo para mirar, rodeando a los dos mientras él termina su discurso. La niña, con las manos tapándose la boca, empieza a llorar. Algunos de los corazones de la multitud se derriten al final del discurso, pero aún no ha habido una respuesta. La niña continúa parada allí y, en este punto, comienza a ponerse incómodo: hay algunos gritos ahogados y risitas de la multitud. Puedes ver la mente del tipo corriendo y comienza a mirar al suelo dándose cuenta de que lo que ha hecho probablemente fue un gran error. Las masas comienzan a sentirse horribles por el pobre chico, pero la chica, probablemente al darse cuenta de lo que estaba pasando a su alrededor, niega con la cabeza, pero las palabras que salen de su boca fueron: «ohhhh, está bien, sí». El chico se pone de pie y comienza a tambalearse (probablemente algunos problemas de flujo de sangre debido a los más de 5 minutos de estar arrodillado) y agarra / cae sobre / abraza torpemente a la chica.



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Usuarios de Twitter sorprendidos y alarmados al encontrar a Bo Burnham en su Spotify envuelto



Usuarios de Twitter sorprendidos y alarmados al encontrar a Bo Burnham en su Spotify envuelto

Una nueva tradición para la temporada navideña, Spotify una vez más ha compilado los hábitos de escucha de todos en una pequeña página de resultados ordenada, llamada Spotify Wrapped. Si bien en el pasado había muchos memes y parodias en torno a los resultados, para algunos, los resultados en sí mismos eran lo suficientemente memes.

Bo Burnham, un gigante creativo que lanzó el aclamado especial de Netflix Dentro este año, fue sorprendentemente alto en Wrapped de muchas personas este año.


Mientras que algunos estaban contentos con el conocimiento de que son seguidores muy dedicados, varios otros estaban consternados por los resultados. Bo Burnham’s Dentro fue una fuerza creativa nacida de la pandemia de COVID-19 y casi toda la música que se presenta trata sobre temas de depresión, tristeza, soledad, la condición humana en condiciones inhumanas, lo que, casualmente, equivalía a escuchar mucho a Bo Burnham mientras tenía estos mismos síntomas.

Por otro lado, no tener a Bo Burnham en tu Spotify Wrapped se convirtió en algo para celebrar, ya que se consideraba una señal de alerta en los días previos a la fecha de lanzamiento de Spotify Wrapped.



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