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88 Annoying Myths People Have To Finally Stop Believing In




The fingers on my two hands wouldn’t be enough to count how many times I’ve heard that Einstein was bad at school math. Or that bulls go into full-on rage mode when they see red.


Turns out, many of those are just urban myths disguised as common knowledge. So what other nonsense do we, my fellow human beings, all blatantly believe in? This thread on r/AskReddit may give us some answers as people share some of the most annoying myths we all are guilty of trusting in.

Have any annoying myth on your mind to add to this list? Hit us in the comment below!


That vaccines cause autism, are made by the government to control you etc etc.


That gold fish can life in small fish bowls. Worst possible thing to do to them. They die so quickly because they are messy fish and ultimate swimming in toxic water. The need twice the water a regular fish needs to dilute the ammonia their food and waste create. Goldfish can grow up to 12-14 inches and live 10-15 years in a proper habitat! Just because your parents’ parent did this or you see them at the fair doesn’t mean it’s right. Same goes for most animals kept in small cages/tanks. If you aren’t going to do it right, then you should not own that pet. Do your research. End rant ha


That certain animal ‘parts’ have healing/magical properties. Like tiger whiskers protect the wearer or rhino horn cures impotence and hangovers.


Not sure if this fits here exactly, but the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit being a frivolous case filed by a money hungry customer. That poor lady was a real victim who suffered legitimate injuries who only wanted her medicalcosts covered.


You can «detox» your body from toxins and parasites by drinking certain teas or taking some weird medication.


Repeated diarrhea and frequent urination doesn’t indicate toxins leaving your body, your liver and kidneys do the job. If your liver is not functioning or you have a kidney disorder, obviously you need help but it won’t be teas that someone on Instagram is boasting about.


Poor people are poor because they don’t know how to manage their money


Fish only have a 5 second memory. My fish are fed automatically on a timer and they know dinner time better thanmy goddamn cat.


That violence in the world is getting worse and worse. Actually, in relation to the world’s population we live in the most non-violent era in history. The problem is that, while 500 years ago you might have not even heard all the news from within your city, we can now hear all the horrible news from all over the world (and we’re also more people). But still, human interaction and conflict in general is much less violent than it used to be.


Many people still believe hymens are like plastic food seals that cover up the hole and get popped when you have sex for the first time, and if a girl doesn’t bleed she’s not a virgin.


That if you touch a baby bird, its mother will abandon it because of the smell. Birds actually have a verybadsenseofsmell.


That the customer is always right.


Astrology: that your horoscope tells something about your personality


People with OCD just repeatedly wash their hands and like things clean and organized. This is how it presents in some people. There is so much more to this mental illness that people aren’t aware of that lead to people not getting diagnosed or help.


That dairy cows just «make» milk.

Cows aren’t any different than the rest of the mammals. They make milk when they have a baby. Humans just take the baby away after it’s born.


Flushable wipes are flushable


A lot of commonly believed stuff about the female reproductive system/anatomy, like vaginas getting loose if a woman has a lot of sex, or that having a lot of sex somehow drastically changes the look of a woman’s labia.


You swallow 8 spiders a year in your sleep. The thing was created to see how easily fake news spread.


You have to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person’s report.


The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space. First of all, it’s not, and second, otherones are.


Scholars in the middle ages didn’t believe the Earth was flat. The ancient Greeks knew that [stuff] was false. The myth of the flat earth was a post-Romanticism fancy in pop culture, not a serious scholarly movement.

That line from Men In Black has pissed me off ever since I learned the truth.


That woman can hold their period like we can hold our pee. I am still pissed at that teacher…



That historically, corsets were extremely dangerous. That is false. “Tightlacing”, which is basically just what’s seen in the movies, where they make the corset as tight as they can, was not very common, and only used in the extremely upper class. Most people wore corsets completely safely, lacing down very little, if at all. Women climbed mountains, biked, did sports, and everything, in corsets.


MSG – a lot of people still believe it’s basically poison. It’s no more harmful than regular salt.


That carrots improve eyesight. It was actually British propaganda from World war II, I think to explain how they kept on shooting down German planes at night, in order to conceal their invention of a new type of radar I believe. More funny than annoying, I just want to say it.


Schizophrenia is the same thing as Multiple Personality Disorder


Organic means no pesticides used. As I understand it, it means that no synthetic pesticides were used.


Not a myth per se, but the number of people who grossly misunderstand how evolution and natural selection worksis crazy high.


That cutting your hair off makes it grow in thicker.


Ostriches bury their head in the sand when confronted. The fact that Ostrich legs and claws are powerful enough to kill any predator makes a mockery of the myth. In actual fact, they don’t make nests but bury their eggs in warm soft soil. They then frequently turn the eggs over in the ground to stop them overheating giving the appearance that they are sticking their heads in the ground from a distance.


People think bats are blind. They aren’t.


Cracking your knuckles makes them bigger/gives you arthritis.

This is an ongoing battle between myself and my older coworkers.


that myth about how nasa invented ballpoint pens for space while the USSR just used pencils… basicallycompletelyuntrue


We only use 10% of our brains. If you don’t know what 100% is, then how do you determine what 10% is.


Einstein was bad at school math.


The five second rule.


If you lift your hands above your head while pregnant you will strangle the baby. I am sure it was started by smart women who didn’t want to do all the housework while pregnant and tired. I still hear it every now and again.


That Napoleon was short. He was average height


“We care about your privacy” AbsoluteBollocks™️



Shark fins / shark products are great for health


I have a black cat with white spots on her belly and people have made comments about never having a black cat because they are bad luck or evil. Dude, it’s a cat. Also, hear often comments regarding not breaking mirrors or sweeping over someone’s feet. Its 2021 we really still believe this?!


That margarine is «one molecule away» from being plastic.


Firstly, «one molecule away» makes no sense. It is a meaningless phrase.

Secondly, being «one atom away» is also meaningless, because a change in atomical structure means the substances are different.

A molecule of H2O has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. H2O is water.


H2O2 has two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide.

But we don’t caution against drinking water by saying that it’s «one atom away» from being hydrogen peroxide, because that one atom completely changes the makeup of that substance. Water isn’t «almost» peroxide or vice versa.

This is an oversimplification, obviously, but suffice it to say that you shouldn’t take advice from someone who claims that margarine is «one molecule away» from being plastic. It’s a complete misnomer.


I don’t even like or eat margarine but this drives me up the freaking wall.


Bulls get angry when they see the color red. It’s not true..

Bulls are actually red-green colorblind. What actually triggers the bull’s anger is the movement in front of them.



The highest tax rate means your entire income is taxed at that rate


That you can spot-reduce fat. Far too many quacks on the internet talking about “toning” and “melting belly fat” with a hundred sit-ups a day.


That Vikings wore horns on their helmets.


Undercover cops have to tell you they’re cops.


Lightning never strikes the same place twice.


History is filled with this stuff, but I’m gonna go with general misconceptions due to an inability to read history in context.


Often if you read a funny and strange story where you go ‘haha those dumb superstitious people in the past’ in reality there isn’t superstition behind it, there’s politics and power. For example, if you hear of someone being excommunicated and declared a witch / heretic for some odd reason the truth is the given reason is just a made up excuse, and the real reason is political intrigue.


Black belts have to register their fists as weapons… I can’t believe I was dumb enough to fall for that.


The ONE thing everyone thinks they know about lemmings is bulls**t. They’re not «suicidal,» and will not succumb to herd-mentality and follow each other over a cliff in a big group if they’re scared.

This «fact» originated in a Disney-produced nature documentary (documentary in a very loose sense). They literally made stuff up whole cloth because it looked cool on camera. They chased the lemmings over the edge of a small rise, and used camera tricks to make it look like they were falling to their deaths.


Then the lemmings became a pop-culture metaphor for harmful conformity, and cartoonists all over still reference it.


That historical armor was basically useless, only increasing the chance of maybe deflecting a blow if you were lucky. You still see it in movies, shows and games where a knife or sword or arrow will go through armor like it’s cardboard.

In reality armor was very useful. Very good armor, like a knight’s suit of plate, made the wearer virtually invincible. The best plate could stop even early firearms. A knight in full plate and wielding a shield was pretty much the tank of the medieval battlefield. Doubly so if on horseback. Specialized weapons and a concerted effort was needed to defeat one, although typically no one would try to kill a knight since you can’t ransom a corpse.


But even simple gambesons, which were made from layers of fabric, could resist a sword cut. High quality gambesons could resist all but the strongest cuts from specialized cutting swords.

Also: that swords were super heavy. A typical one-handed arming sword from the middle ages weighed around 3lbs, 4 max. A two-handed long sword could get up to 5lbs. Rapiers weighed around the same as other swords, which is contrary to popular belief.

Yes, swinging around a 3-4lb object would tire someone out, but the people doing so were generally more fit than the people reading this thread.



That all GMOs have to be bad. There’s a reason scientists still want to work on GMOs; it could greatly reduce the costs of food production and end world hunger.

Golden Rice, for example, is rice that is modified to maximize beta-carotene (basically vitamin A) to support areas whose diets cause vitamin A deficiencies. Anti-GMO groups oppose the effort (obviously) citing the normalization of GMOs and the corporate control of necessary dietary requirements in impoverished regions as their reasons against Golden Rice, but they fail to prove the rice itself is harmful (one study was believed to for some time, but it got exposed for breaking regulations that could have affected results). I think it’s safe to say that children would rather save themselves from starvation than save themselves from glorifying GMOs or corporate dependency


That tropical fish can be kept in a vase or bowl.



that tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy during thanksgiving. no. chicken has more tryptophan than turkey, and we only get sleepy on thanksgiving because we eat so much.


If you go outside with your hair wet you will get sick.


The North Star is the brightest star in the sky.

No it’s not. It’s Sirius.



You can make sure to have a girl baby by doing …

You can tell the sex of the baby while the woman is pregnant by …

…STFU I’m so sick of hearing these



That the government still has our best interests in mind.


That natural is always better and chemicals are always bad. Also that you need to “detox your body” and let your skin “breathe”.


Right side brain logic left side brain creative.



Oh god I work with kids and old people who work with the same kids:

That going outside in the rain/cold weather will make you sick. It will not.


In my country people believe that if you’re pregnant and cut your hair, the baby will be born blind lmao.


Sugar makes you hyper.


At some point, a viral video allegedly proved that the “beg buttons” at crosswalks are just placebos.


Some of them are, but most of them really do add a cycle for pedestrians to get a walk signal. You should use them regardless.


its not really annoying per se but

The tongue map thing


the entire tongue tastes all flavors


That you get warts from frogs. Warts come from the human papilloma virus and come from contact with the virus through broken skin. It is a human specific virus and cannot be spread through different species.


That companies «can’t» say that you were fired, or why you were fired, «by law.»


Alpha dogs aren’t a thing, researcher who «discovered» this made a mistake and tried to correct it but the damage was done.


There is no such thing as an alpha dog


Mixing vinegar and baking soda in water makes an amazing foamy cleaning mixture! Actually they neutralize and form either a weak acid or weak base….either of which can actually be used as a cleaning agent and you don’t have to waste chemicals mixing the two….just use a small amount of either in water depending on what you’re trying to dissolve.


People saying that blood is blue and it turns red when it hits oxygen. The only reason it appears blue (like in your hand) is merely a trick of lighting and reflection. And why/how would our blood have such a quick and large reaction to oxygen?



Not myth I guess but there is an astounding amount of people who have said to me «wait bugs aren’t animals» or «bugs/fish are animals?»

I think they’re confusing animal with mammal maybe but they usually include birds in there with animals so I dunno.

Maybe they just think animal means «fuzzy thing which which I am familiar».



Apple products are the most “secure”


That if you shave your hair, it’ll grow back thicker and darker. The hair looks thicker because it has a blunt edge after shaving. The hair will taper back out when it grows again.


So many people still think acid itself is deadly, but we find acid everywhere. Citric acid is in orange juice. Acetic acid is in vinegar. Carbonic acid is in any carbonated drink. Sulfuric, muriatic, and hydrofluoric acids are among the dangerous ones.



That July and August were added to the calendar, throwing off the «Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec» numbering. This is not what happened. July and August were actually renamed versions of the original months «Quintilis» and «Sextilis». They did not throw off the order. The calendar used to begin in March. January and Feburary were the months that were added – they didn’t use to keep official track of the months during Winter. King Numa Pompilius was the guy who added these months in around 713 BC. The shifting of the calendar to have January first is also attributed to him. It was NOT the fault of Julius Caesar.


Gym instructors saying they have zero percent of body fat


Touching baby animals in the wild will make their mother abandon them.



«Card counting is illegal» lol


All of these mom’s groups thinking some Chinese calendar is going to predict the gender of their baby. Or a pineapple pizza is going to induce labor.


Daddy long legs are venomous/ poisonous but too small to bite you. They’re not.



«Volatile» does not mean «explosive» or «flammable».


Frosted Lucky Charms are, in fact, not magic.


Driving with interior lights on at night will get you arrested.



White wine gets red wine out of the carpet


You lose money by working overtime because of taxes.


Here in Taiwan people believe you can grow taller by exercising a lot, even if you’re a full grown adult.



It’s illegal to kill praying mantis.

Not annoying. I just think it’s kinda weird and funny that it’s such a common myth.


That if your hand is bigger than your face you’re gay…



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49 mujeres comparten historias saludables de cuando se dieron cuenta de que sus novios las amaban



49 mujeres comparten historias saludables de cuando se dieron cuenta de que sus novios las amaban

Por lo general, las citas no son tan fáciles como la mayoría de nosotros desearíamos. Ya es bastante difícil exponerse y abrirse a alguien nuevo, pero incluso después de eso, todavía tiene la misión de descubrir las verdaderas intenciones de la persona y si sus sentimientos hacia el otro realmente se alinean.


Recientemente, usuario de Twitter @AfroFlytina preguntaron compañeras para difundir algunas vibraciones positivas muy necesarias al compartir historias de lo que les ayudó a descubrir que sus parejas los aman de verdad. La publicación se ha vuelto viral rápidamente y actualmente tiene más de 77 mil me gusta junto con más de 17 mil tweets de citas.

Créditos de imagen: AfroFlytina

Créditos de la imagen: Francesco


Sin más preámbulos, Panda aburrido te invita a leer algunas de las historias más conmovedoras que logramos encontrar en este hilo viral. Y si tienes uno propio, ¡no dudes en compartirlo en la sección de comentarios!

Más información: Gorjeo

# 1

Créditos de imagen: L0v3chLD


# 2

Créditos de imagen: jennkat601

# 3

Créditos de imagen: espeso

# 4

Créditos de imagen: DestinyAyers8


# 5

Créditos de imagen: Anjiniazhar

# 6

Créditos de imagen: Creshna1

# 7

Créditos de imagen: Impacto más amplio


# 8

Créditos de imagen: emeebgnha

# 9

Créditos de imagen: RidetheMaverik

# 10

Créditos de imagen: desenterrando


# 11

Créditos de imagen: DeadsyDoll

# 12

Créditos de imagen: alesha_murr

# 13

Créditos de imagen: Diana106


# 14

Créditos de imagen: LittleOne2328


Créditos de imagen: beginbright1


Créditos de imagen: MothaBoardPrez


# 17

Créditos de imagen: WinsleyMelan

# 18

Créditos de imagen: trinidadianni

# 19

Créditos de imagen: BrookeDoubleD


# 20

Créditos de imagen: esa dama

# 21

Créditos de imagen: jazzie815

# 22

Créditos de imagen: sleepyskyee


# 23

Créditos de imagen: lssues

# 24

Créditos de imagen: OohLaLicenciada

# 25

Créditos de imagen: LuWaZee_D


# 26

Créditos de imagen: explícitamente negro

# 27

Créditos de imagen: pkmngrl

# 28

Créditos de imagen: staydope_xoxo


# 29

Créditos de imagen: kaysway____

# 30

Créditos de imagen: mercedesalainah

# 31

Créditos de imagen: Miamore5623


# 32

Créditos de imagen: _nydirahhh

# 33

Créditos de imagen: psimulación

# 34

Créditos de imagen: hickchick727


# 35

Créditos de imagen: RR416

# 36

Créditos de imagen: ScarlettMusicZM

# 37

Créditos de imagen: thuggoddesss_


# 38

Créditos de imagen: Callmeroseyy

# 39

Créditos de imagen: ayeelleyse

# 40

Créditos de imagen: creativeassbae


# 41

Créditos de imagen: mis_Garner

# 42

Créditos de imagen: NeshaJay

# 43

Créditos de imagen: BeinMEaint_eZAY


# 44

Créditos de imagen: solis__jessica

# 45

Créditos de imagen: HowOddAud

# 46

Créditos de imagen: suttonking_


# 47

Créditos de imagen: lovedoveclarke

# 48

Créditos de imagen: JaylOkafor

# 49

Créditos de imagen: LaCochiLoco




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Zoom acepta resolver una demanda de privacidad por $ 85 millones



Se muestra un letrero para Zoom Video Communications antes de la OPI de Nasdaq de la compañía en Nueva York en 2019. La compañía acordó un acuerdo preliminar en una demanda de privacidad.


Mark Lennihan / AP

ocultar leyenda


alternar subtítulo

Mark Lennihan / AP

Se muestra un letrero para Zoom Video Communications antes de la OPI de Nasdaq de la compañía en Nueva York en 2019. La compañía acordó un acuerdo preliminar en una demanda de privacidad.


Mark Lennihan / AP

Zoom pagará 85 millones de dólares para resolver una demanda que alega que violó los derechos de privacidad de los usuarios, según un acuerdo preliminar presentado el sábado. La demanda colectiva de varios usuarios de Zoom alega que la compañía compartió datos personales con Facebook, Google y LinkedIn, y permitió a los piratas informáticos interrumpir reuniones con pornografía, lenguaje inapropiado u otro contenido perturbador en una práctica llamada «Zoombombing».

El acuerdo aún requiere la aprobación de la jueza de distrito estadounidense Lucy Koh en San José, California, pero si firma, los suscriptores recibirían reembolsos del 15% en sus suscripciones principales, o $ 25, la cantidad que sea mayor. Los usuarios de Zoom que no pagaron por una cuenta pueden presentar un reclamo por $ 15. Zoom también aumentará su seguridad, comprometiéndose a alertar a los usuarios sobre el intercambio de datos de aplicaciones de terceros y tomando más medidas para salvaguardar los datos del usuario.


La base de clientes de Zoom se disparó durante el transcurso de la pandemia. Muchos grupos y organizaciones recurrieron a la plataforma de comunicaciones como parte de los cambios en el trabajo y el estilo de vida para adaptarse a las restricciones del coronavirus. Las clases de acondicionamiento físico, las horas felices, los procedimientos judiciales y las campañas presidenciales se trasladaron a Zoom. La gente celebraba bodas y se lamentaba en los servicios conmemorativos.

Pero el enorme aumento de usuarios aumentó la atención sobre las fallas de seguridad y privacidad del programa.

Zoom niega haber actuado mal al aceptar llegar a un acuerdo. Un portavoz de la compañía dijo a NPR: «La privacidad y la seguridad de nuestros usuarios son las principales prioridades de Zoom, y nos tomamos en serio la confianza que nuestros usuarios depositan en nosotros. Estamos orgullosos de los avances que hemos realizado en nuestra plataforma y esperamos continuar para innovar con privacidad y seguridad a la vanguardia «.


Otra audiencia en el caso está programada para octubre.



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Shame: Tiny Desk (Home) Concierto



The Tiny Desk funcionará desde casa en el futuro previsible. Presentamos los conciertos Tiny Desk (en casa) de NPR Music, que le ofrecen actuaciones de todo el país y del mundo. Es el mismo espíritu: decorados sencillos, un entorno íntimo, solo un espacio diferente.

La primera vez que vi al cantante de la vergüenza Charlie Steen, estaba reducido a nada más que su ropa interior de la marca Racing Green. (que se había encajado en el trasero), mientras la guitarra, el bajo y la batería acentuaban su enfática voz. En este concierto de Tiny Desk (en casa), encontramos a Charlie con traje completo, corbata y sombrero, sentado en un ambiente de sala de estar respaldado no solo por el resto de la vergüenza (también sentado), sino por un compendio de violines, trompas y más.


Todas las canciones aquí son del álbum de la banda de 2021, Drunk Tank Rosa. Es el sonido de esta banda post-punk del sur de Londres que desafía no solo a sus oyentes, sino a ellos mismos. Qué emoción.


  • «Dia de nieve»
  • «Nacido en Luton»
  • «Humano, por un minuto»


  • Charlie Steen: voz principal
  • Eddie Green: guitarra, voz
  • Josh Finerty: bajo, voz
  • Sean Coyle-Smith: guitarra, voz
  • Charlie Forbes: batería
  • Freddy Wordsworth: trompeta
  • Campbell Baum: saxofón
  • Kai Akinde-Hummel: percusión
  • Oliver Hamilton: violín
  • Magdalena McLean: violín


  • Productor: Duncan Harrison
  • Directores: Benjamin Brook y Jerry Dobson
  • Operadores de cámara: Callum Chaplin y Lawrence Jones
  • Ingeniero de sonido: Tom LeBeau
  • Arreglos de cuernos y cuerdas: Josh Finerty
  • Mezcla: Josh Finerty y Nina Madley
  • Editor: Benjamin Brook
  • Un agradecimiento especial a Elliot Lynks


  • Productor: Bob Boilen
  • Productor de video: Kara Frame
  • Masterización de audio: Alex Drewenskus
  • Pequeño equipo de producción: Maia Stern, Josh Rogosin, Gabrielle Pierre, Bobby Carter
  • Productor ejecutivo: Keith Jenkins
  • Vicepresidente senior de programación: Anya Grundmann


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