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People Are Sharing The Inappropriate Questions They Were Asked At Job Interviews (93 Responses)



When you put on your best suit and go to a job interview, there’s bound to be a handful of butterflies fluttering somewhere inside your belly. A few of those are most likely anxiety butterflies, but the others are excitement. Wow! You’re gonna shine at that interview! This is gonna be the best job ever! Right..?

Here’s the thing though: how our interview’s gonna go doesn’t just depend on how prepared we are. If you’re unlucky, you’re going to get a horrible interviewer who bats really inappropriate questions your way. Like a bolt from the blue, they’ll knock you off-balance and make you wonder what the ever-loving fudge is going on and if you’re being pranked for a TV show.

When Redditor iiLady_Insanityii asked their fellow users to share the most inappropriate and unexpected things they were asked during job interviews, they got over 5.1k comments. We’ve picked out the best ones for you to see, dear Readers, so be sure to upvote the ones that made your jaw drop the most with how out of place they sound.


They asked me if I could stop my dialysis treatments so I can be more available. Yeah Karen, let me just die for less than 15 an hour.

Image credits: wanderingwiccan


Very first job I interviewed for was a movie theater while I was still in highschool.

Manager: are you available Sunday morning?
Me: yes I have open availability.
Manager: So you don’t attend church Sunday morning?
Me: No, I’m free.
Manager: Oh, so you’re gonna burn in hell?
Me: uh… Sorry, huh?
Manager: Nothing it’s fine.

Image credits: Titaniumtank


Had an interviewer who unexpectedly asked me, what my spirit animal was at the end of the interview.

I didn’t know what to say but the first thing that popped out of my head was a bear because the thought of hibernating and being lazy on cold seasons sounds like something I’d do… it’s the most stupidest reply I could give.

He ended up being one of the best, if not the nicest and funniest boss I ever had.

Image credits: Fightingthetears

Nobody wants to cause a scene during a job interview. Times are tough, jobs pay the bills, and sometimes you wonder if you’re overreacting to what you’re being asked. But that’s just our brains finding excuses for people asking us things that really ought not to be voiced aloud. You need to know how to deal with problematic questions.


I had an adversarial interview once. Passed the skills interview and was sent on to the guy who would be my manager if I got the job. He made a big show of throwing my resume in the trash and told me the next best use would be to «wipe his ass with it» since he went to Yale and I didn’t, and why did I think I deserved the job?

I didn’t say anything, just got up and walked out. (This was at AIG, remember them? Lol)

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«Can you make your breasts smaller? They might be a distraction for some of our patients here.» This was at a hospital. And I wasn’t wearing anything provocative, I just have big boobs. I didn’t get the job, they told me it was because I was too inexperienced.

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Interviewer: If you were a tree, what kind of a tree would you be?

Me: A tree with a job.

All kinds of hippy dippy sh*t like this back in the 70s.

Image credits: 2016TrumpMAGA

There are a few ways how you can diplomatically try to avoid the question in question without sounding rude, like a skilled kung-fu master. One way to counter an inappropriate question is to steer the conversation elsewhere like a real redirection pro.


What are the chances of you leaving your spouse if we relocate you? You mean… for a period of time until we figure out our living situation? No, I mean would you divorce him if you had to move to, say Europe, for the job?


Also, this was a local advertising agency. They didn’t even have that many national clients.

But also, the interviewer then continuously called and messaged me for days after I declined their offer. So I don’t know.

Image credits: galedriel


Lovers (an adult toy/accessories shop in the US) hands you an elephant sized, wiggly ass dildo and asks you to describe it.

You giggle you lose.

I lost.

Image credits: batterymassacre


“Which teacher did you hate the most and why”

I answered that I had disagreed with a teacher over a book (I didn’t like it and it was her favorite) and she knocked points off all my future tests.

Interviewer said it was unprofessional to not like a teacher and I “clearly had no interview experience”. So yeah, didn’t get that internship.

Image credits: dumb-funsies

If the redirection method fails, you can always keep your answers very short, broad, and general. This way, you won’t appear rude, but the interviewer might get the hint that this isn’t something that you want to talk about.


This was quite a while ago, and I was interviewing for a janitorial position at a private middle school.

The interview was going well. The interviewer was asking me why I wanted to work there, what my previous job experience was, etc. The bog standard interview questions.

Out of absolutely nowhere, he asks » You’re not attracted to underage girls, are you?». I was taken aback for a moment, and just sort of stared at him waiting for clarification.

I think it only occurred to him after having said it how weird the question was, and he quickly started to give some context. Turns out the previous janitor had attempted some sexual advances on some underage students

I was just there to sweep the floors for some cash. Not commit a felony.

Image credits: Sambasscles


For an IT security position:

«If your employer asked you to do something illegal, would you do it?»

…now, before anyone hollers that this isn’t inappropriate, I found out later the the job had been vacated by a friend of mine, who they fired after he refused to do something illegal for them.

Image credits: Dagmar_dSurreal


Does lie detector during the hiring process count? I was asked if I’d ever had sex with animals. That question certainly caught me off guard

Image credits: Wide_Open_Colon

Does the interviewer still not get the hint that they’re asking something that shouldn’t be asked? You could always politely but firmly ask them why the question is relevant to your job at all. In other words, turn the tables on them and have them think about what it is they’re actually asking you. If they’re a decent person, they’ll realize what’s up; if not, then is this really the type of place you’d like to work at?


First question of an interview: «Wait, aren’t you the guy who owes me that thousand dollars?»

Realized after three of the longest seconds in my life that he was joking, but boy that caught me off guard.

Image credits: maleorderbride


My interviewer asked if I was retarded. I said yes. I thought the interview was over at that point but then they offered me the job. I said no.

Image credits: CS1SOlO


«The real reason I asked you in today is because your last name sounded like you’re white. We’ve had the worst luck with black guys doing the job right»

Image credits: IRDragonBorne

Some questions aren’t just inappropriate—they’re illegal. Asking questions that are discriminatory and don’t relate to the job requirements is illegal in some countries. E.g. job interviewers shouldn’t ask about race, color, sex, religion, national origin, birthplace, age, disability, and family status.


Interviewer :- Do you know how to swim?

Me :- Umm, no?

Interviewer :- Get out.

(software engineer job)

Image credits: CRYTEK_T-REX


My future boss asked to duel me in mortal combat. I was confused and concerned until he showed me that they had a Mortal Kombat 2 arcade machine. He kicked my ass solidly. Honestly it seemed a little unfair considering they had a machine in their break room and I hadn’t played the damn thing since high school.

Image credits: FrankieTheAlchemist


One interview I was asked two weird questions for an interview as least.

1. Favorite super hero and why.

2. Do you believe in aliens, why or why not- 30 second elevator pitch.

Image credits: thorpeedo22

Not everyone is aware of these restrictions and might slip up because they don’t know the law. However, not knowing the law isn’t an excuse. If you feel that you’ve been discriminated against, consider filing a claim with an institution like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the United States.


«What kind of p*rn do you like?» I was in the process of getting a government job that required a high security clearance, I was being interviewed by an agent. Most of the questions were pretty basic but this one caught me out of left field.

Image credits: GorillaonWheels


I had a guy end my interview by asking me what my favorite ABBA song was. I was so caught off guard and honestly kind of creeped out, because I couldn’t figure out how he knew that I loved ABBA.

I found out later that when he spoke to my references, he asked them to tell him something about me that wasn’t on my resume, and my old boss told him that I was a huge ABBA fan.

Image credits: mabbbbs


I was a young female cabinet maker applying for a summer job in a joinery workshop. I answered all of his questions which I could tell confused him. So he gave me some side eye and asked “uhhhh how strong are you?”

A lady in an office behind him shouted out “YOURE NOT ALLOWED TO ASK THAT!!!!”

I got the job. Turns out it was his wife shouting at him!

Image credits: YourLocalMosquito

Which of these stories shocked you the most, dear Pandas? Has anything similar ever happened to you? What’s the most inappropriate and unexpected question that you’ve ever heard while being interviewed for a job? How did you respond? Share your experiences in the comment section below.


A while back I got out of the Navy. That old saying is true «swear like a sailor». I applied for a program called helmets to hard hats that finds jobs in skilled labor trades for veterans. My father is good friends with a guy who is in charge of the local branch of an elevator company.

So I applied to the international union of elevator constructors and was granted an interview. Union interviews, as I am told, usually consist of several prominent members of the union. I’m this case it included my father’s friend.

So I show up to the interview and sit down with 5 high ranking union members. My name is Richard. My Dad’s friend says » So Richard what do you like to go by Rick, Ricky, Richard… D*CK? Before I could stop myself I sarcastically replied «it’s c*ck actually»

I pretended like everything was normal and the interview continued after an awkward pause. I did get the job and was admitted as an apprentice. Everyone still calls me C*ck.

TLDR: Guy asked me, Richard, if I go by D*ck. I sarcastically replied C*ck, and now everyone calls me C*ck.

Image credits: iceagehero


I was asked to describe my personality with a line. I stared at him for a hard ten seconds and asked what he meant.

He said «do you have a lot of highs and lows or are you more steady.»

I said «Oh, you mean like a sine wave, not a line?»

Yes, it was for a lab job and yes I am autistic.

Image credits: Thoreau80


«Are you pregnant?»

And after I said no

«Are you planning to get pregnant?»

Image credits: __checkmate


I was asked if I play video games in my down time once.

I said I did, and was instantly turned down for the position.

The excuse? «We don’t hire overgrown children. Get out.»

Place went under two years after that.

Image credits: Swivel-Hips-Smith


First question of an interview at a shipping place. «Do you think a manager needs to understand the job of the people he’s managing?»

I replied with «absolutely. How can he manage people if he doesn’t understand how their job works?»

I was immediately thanked for my time and was told I could leave.

In retrospect I am very glad i never worked for that company.

Image credits: joleme


«Ive noticed you haven’t tugged at your clothes at all. Means youre comfortable with your body. Are you prepared to wear more revealing clothing?»

I was interviewing for a waitress job.

I didn’t finish the interview.

Image credits: operachick209


«For confidential reasons I need to ask, how much porn do you watch on a weekly basis?» I didn’t realise he was joking until he burst out laughing. Got hired tho


«What would you do if a teenager (female) asked you for information about abortion?» I answered that I would help her find the information she needed.

This was for a librarian job in a small, conservative town. I didn’t get the job.

Image credits: RetardedJoy


I was the interviewer, and asked the candidate to tell me about a time that they had to have a difficult conversation with someone.

His answer? «Well, my friend’s boyfriend was abusing her, so I told him that I would kick his ass if he didn’t stop. He didn’t stop, so I had to follow through and beat him up. It was hard, but I had to follow through on my commitment to helping my friend.»

He did not get hired for the job working with children.

Image credits: michelleeh


«What does your father do for work?» I was like 24 years old…pretty sure he was seeing how little he could pay me.

Image credits: bananana-88


16 years old and interviewing with a 29 year old: «wow, you’re almost perfect, just uh have any older sisters? Because that would be perfect!» No, Joe, I have no sisters for your predatory ass!


“Listen I have nothing against hiring a chick for the job, but I can’t afford to have you go off on maternity leave, so are you planning on getting knocked up in the near future?”

Image credits: Dyingforsomelove


«Where do you see yourself in five years, after we got rid of you in two to three years?»

No kidding. They really asked it that way. My answer was «I don’t know. Maybe in front of your grave.»

Immediate stop to the interview.


Would I be ok with going shirtless.

Small private casino company that mostly did charity fake money events with prizes like champagne and chocolates. Corporate gigs etc.

I was hired as a blackjack croupier and thats the job I went for, advertised as above. Corporate events and charity events, dealing blackjack. Must be good with people (if you knew me that would make your gut bust).

The woman interviewing me, gave me the job, then asked would I be willing to wear just collars and cuffs like a male stripper.

Turns out they also did stag and hen nights and would ask new employees if they’d like to be considered for those shifts. But it requires the women to wear bikinis and men to wear only collars and cuffs, no shirt but wearing dress pants. They paid twice the rate for it.

Was not expecting that question I can be honest.

Image credits:


I’m a ginger.
«Does the carpet match the drapes».


I was a private nanny. I have been asked many questions that wouldn’t be considered appropriate in any other job interview. I’ve been asked: How often I shower. Whether I have ever been to a therapist/psychiatrist. If I am promiscuous. If I have ever had an affair with an employer. How much I typically eat in a day. Do I have a partner. What religion I am. Whether I was gay or straight. If I had ever been bribed or had anyone ever attempt to bribe me. Whether I had ever taken nude pictures. Etc. Not all in the same interview.

Image credits: The_Sadie_Jadie


«Your salary expectations are completely unrealistic – clearly you’re overpaid, but we’ll help you adapt when you join us!»


I was interviewing for a hiring manager position at a temp agency in Toledo, Ohio. The interviewer asked me «how comfortable would I be if business client only wanted to hire certain types of employees?» I probed for more information. After several probing questions it was apparent that some of the businesses who hired this agency to find talent only wanted people from certain zip codes and wanted to omit certain zip codes altogether. I did not get the job because I stated that I would find and deliver the most qualified candidate regardless of where they lived. No biggie. I am in a much better place now.

Image credits: TexasKoz


He asked me if I believed in bigfoot. That was the weirdest and yet least alarming thing discussed at my interview.

Image credits: CouchCandy


Will you take off your clothes now?


Phone interview: ‘Do you think that you’re smarter than other people here because you have a degree?’

‘um no, of course not’

‘Good answer, a lot of smart people here.’

I mean I get the idea of the question and maybe they didn’t mean to word it like that, but I decided to decline a second interview. Didn’t feel super comfortable after the first one, ended up with a great offer elsewhere after graduating anyway.


«If money is not an issue, what kind of car would you drive»

«If you where a car would you be a sports or an economy car»

That’s when I walked out!

Oh and no the job had nothing to do with the auto industry.


I was probably 21or 22, went for a interview in a real estate office as a receptionist. This dude pulls out a camera and asked can he take a picture to remember my face better. I have so many more incidents its sad.


I was asked if I’d ever sent identifiable nudes in a job interview.

Image credits: ThrowRA8390398


Have you ever had sex with a farm animal? Caught me off guard. Little older lady asked. I laughed. She didn’t.


First thing out of the interviewer’s mouth during my first “real job” interview: “Tell us everything you know about ketchup.”

Interview was to be a student lawyer at a large national firm.


Which would you rather deal with, one Karen-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized Karens?


«Why do you talk like that?»

Umm, like what?


Not a question, but my future boss made the observation: «I can tell you’re not fashionable».


I was asked over the span of about five questions if I would let employees steal.

“What would you do if you saw a customer walk out the door with product?” “I would tell the manager and not confront them” (the correct answer for almost all retail companies, but not this one apparently)

“What if it was your store? ‘Gmony Retailers’ and you are the manager?” “I would try to stop them or call the cops”

“What if it was an employee trying to steal something really cheap like a $1 water bottle?” “I wouldn’t let them steal so I’d tell a manager”

“What if they have been having family troubles and their checks haven’t come in so they have no money but need that water” “I would offer to pay for them so they don’t feel like they have to steal”

“What if you left your wallet at home that day?”

What am I even supposed to say to that???

Image credits: Gmony5100


i was in an interview for a college scholarship, not a job. i’m black, and was being interviewed by a panel of 4 white interviewers and one black interviewer. one of the white interviewers asked me “how was growing up with both parents?” the black interviewer and i immediately locked eyes and he gave me a knowing look. i don’t remember how i answered, but i got the scholarship!

Image credits: _thedevilyouknow


Are you going to grow your hair long and come in here and shoot up the place some day?


As a man being asked about a spouse:

Do you have a wife?


Well gay marriage is legal in this state, I assume you don’t have a husband?

…. No.

Image credits: ComplacentRadical


Back in 2001, my potential employer asked: «What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?»

I now use it for my interview questions to potential employees.


Because I mentioned I was getting married soon she asked if I planned to have kids because it would interfere with the job. It was for hotel housekeeping… She also showed up an hour late to the interview and told me I had been late, scheduled 2 interviews for the same time, and suggested I was lying about a previous boss having cancer. I got a call back and never responded.


Straight up, guy sat down paused then looked at me and said, “a penguin with a sombrero walks into this room, what would you say?”
Me, confused as all hell, “why” End Of Interview


The interviewer (m) reaches forward and grabs my (m) hand: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

I later found out that this was his “strategy” for making me “feel uncomfortable”, to see if I could “roll with it”.

I did get the job, didn’t report it then. Wish I had. This person turned out to be arrogant and rude in many ways.


I was once asked about my religious upbringing in a job. I’m a teacher. The new principal was apparently a heavy born-again Christian-type. My friends who had recommended me for the position had not had similar questions with the previous principal and were completely shocked I was asked this question.

I am not religious and did not get the job.

Image credits: StuStuffedBunny


«If hired would you refrain from wearing deodorant or using scented soaps and shampoos?»

Apparently the company was owned by an Indian family that really didn’t like the smell of all the scented personal hygiene products we use in the west.

That was the opening question. The rest of the interview was awkward because all I could smell was my deodorant and I began to worry I applied too much. Like it was me they didn’t like the smell of specifically and the cultural thing was an excuse. So I just sort of sabotaged the interview by downplaying my experience, didn’t ask any follow up questions, and got out of there.

Never heard back from them.


Went to dinner with a possible future boss after a pretty good interview. It was Asheville North Carolina in 2009. The guy says, «Yeah Asheville is nice but we got a lot of queers.» Not sure what made him think I would be ok with that statement. He wasn’t drunk. I decided to decline the job.


If I’d prefer to get ice cream or a beer afterwards…


My ninth and final interview at a world-renowned investment bank. With the big boss.

I have flown in for the interview which is scheduled for 9am.

I arrive at 8:45 and am left waiting until 9:45.

Interviewer walks in. He says, verbatim, “Sorry I’m f**king late the f**king bastards in BAC kept me up for 15 f**king minutes.”

He throws my CV on the table. So hard the front page rips off the staple and flitters across the table.

He looks me square in the eye: “So … who the fu*k are you again?”


Not me, but my coworker and I worked in mental health. He was asked at an interview how he felt about relationships with clients (this was for an addictions clinic). He gave the response that he wouldn’t consider it and that it would be unethical. Apparently, their response was that it’s fine, that they had done so before, and «it felt like they were trying to convince» him that it was something he should do too. He didn’t accept the job.

For myself it would probably be «Do you know who Tracy Chapman is? (me: yes) Do you watch Glee? (me: no) You’re hired!» and «If you could have a superpower what would it be?»


I was at a hiring fair, think speed dating for teachers. My last meeting was with a woman representing an all-girls boarding school. She started it out by insulting her administration and saying that they were useless which is why she was there. She proceeded to ask if I was gay, as that was the only way I was allowed to do certain jobs at the school.


I was the interviewer (F). I introduced myself to the person being interviewed, shook her hand, and then she said – wow, you must workout, your arms are so big.

She meant it as a compliment I think, but it was incredibly awkward and made me super self conscious. She bombed the interview and obviously lacked good discernment.

Pro tip – never comment on someone’s body at a workplace, interview included.


‘You have to be fine to work 12 hour shifts with one break of 30 minutes in the middle’

When I explained that that is literally illegal, they replied with ‘but it’s the industry standard.’ C**t get f**ked

This was an interview from a government funded job agency btw, they almost definitely make commissions on finding jobs, so they don’t care if you have a s**t job because then they get two commissions instead of one.


When he noticed «Military Service» the guy just goes «Oh cool, did you like, kill anyone?»

To be fair, it took him about 2 seconds to realize how f*cking dumb that was and he started apologizing. But still, like, what the f*ck lmao.


«Are you the type of girl who’s down to party?»

I was applying for an administrative assistant position. Dude showed up 30 minutes late to my interview, sweating his ass off (it was March), talking a mile a minute, and wearing sunglasses inside. It was a hard nope from me.


«Whats your life motto?»

Was a huge curveball.

They also told me they’re a christian company. The whole interview was weird. They’re a pretty popular breakfast and coffee roaster chain in my area.


Was asked after the interview by the supervising manager, «If you want to work here you have to drop out of college since we would want you to work full time. Do you want to work or to finish your degree?»

I was applying for a part-time job for a call center company back when I was 18 in order to support myself.


I have a friend that does air traffic control, and has had many military and non military posts. He shares some of the strange questions he gets asked.

Things like, «How does the following make you feel?: (Insert random gibberish sentence here)

I told him they are probably activation phrases for sleeper agents. Just a hunch. He has never failed an interview, so he must be answering the questions correctly.


My first job was at a big medical center, where I had worked part-time in a related department. I was being hired to work for Gary, and was being interviewed by Gary and his boss Neils as well as several other people. I was invited to a staff meeting just before the interview started. No one introduced me to anyone and must have figured I knew everyone and so I went through a day talking to all these people not sure who was who. Significantly, I mixed up Gary and Neils since Gary acted like the top man and was very dominating whereas Neils said hardly anything. Somehow I got hired and worked there for many years.


What’s your religion?


Hobby Lobby made me complete a math test during my interview


I once had a cold on the day of a phone interview at a speech therapist office. I started the call by apologizing that I was losing my voice and explained I had a cold. The interviewer, a speech therapist, asked me twice what was «wrong with my voice». The first time she asked, I repeated that I had a cold and asked if that was relevant to the interview. It was not, she assured me. The second time she asked, I told her thanks but I wasn’t interested anymore.


Was in a job interview after college, I was asked whether I go to church and what my father does for a living.

I was also given a tour of the place, there was an area where 6 women had their heads down working on things who weren’t looking up like they weren’t allowed to. I noped the f*ck out of there so hard.

This was in the states btw. I was shocked


Are you a mormon, and do you drink?


Not a job interview but during my green card interview there was some great questions. Got asked if I was a hooker, a nazi, a war criminal and several other things. I was moving to the USA from Canada


What’s up with your hair style ? Is what an interviewer once asked me . Glad he didn’t hire me wouldn’t have accepted anyway


I was interviewing for a job that involved an expat gig in China. We had a detailed conversation about squat toilets and our dislike of them. I got the job, took it, and am good friends with miss squat toilet!


Not too bad but I was asked «Could you name a time in your life where you did something fast?» Who tf asks that?


I was told being «thick» and «a little gothy» would provide a lot of variety to the male clients, and I would make «tons» in tips.


Whether the job pans out or not, would you be interested in getting a drink sometime?


I was asked if my breasts where real. We were talking about the uniform and my concerns over it not fitting. He said, well you should have thought of that. When I asked what he meant he said, «Wait, are your boobs real?»


I’m a teacher. I was asked if I do drugs. I don’t, been clean and sober for a while. The interviewer asks me again, a little louder, do you do drugs? No. well, he says, I can’t tell you the number of people that have sat there and say they don’t do drugs and then fail the drug test! I’m 50 years old. WTF. Pissed in the cup and passed.


I was asked once what kind of animal I would be and why? I said a bear because I panicked and couldn’t think of what to say. Don’t know why a bear came to mind either. I researched it later and apparently you supposed to respond with some kind of animals that works in a group or something. So bear not a good answer.


Are you Catholic?


In my mid 20s, I was interviewed to be a door greeter at walmart, though I applied for midnight stock. They had a 3 person panel drill me like I was applying at the Pentagon. No crazy questions, just a bizarre feeling altogether. Thank god they didnt hire me.


«What is your religion?»

Now, my country is fairly secular and it’s illegal to ask that, but apparently there are companies that have an unwritten policy about not hiring Jehova’s Witnesses because they usually end up asking for days off or don’t even go to work in order to to go door to door preaching.


This was for a volunteer internship position with some national park.

“We provide food but we mostly have vegetarians here. Are you ok with only eating vegetarian food all summer?”

In the same interview I was asked, “We allow alcohol in the staff living quarters but some of our interns have gone overboard in the past… you party?”


Do you have kids? Multiple interviews


I worked for a pharma-supply company of less than 20 people where a high percentage of employees had amusement park experience.

I was told by HR I was not allowed to ask the engineering interns «Do you have any theme park experience?»


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«Nuestro enfoque siempre ha sido uno que refleja nuestro compromiso con el viaje colectivo de REVOLT, uno que no está impulsado por ningún individuo, sino por los esfuerzos y valores compartidos de todo nuestro equipo en nombre de avanzar, elevar y defender nuestra cultura, y eso continúa», dijo la empresa.

La noticia de que Combs dejará su cargo llega días después de que tres mujeres se presentaran para acusar al magnate de la música de abuso sexual. Las demandas se presentaron la semana en que expiró la Ley de Sobrevivientes Adultos, una ley de Nueva York que permite a las víctimas de abuso sexual un período de un año para presentar una acción civil a pesar del plazo de prescripción.

Una de las demandas presentadas contra Combs fue una demanda federal argumentando que el productor discográfico violó, traficaba sexualmente y abusaba de su exnovia Cassie.

La cantante, cuyo nombre real es Casandra Ventura, presentó la demanda por 30 millones de dólares el jueves pasado, alegando un historial de coerción y abuso que se prolongó durante más de una década.

Según la demanda, Combs y Ventura se conocieron cuando ella tenía 19 años y Combs 37. En 2006, Ventura firmó un contrato discográfico con el sello de Combs, Bad Boy Records.

Después de la firma del acuerdo, Combs se instaló en la vida de Ventura, ya que obtuvo el control de todos los aspectos de su vida mientras la acosaba con drogas y alcohol, alega la demanda.

Pero un día después de que el cantante pop Ventura presentara la demanda contra Combs, las dos partes resolvieron el caso fuera de los tribunales.

El abogado de Cassie, Douglas Wigdor, emitió una declaración sobre el acuerdo al día siguiente, diciendo que Combs y Ventura estaban satisfechos con el acuerdo que habían cerrado.

El comunicado no reveló los términos del acuerdo.

«He decidido resolver este asunto amistosamente en términos en los que tengo cierto nivel de control. Quiero agradecer a mi familia, fans y abogados por su apoyo inquebrantable», dijo Ventura en un comunicado.

Ben Brafman, abogado de Combs, emitió una declaración el 18 de noviembre enfatizando la inocencia de su cliente.

«Para que quede claro, la decisión de resolver una demanda, especialmente en 2023, no es de ninguna manera una admisión de irregularidades», dijo Brafman.

«La decisión del señor Combs de llegar a un acuerdo en la demanda no socava de ninguna manera su rotundo rechazo de las reclamaciones. Está contento de que hayan llegado a un acuerdo mutuo y le desea a la señora Ventura lo mejor», añadió.


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37 mujeres comparten sorprendentes efectos secundarios del embarazo de los que realmente no se habla



No hace falta decir que no hay dos embarazos iguales. Mientras que algunas mujeres sólo disfrutan del brillo y de todas las cosas hermosas que conlleva, otras pueden tener que lidiar con bastantes desagradables cosas, como fatiga o náuseas matutinas.

Pero estos dos son sólo un par de ejemplos, y también bastante comunes, de cosas que las futuras mamás tienen que soportar. Al parecer, el embarazo también puede afectar su visión, su respiración e incluso su talla de calzado, como señalaron los miembros del subreddit ‘Ask Women’. Compartieron su opinión después de que un usuario preguntara a las madres del grupo cuáles eran los efectos secundarios de los embarazos de los que no se hablaba más y que las sorprendieron. Desplácese hacia abajo para encontrar el resto de sus respuestas en la lista a continuación.


Entrepierna relámpago.

Debido a que las hormonas relaxina abren las caderas, tuve una sínfisis púbica INCRUCIENTE a partir del segundo trimestre. Dolores nerviosos punzantes en toda la zona del hueso vaginal/púbico. Imposible ponerse cómodo.

Le dije a mi obstetra entre lágrimas y su respuesta fue reírse.

Créditos de la imagen: MzzKzz


La gente habla de los antojos, pero nadie habla de la comida que te encantaba y que ahora no soportas. Me encantaba todo lo italiano y ahora es un recuerdo confuso.

Créditos de la imagen: lickmycashole


Estar tan sin aliento durante el tercer trimestre. Todo el mundo habla de que el bebé presiona tu vejiga, pero fue ella ocupando todo mi espacio pulmonar lo que me atrapó. Temblar incontrolablemente a los pocos días de nacer. Creo que fue la cantidad de sangre que perdí/mis niveles de hierro. ¡Fue una locura y miedo!

Créditos de la imagen: ShallotZestyclose974


Que su sistema inmunológico está debilitado para que contraiga todos los resfriados conocidos por el hombre. También debido a esto, tengo un montón de verrugas y nunca las he tenido en ningún otro momento de mi vida. Desaparecieron rápidamente después de dar a luz.

Otros cambios corporales, como cabello y uñas más fuertes (pero más débiles después del nacimiento), marcas en la piel, manchas más oscuras en la piel y más pecas, encías hinchadas y sangrantes, pies más grandes, sudoración, acidez de estómago, ronquidos, dolor de espalda, calambres musculares. ¡Tu cuerpo cambia tanto que es una locura!

Créditos de la imagen: ollie_adjacent


No son sólo las náuseas matutinas. Son 40 semanas de enfermedad todo el tiempo.

Créditos de la imagen: an0nym0uswr1ter


Mayor talla de calzado.

Editar: Para aquellos que se preguntan, la hormona que se libera en el cuerpo para separar los huesos y cambiar las cosas para dejar espacio para el bebé, no solo apunta al torso para que funcione. Se libera por todo el cuerpo. Entonces la pelvis y las costillas se extienden y luego vuelven a la normalidad, porque no hay presión sobre ellas ahora que el bebé ha nacido.

Mientras tanto, los huesos de los pies se separan porque cargan entre cien y doscientas libras durante todo el día, pero también siguen haciéndolo después del embarazo. No es que dejes de caminar después de que nace el bebé, por lo que el aumento de tamaño generalmente es permanente y suele volver a ocurrir con más embarazos. Subí media talla con cada niño. Una vez que llegas a 3 o 4, parece que los huesos no se separan más. Conozco a una señora que tuvo 15 hijos y sus pies crecieron una talla y media y luego lo dejó.

Créditos de la imagen: SnoBunny1982


Qué sucede en los días/semanas posteriores al nacimiento. Todo el mundo está muy emocionado de enseñarte sobre el nacimiento real y cómo criar a un recién nacido, pero cero sobre cómo cuidar el cuerpo de una madre después del nacimiento.

Tal vez sea porque estoy rodeada de mujeres mayores que no hablan sobre las funciones corporales, pero me horroricé al descubrir que tenía incontinencia por primera vez. Cuando mi enfermera tuvo que literalmente arrodillarse junto al baño para revisar las cosas mientras yo orinaba y ayudarme a preparar mi pañal. Mi primera ducha cuando sentí mi estómago desinflado. La abundante cantidad de sangre, sudor y lágrimas derramadas (la sudoración fue realmente mala para mí). Cómo a través de todo eso tienes que mantenerte lo suficientemente nutrido para mantener vivo a un pequeño ser humano. Y con el tiempo, mi cuerpo quiso hacerlo todo de nuevo.


Que no te salgan estrías hasta DESPUÉS de que nazca el bebé. Como marcas de contracción.

Créditos de la imagen: funky_mugs


Fisura de la leche. Mis senos se hincharon en la última o segunda semana de embarazo. Empezaron a filtrar algo. De repente mi camisa estaba empapada. Corrí al baño y descubrí un agujero en el costado de mi seno a unas 2 pulgadas de mi pezón. Metí una compresa kotex en mi sostén. Se llenó. Cambié a una toalla sanitaria Kotex durante la noche. Explicarle eso a mi médico fue divertido. Me envió a un cirujano de mama que me diagnosticó una fisura de leche. Dijo que la presión era tan grande que mi cuerpo encontró una manera de deshacerse del líquido (es decir, como un volcán de tetas). Estaba seguro de que sería una excelente alimentadora de bebés, pero, por desgracia, me costaba amamantar.

Créditos de imagen: theWolverinemama



Créditos de la imagen: ensalada de quesos skinflute


Tenía un olfato sobrehumano. Un día llegué del trabajo y mi marido ya había empezado a hacer un guiso. Le pregunté: «¿Por qué decidiste no pelar las zanahorias?» Ya estaban en la olla y no podía verlos. ¿¡¿Cómo supe que no estaban pelados?!?

En otra ocasión, estaba en el extremo opuesto de la casa desde la cocina (subiendo las escaleras, atravesando una puerta y cruzando una habitación grande) y me di cuenta de que estaba cortando un pepino.

Créditos de la imagen: BrackenFernAnja


¡Cuida tus dientes!

Créditos de la imagen: Dramatic_Prior_9298


Para empezar, mi visión es pésima en circunstancias normales, pero durante mi embarazo tenía que ir al retinólogo cada mes y medio más o menos. Comencé a ver cosas brillantes en mi visión periférica y me dijo que el embarazo ejercía una presión adicional sobre mis ojos y que mis retinas ya corrían un mayor riesgo de desgarrarse debido a la forma de mi globo ocular. Una vez que nació mi hijo, todo volvió a la normalidad.

Fue mi optometrista quien hizo esa derivación. Mi obstetra nunca había oído hablar de ello ni lo había visto, y ninguno de los libros sobre embarazo lo mencionaba.

Créditos de la imagen: SilentSerel


Estoy bastante seguro de que mi caja torácica es más ancha.

Créditos de la imagen: kang4president



Créditos de la imagen: OnehappyOwl44


Qué de repente unos completos desconocidos son ahora tu médico y te dicen que no deberías beber ese café con leche que te das el gusto por una semana jajaja.


Falta de aliento, especialmente después de comer. Al final del embarazo sentí como si mis pulmones estuvieran comprimidos, lo cual obviamente así era. Tuve que calmarme de tantos ataques de pánico porque pensé que no podía respirar.


Tal vez no sea un efecto secundario terrible, pero desarrollé este mechón de cabello en la parte posterior de mi cabeza que se volvió muy rizado, cuando antes todo lo que tenía era cabello normal y ondulado. Nunca desapareció y mi hija acaba de cumplir 24 años.

Créditos de la imagen: Boose81


hiperemesis severa, sus caderas se convierten en gelatina al final y el pigmento cambia en regiones no deseadas

Créditos de la imagen: vsvpmaddest


Cómo incluso los embarazos perfectamente normales, sin complicaciones y “fáciles” pueden apestar absolutamente. Tengo 2 hijos y los amo infinitamente, pero estar embarazada simplemente fue una mierda. Siempre estaba llorando, vomitando, hambrienta, dolorida, eructando fuego, a punto de orinarme encima, despertándome cada media hora; en cualquier momento durante mis embarazos, algo simplemente apestaba.


¡¡Las vívidas pesadillas!! Durante todo el tiempo que estuve embarazada tuve constantemente pesadillas en las que asaltaban mi casa o alguien intentaba matarme.

Créditos de la imagen: SagexxxSummers


Las cosas que crecieron en mi piel durante el embarazo y que nunca desaparecieron.

Créditos de la imagen: No_Limit8119


La falta de hierro causaba antojos extraños, deseaba hielo como si no hubiera un mañana, seguía comiendo como bolsas enteras de hielo todos los días, se lo mencioné de pasada a mi partera y ella entró en pánico y se apresuró a tomarme sangre, resulta que mi hierro estaba increíblemente bajo


Nadie habla de la necesidad de escupir todo el tiempo porque la saliva y la mucosidad simplemente se acumulan, pero tragarlas te hace vomitar, por lo que estás escupiendo constantemente. Es un momento hermoso.


En el tercer trimestre, cuando el bebé tiene la cabeza gacha y siente que está raspando el cuello uterino con las uñas. ¡Síiiiiiii!

Además, mi coxis hacía clic cada vez que daba un paso durante el último mes.


Tunel carpal. Se fue tan pronto como nació mi bebé. Ni siquiera lo tuve en mi segundo embarazo.


Tengo una postura terrible y siempre me dolían mucho las costillas, mi hijo también pateaba mucho, así que me pateaba muchas veces en las costillas jajaja.


El horrible mareo por movimiento. Me costó viajar en vehículos mientras estaba embarazada porque me enfermaba. Iba al trabajo en autobús y tenía que llevar una bolsa para vomitar.


Sangrados de nariz. Pensé que todo estaba mal pero parece algo normal.


Se come el calcio de los dientes, más vello corporal, un lado del vientre cuelga más que el otro. El babeo. Hemorroides,


– el dolor de costillas y pélvico es una mierda
– orinas cada dos minutos. Todos me decían que disfrutara durmiendo antes de que naciera el bebé, pero ¿cómo podía dormir si orinaba 5 veces durante la noche?
– mi miope empeoró, aumentó un grado entero. Tuve que cambiar todas mis gafas y nunca volvió.


Mi sorpresa fue que me picaba todo el cuerpo. Y no me refiero a picazón alrededor de mi vientre en expansión, me refiero a picazón EN TODAS PARTES. Los estiramientos apenas ayudaban y era tan malo que solía despertarme por las noches.


Pezones ennegrecidos/oscurecidos. No estaba preparado para eso.

Créditos de la imagen: ZetaWMo4


Fobia irracional. Con mi primer hijo vi un pez en una tienda de mascotas y tuve un ataque de pánico total.
Desde entonces le tengo muchísimo miedo al pescado. Nunca tuve otro ataque de pánico, pero me siento muy incómodo, me desmayo, me siento mal, el corazón se acelera, se me cierra la garganta, me asfixio y tiemblan.

Sólo se aplica a los peces vivos y, lamentablemente, se aplica a cualquier pez parecido, incluidas las ballenas y los delfines.

Nunca tuve un problema antes del embarazo.


En realidad, nadie me dijo que iba a vivir de Tums debido a la acidez de estómago.


Congestión nasal. Tuve todo el embarazo y descubrí que necesitaba tratamiento después. Para algunos, desaparece con el tiempo.

Créditos de la imagen: SwimmingHelicopter15


¡Entrepierna relámpago seguro! No solo crecen tus pies sino también tu nariz.


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Queen Latifah, Billy Crystal y otros celebraron los honores del Kennedy Center



En la foto (de izquierda a derecha): David Rubenstein, Deborah F. Rutter, los homenajeados del Centro Kennedy Barry Gibb, Dionne Warwick, Renée Fleming, Billy Crystal, Queen Latifah, la Dra. Jill Biden, el presidente Joe Biden y el segundo caballero Douglas Emhoff en la 46ª edición anual de Kennedy. Honores del Centro.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

ocultar título

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María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

En la foto (de izquierda a derecha): David Rubenstein, Deborah F. Rutter, los homenajeados del Centro Kennedy Barry Gibb, Dionne Warwick, Renée Fleming, Billy Crystal, Queen Latifah, la Dra. Jill Biden, el presidente Joe Biden y el segundo caballero Douglas Emhoff en la 46ª edición anual de Kennedy. Honores del Centro.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

Las estrellas vinieron a DC el domingo para celebrar a los homenajeados del Kennedy Center de este año: Billy Crystal, Dionne Warwick, Renée Fleming, Barry Gibb y Queen Latifah, quien se convirtió en la primera rapera en ganar el prestigioso premio.

Entre los artistas que rindieron homenaje a los homenajeados se encontraban Kerry Washington, Jay Leno, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Whoopi Goldberg, Cynthia Erivo, Sigourney Weaver, Clive Davis, Missy Elliott y Ben Platt.

Los homenajeados se sentaron en el palco con el presidente Joe Biden y la primera dama Jill Biden. Durante el fin de semana asistieron a una recepción en la Casa Blanca y a una cena ofrecida por el Departamento de Estado.

Aquí hay un resumen de la gala que se transmitirá por CBS-TV y por Paramount+ el 27 de diciembre.

Dionne Warwick (cantante)

Conocido como un vocalista con un fraseo impecable y calidez, Warwick compuso docenas de canciones exitosas a partir de la década de 1960.

Mickey Guyton actúa para Dionne Warwick en la 46ª Anual de Honores del Centro Kennedy.

Gail Schulman/Gail Schulman/CBS

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Gail Schulman/Gail Schulman/CBS

Mickey Guyton actúa para Dionne Warwick en la 46ª Anual de Honores del Centro Kennedy.

Gail Schulman/Gail Schulman/CBS

En la década de 1980, fue una de las primeras celebridades en crear conciencia sobre la epidemia del SIDA. La coreógrafa y actriz Debbie Allen, homenajeada por el Centro Kennedy en 2021, recordó la vez que Warwick visitó un hospital pediátrico.

«Estaba tan conmovida que tomó a uno de los bebés, le dio un abrazo y un beso, lo que creó un gran revuelo porque, al hacerlo, disipó el mito de que se podía contraer el sida a través del tacto», recordó Allen.

En 1985, Warwick se asoció con Gladys Knight, Elton John y Stevie Wonder para grabar «That’s What Friends Are For», una canción que ganó dos premios Grammy y recaudó millones de dólares para la investigación del SIDA.

En la gala, su amiga Gladys Knight interpretó «Say A Little Prayer» y Chloe Bailey cantó «Walk on By».

Billy Crystal (actor, comediante, cineasta)

«Puede ser nervioso, pero siempre sientes su lado humano y no tiene miedo de mostrar sus emociones, lo cual es raro en la mayoría de los comediantes», dijo Rob Reiner, quien dirigió a Crystal en Cuando harry conoció a sally. La coprotagonista de Crystal, Meg Ryan, dijo que actuar con él «fue sin esfuerzo» e incluso le dio crédito por esa escena icónica en la tienda de delicatessen. «La escena fue muy natural para mí y realmente tengo que agradecerle a Billy por eso», bromeó.

Meg Ryan le dio crédito a Billy Crystal por la escena icónica en la tienda de delicatessen en Cuando harry conoció a sally en la 46a edición anual de honores del Centro Kennedy.

Gail Schulman/Gail Schulman/CBS

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Gail Schulman/Gail Schulman/CBS

Meg Ryan le dio crédito a Billy Crystal por la escena icónica en la tienda de delicatessen en Cuando harry conoció a sally en la 46a edición anual de honores del Centro Kennedy.

Gail Schulman/Gail Schulman/CBS

Lin-Manuel Miranda realizó un tributo musical a Crystal, la nueve veces presentadora de los Premios de la Academia. Whoopi Goldberg dijo a la audiencia que la Academia debería darle un Oscar especial por sus legendarias habilidades como presentador y recordó conmovedoramente el Alivio comico muestra que hizo con Crystal y Robin Williams.

Queen Latifah (rapero, cantante y actriz)
Queen Latifah es ahora la primera rapera en ganar un Honor del Centro Kennedy. Con canciones como «UNITY» y «Ladies First», abordó el hip hop en una época en la que estaba aún más dominado por los hombres que hoy. Varias raperas acudieron al Kennedy Center para presentar sus respetos, incluidas MC Lyte, Monie Love, Missy Elliott y Rapsody.

El presidente Joe Biden y la primera dama Jill Biden aplauden a Queen Latifah en la gala de honores del Centro Kennedy.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

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María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

El presidente Joe Biden y la primera dama Jill Biden aplauden a Queen Latifah en la gala de honores del Centro Kennedy.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

Kerry Washington explicó que, cuando tenía 8 años, Dana Elaine Owens «hojeó un libro de nombres y eligió uno como propio: Latifah, un nombre árabe que significa gentil, amable y agradable. Así se vio a sí misma. Y entonces a los 17 años, cuando llegó el momento de crear su apodo profesional, añadió el título de Reina. Y al hacerlo, esta joven negra de East Orange, Nueva Jersey, creó la lente a través de la cual el mundo la vería para siempre».

Renée Fleming (soprano)
Varias estrellas de la ópera salieron a mostrar su agradecimiento a Renée Fleming, cinco veces ganadora del Grammy y ganadora de la Medalla Nacional de las Artes de Estados Unidos. Angel Blue, Julia Bullock, Ailyn Pérez, Nadine Sierra y Patrick Summers
interpretó «Canción a la luna» de Rusalka.

En la foto (de izquierda a derecha): Barry Gibb, Dionne Warwick, Renée Fleming, Billy Crystal y Queen Latifah, homenajeados del Centro Kennedy.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

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María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

En la foto (de izquierda a derecha): Barry Gibb, Dionne Warwick, Renée Fleming, Billy Crystal y Queen Latifah, homenajeados del Centro Kennedy.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

En la cena del Departamento de Estado el sábado por la noche, la escritora Ann Patchett dijo que se hizo amiga de Fleming después de su novela. Bel Canto fue publicado. «Todo el mundo pensó que era una novela sobre ella», dijo Patchett, «y debería haberlo sido… porque la soprano sobre la que escribí tenía una voz de coloratura incomparable que podía detener el tiempo».

Barry Gibb (cantante, compositor, productor discográfico)
Guinness World Records y Billboard incluyen a Gibb como uno de los dos compositores populares más exitosos de todos los tiempos, junto con Paul McCartney. Con sus difuntos hermanos Robin y Maurice, los Bee Gees vendieron más de 220 millones de discos. Ariana DuBose, Little Big Town y Ben Platt estuvieron entre los artistas que interpretaron algunas de sus canciones.

En la cena del Departamento de Estado el sábado por la noche, Gibb dijo: «Sé que sin mis hermanos, no estaría aquí». También tenía un mensaje:

En la foto (de izquierda a derecha): Barry Gibb, Dionne Warwick y Renée Fleming en la 46ª edición anual de los Honores del Centro Kennedy.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

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María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

En la foto (de izquierda a derecha): Barry Gibb, Dionne Warwick y Renée Fleming en la 46ª edición anual de los Honores del Centro Kennedy.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

«Sólo tengo dos palabras que han significado algo para mí durante los últimos años, y son bondad y comprensión», dijo Gibb, «y parece que estamos perdiendo eso. Lo estamos perdiendo en el resto del mundo». . Y tenemos que recuperarlo lo más rápido posible».

Los homenajeados del Kennedy Center, en la foto de la fila superior de izquierda a derecha: Queen Latifah y Barry Gibb. Fila inferior del lado izquierdo: Renée Fleming, Billy Crystal y Dionne Warwick. La 46ª edición anual de los Honores del Centro Kennedy se transmitirá el 27 de diciembre en CBS Television Network y se transmitirá por Paramount+.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

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María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

Los homenajeados del Kennedy Center, en la foto de la fila superior de izquierda a derecha: Queen Latifah y Barry Gibb. Fila inferior del lado izquierdo: Renée Fleming, Billy Crystal y Dionne Warwick. La 46ª edición anual de los Honores del Centro Kennedy se transmitirá el 27 de diciembre en CBS Television Network y se transmitirá por Paramount+.

María Kouw/Mary Kouw/CBS

Esta historia fue editada para formato digital y audio por Rose Friedman.


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