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People Whose Job Requires Them To Go Into Other People’s Houses Reveal 55 Of The Weirdest Things They’ve Seen There



Our homes are our kingdoms, and no one dares to take that throne, I mean the sofa, away. So no wonder in the comfort of their home, everyone can do whatever they please, whether it’s hoarding stuff, keeping a full-size pig, hosting an exotic animal shelter or having anatomically correct drawings of oneself hanging on the walls. And I did not just make these up.


In fact, this is some of the stuff that people keep behind their doors. After Redditor superfleh posted the question “Redditors whose job requires them to go into other people’s houses, what is the weirdest thing you’ve seen?” the thread blew up with 22.9k upvotes and 5.4k comments.

It turns out that the weirdest things they have seen vary from spine-chilling to totally wholesome, so you can never judge an owner by their house exterior. Read on for some of the most interesting answers below!


A full ceremonial dungeon. In an otherwise incredibly gorgeous, multi-million dollar home on the beach in Hawaii.


The home had no solid corners in the entire thing – only colored glass windows in every corner as to have no demonic entities trapped within.

And when I say a ceremonial dungeon, I am not talking about an S&M dungeon — I am talking about a full blown literal dungeon room carved out of stone with medieval candle holders on the walls and an enormous, long table with high-backed chairs.

The chair at the end of the table had a round window in the ceiling overhead that looked up to ANOTHER window in the next ceiling above which we were told aligned with the full moon on a certain night of the year.


So, I’m at least in the top 10 here right? Because I’ve been trying to figure that sh*t out for like 18 years what I saw.


Had a client who did exotic animal rescue, she had a whole bathroom dedicated as a habitat for a sloth


Went into a woman’s house that had a lifesize replica/mannequin of herself mutilated & murdered.

Turns out, she’s a semi-pro actress. She’s been an extra in a dozen or so motion pictures. One of which was a B level hack film. The special effects crew made a latex replica of her for a couple scenes in the movie & let her keep it afterwards.


It was very real looking. From a foot away, you’d think it was a real mutilated corpse. Creepy, but I can’t blame her for wanting to keep it.


Delivered pizza to a house where I was greeted by a man and what I thought was a large dog.

Until it neighed at me and I realized it was one of those miniature horses.


A woman who built an aluminum foil tent over her bed so «they» couldn’t control her dreams or thoughts while she slept. I found out later that she been a member of the Branch Davidians.


I was at a house for a cable TV service call, customer wasn’t home so I called him. He said, «I will be home in five minutes, and don’t freak out, but I have a tiger on the truck».

When he got there, he had a tiger in a cage on the back of his truck. I got to pet the thing, feed it a little, and then went on to see his venomous snake collection, his hand grenade collection, and his hot sauce collection.


The very next day, I was at another service call, and asked the customer to get to the pole in the back yard, and he told me that he has a tiger in the back yard, so don’t freak out. I got to pet the thing, and feed it a little.

I had been working cable for 18 years to that point, and had never encountered a tiger in all that time. I have been working cable 7 years since, and have had no further encounters with tigers in that time. But, for two days consecutive, I visited homes with tigers.

P.S. South Carolina


At least 30 bicycles in the living room and a wall of car radios in his bedroom. I quickly figured out what my client.


I (electrician) did a call where the family had a full size (7-8’ long) pig, living in their house. Just chilling in a room right off the living room.


Another call where the older couple had VERY anatomically correct drawings of themselves on all of the walls. That.


I used to install Dish Network for a living.

I was installing for an elderly lady, who complained that her «sister’s» TV always showed the same thing hers did. I had a 2 tv installation order so I figured that would be OK.

I finished the installation and was demonstrating the system when she looked at the full length mirror and complained that her sister’s tv was still showing the same thing.


Noped out of there as quick as I could, and left notes on the account in case she called in.


I was a paramedic and then later a police officer for many years. I’ve seen enough hoarders situations to last me 10 lifetimes. Probably the most odd thing I’ve ever seen was in the home of a sweet old elderly couple. Their home alarm went off in the middle of the night due to a malfunction of some sort. This is a very common call. My partner and I showed up and the couple was very nervous that someone had broken in, so they asked us to do a check of the inside of the home which we agreed to. The house was pretty big, including a very large finished basement with lots of rooms in a crazy array. It actually reminded me of Buffalo Bill’s basement from Silence of the Lambs, but cleaner.

We opened one door and found a square room, about 12×12 feet. Walls alternating pained blue and red. But the odd bit was the room had nothing in it but a single chair directly in the center, and eyebolts in the concrete floor – one on each corner of the chair. The chair was one of those old school chairs you’d find in a 1960’s office or waiting room. It clearly looked like this room was designed for some odd sexual fetish or interrogating Al Queda. I remember when I saw it, I stopped dead and stared. It was so creepy, I felt like I walked into the set of a Kubric film. My first thought was I’d turn around and find the old homeowner with an axe, ready to take my head off. My partner, who was directly behind me looked in and said «well we just found the discipline chamber.» Fortunately he didn’t grab my shoulder first, or I might have shot him.

Had we not been given permission to search the entire house, I’d have worried there were people captive somewhere in that home.


Working as locksmith, get call to rekey house. Talk to client before I show up, she seems like a completely normal lady. I show up, we talk for a moment outside, completely normal house from all looks, she’s an RN, 0 warning signs. She goes to open the door and let me in and starts acting sheepish, she starts apologizing and says something like excuse the mess. The door can’t open all the way, there’s 3-4 FEET of trash everywhere. Not hording boxes or collecting weird stuff but just garbage, rotting stuff, piss, sh*t, piles of it. There’s a 9inch wide walkway through the garbage that’s 6inch deep of compressed garbage, togo boxes, fast food bags, magazines, you name it. She goes in walks through to the living room sits down on a couch that cant be seen, garbage everywhere, a cat appears out of nowhere and sits on her lap lovingly. She seems for all practical purposes like a completely normal functioning adult. I looked it up it’s some weird form of the hording condition but just rotting waste. She seemed so normal. I did the job and left, felt bad for her. still kinda freaks me out like there’s no way you’re guessing this nice nurse lady is actually a garbage troll.


Socialworker. A split personality schizophrenic autist with ocd. He loved many things and each thing has a separate part of the house dedicated to this single thing.


A Mercedes wall with hundreds of Mercedes models and merch.

His mother’s hand painted plates. 50 odd pieces.

Romanian traditional leather dancing belts. 75 odd pieces.


70’s gay pornography of husky men. An entire wall plastered with cutouts and a decent collection of homoerotic retro sextoys on display. He was straight though. No homo.

An impressive collection of bibles signed by hundreds of priests, bishops and even royalty.

He loved herb jars too. Had hundreds, all neatly sorted.


An entire section of his apartment dedicated to various ceramic cooking ware. Crockpots and the like. Apparently German Crockpots are the best. Who’d had thunk?

Imagine this and more, all in perfectly ordered sections in a house. Like a museum.

And god help the fool who would touch or even worse, move, ANYTHING. I bumped a model car and his caretakers told me it took him 3 weeks to fix it and forgive me. I’m still not allowed near the Mercedes wall.


Good man though. Many funny stories. Smoked like a Chinese industrial park too.


I worked for a moving company and we went into a lady’s house and kept finding needles everywhere. Behind the furniture, down in the couch and chair cushions. We stopped after a couple min and refused to finish the job. Turns out her teenage daughter was diabetic, and would just toss the finger prick needles, and syringes everywhere. She honestly didn’t understand why we refused to touch the furniture after one of the guys carried some cushions and wound up with a needle stuck in his shirt.


Thousands of bed bugs. Crawling all over the walls, the resident, and his motorized scooter. There’s a reason some Home Health workers take an umbrella or large brimmed hat (think classical sombrero) into the home until they can a*sess for such issues. For those curious, I believe the home was eventually demolished.


Oh wow… ummm , former EMT here checking in…

I’m gonna have to go with the man who collected/ hoarded led lights and toys. Might not sound all that interesting but imagine walking into a house full of boxs and boxs of led light pens, light up fidget balls, light up cat toys, ya dig? I’m talking an Edison wet dream.

He also slept on an inversion table , didn’t have a fridge, no TV, no radio, 1000’s of books and magazines and a hot plate with rows and rows of canned food.


I miss him sometimes.


I’m a nanny and I went to a new job one morning and the little girl showed me what she got for her birthday and it was a windshield cover for a car.


Velvet picture of the devil smoking on the toilet, hanging in the dining room


My dads business partner bought a home on our street after the lady who lived there passed away— she didn’t have any living relatives. My dad was tasked with getting the place cleaned out and ready for contractors since we lived across the street. The woman who passed was always a nice lady and we’d often go hang out with her on her porch, where she taught my sister and I to knit. We were never invited inside and never really asked to be— at my age I didn’t really think anything of it. Anywho, my dad was REALLY excited to show us the place but kept a secret what was so “crazy” about it. We walked in to find out she was a hoarder! The entire house was filled with 6 feet tall piles of junk, save for the walking paths thru each room which were actually quite neat and the bathroom which only had a pile as tall as the toilet seat. What was strange is that it didn’t even smell much at all! I’d seen hoarding tv shows and they always noted the horrible stench. It definitely didn’t smell good but all the junk was basically brand new things still wrapped up in their packaging or their store bags. It seemed she just had a shopping addiction but was?



Aluminum foil on the windows to keep internet predators from molesting her children.


I do pest control and when I climbed an attic ladder and switched on my flashlight I saw a person up there waiting for me. Turns out they kept a mannequin in the attic to scare squirrels. Didn’t work, the squirrels were nesting two feet away. Scared the sh*t out of me. Also found Her Royal Majesty, The Queen of England, in life sized cutout form in a basement closet. Also scared the sh*t out of me.


I think this counts. When I was a delivery driver in college, I delivered like 8 xlarge pizzas to a sorority on campus. The girl who answered the door was completely naked, and the rest of her sorority sisters were standing way back, dying with laughter. She quickly grabbed the pizzas, said “this is your tip”, and shut the door. Cue rapturous laughter from inside. I didn’t mind one bit.


I am a Realtor, I was showing a client a house that was occupied by some renters. Right in the middle of the living room floor there was an atm machine that somebody had been beating with a sledgehammer.


I think I can contribute a less horrific but cute and quirky one.

During Covid a family did life size cutouts of other members of this large and close family that couldn’t share in the holidays due to lockdown. They arranged them around the thanksgiving dinner table, sharing family time in the living room, etc. and sent the pics to the grandmother who was stuck alone and couldn’t partake.


It was very sweet. I could forgive them when I’d go by at later appointments and nearly piss myself coming around a corner to an unexpected cutout.


The whole family watching adult movie together like it was just another Netflix series. I’m talking an actual adult movie they had either hired on DVD (this was over a decade ago) or bought. It was weird. Husband, wife, young child about 5, and a teenager around 18. It wasn’t just playing in the background either, they were all sitting in the lounge watching it.

There was something about the wife that was a little strange, more than any of the others. The teenage boy seemed relatively normal, was into cars etc. They all seemed like quite happy people.



Not mine story, but my wife’s. She was what amounts to a very well degreed social worker. Her job was to do in home assessments on people with mental health issues. She has lots of stories of filthy homes, but she had one client that she visited and the house was absolutely disgusting. Spoiled food and garbage everywhere, unimaginable smells. Clearly the client did not clean. My wife noticed they had small, open sores all over her ankles and wrists. She was super concerned of picking up bed bugs at this time as one of her coworkers had that happen. She noticed a tiny bug crawling on her slacks, tried to brush is off and immediately competed the assessment. She ran to her car, took off her pants and shoes in the parking lot, tossed them into the trunk and got into the driver seat and called me. We left her car outside in sub-freezing temps for the next few days. Afterward, she found out it wasn’t bed bugs, but fleas. The place was infested with fleas.


Current realtor, former cable and fiber optic tech. Chicken intestines. Just draped over a wooden bar hanging from the ceiling, dripping onto the floor in the basement. From the looks of the stains, this was not the first time they’d done it. The smell was indescribable.


You could say that. Guy was out of his mind tho. He wrapped all his appliances in garbage bags and caulked up the sprinkler all because he was afraid the government was listening to him.



Hundreds of porcelain dolls in a lady’s living room. Shelves stuffed with em, some were on the chairs and the couches. The living room had no room for actual humans to sit. They were all facing the front door. Dolls. F*cking everywhere. Still creeps me out.


This one lady that we called eyeballs had contact lenses everywhere… every other week. She just flicked them when .


I’ve been waiting for a post like this…. I renovate homes. Upon tearing out a kitchen we found all kinds of small bones in the wall behind the drywall; in addition to a funky smell. Turns out the homeowner was into black magic. Every single meal requiring an animal needed to be honoured by dropping a bone into the wall cavity.


Older women that are home alone love young repair guys. Some were pretty bold about it, like not wearing any panties and sitting in a way where their bathrobe just happened to lay in a way to not cover anything that should be covered if her husband was home.



I’m a Realtor. Within the first month of getting my license, I showed a house that had stairs going to the basement made out of literal pieces of granite countertops, and bathroom floor tile on the wall beside the stairs. Made for a very careful walk down those stairs.


I wouldn’t say weirdest but thee laziest and most disgusting thing I ever had to deal with was when I worked for the housing community. We were installing all new boilers for all the houses every set of rows had a dumpster , well every resident was given a month notice that we would be entering the houses and would need access to the closets to drill holes for the pipes. We go into a woman’s apartment it’s a girl I went to school with and she tells us we can’t come in so we had to get the property manager and when we enter we get blasted with this horrible oder then we get to the closet and they are 6 ft wide 10 high and it is floor to ceiling garbage bags and dirty diapers. We had to call off the job till the place was cleaned. This girl was paying $30 a month for everything and couldn’t even walk 30 yards to the dumpster with her trash so nasty so lazy


Install tech for AT&T here.

Aside from nasty hoarder houses, the weirdest was a kid about 3 years old went into his mom’s bathroom, dug through the trash, and came out pretending her used tampon inserter was a slide whistle



Once carted off 8 garbage bags filled with mostly foam take out containers from the cabinets of a clients kitchen, also thinned down their receipts they had to just the last year or two. They had about 10 years worth! Had dozens of Raid cans at their front door. Found out why soon! Was bitten all over my legs by fire ants!


Just recently had a client who was fairly normal on the outside: clean cut, steady factory job, decent car, etc. Inside his house, the roof was rotted through, there were holes in the floor, dead rodents in the kitchen cupboards, etc. The weirdest thing was that he kept talking about his «wife», but it was abundantly clear that no one lives there with him.

This guy has a completely normal life on the outside, but is definitely off.


I shadowed a home health therapist once. We went to a house where we had to tuck our pants legs into our socks because of fleas. We drove down this dirt road, and I thought we were going past these abandoned single wide trailers, but then we parked in front of one. This trailer didn’t have steps to enter, you had to boost yourself up. The floor was rotten through to the ground in places, and there was a grandmother with 6 young kids in there. Including the one we were seeing who had hydrocephalus, but the mother never got it treated, and neglected the child nearly to the point of death till grandma found them and took the “baby.” Grandma was really trying her best, but this place was the most unsafe place I had ever ever seen



Not me, but I know someone who run a cleaning operation. Once they were contracted to «clean» a house that was the home of some kind of cult.

He sent us the video: knee deep in filth and garbage in every room, they couldn’t see the floor. Walls were covered with sheets of paper, news clippings and extracts from the bible…

It was unsettling.



I used to work pest control. I felt so bad for this guy because it was clearly not his fault. He called in for a roach problem. I walk in and the house is filled with German roaches (also called apartment roaches). They covered the walls, were on the ceiling, everywhere. There must have been thousands. The guy had only just bought the house and hadn’t even moved in yet.


I’m a building inspector, in and out of people’s houses all day long. I’ve seen hoarders, people with way too many pets, Nazi paraphernalia, but the one that creeped me out the most was a guy with a bunch of mannequins in his basement dressed in lingerie, dog collars, bdsm outfits. Got real Buffalo Bill vibes from that fellow.


Parents owned a rental property. After the tennants moved out, I found human sh*t in the oven and hypodermic needles everywhere.


Still had to clean it up though. Parents can always have another kid if I die.


Lots and lots of people don’t have beds. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a $500k house or a $500/month apt, there are a ton of people without a bed.


As a loan officer I had to go to a person’s home to get loan docs signed. She was a surgical nurse in a big hospital. The house smelled so bad. I had to use the restroom and there was a huge cockroach smashed on the wall just above the sink, literally 2 inches from a toothbrush. The tub and toilet had a black ring of dirt like they had never been cleaned. The dining room table was full of trash and empty cat food cans where they just opened the can to feed the 4 cats sitting on the table. It was absolutely disgusting!


A confident early teen girl with no body issues or wearing clothing. I was freaked out and didn’t want to look. Was she still there? Yep, still there. She was standing on upper floor about 10 feet away so there was nothing obscured. Longest minutes of my life.



Walked into a house to sell them a home security system. In the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

See a big muscley guy with his skinny wife, turn the corner their 2yo son is playing on the floor of the lounge room. Next to the son is a cabinet of… rifles. Ok. And the biggest wall in the house, maybe 4 metres wide and 3 high, has a flag the full size of it, with a big, proud, swastika.

They did not buy my home security system.



Worked pest control in the 80s. We were sent to some rentals one day. Basically single story one or two bedroom duplexes. One lady had 3 large Great Danes that she didn’t clean up after. Piles of cr*p every few feet throughout the house. This job was in the southeast US during the summer and required work on both the inside and outside of the house and being the new guy, I always got stuck doing the outside. Took one step inside smelled the stench did an about face and was happy to be on outside duty.


Had a client who had two full closets of clothes, but said they had nothing to wear! I cleaned, organized their clothing in each closet, providing them with many outfits to choose from. They also had 3 drawers full of socks, hundreds, many of which were one of a kind in a different drawer. Took me hours to sort and match, and get rid of the ones that had no match! I was a CNA there to provide Heath services, but many people needed a lot more than that!

One lady had 3 closets, many clothes no longer fit her, worked every time I was there to try to organize her things, provide her some outfits put together for her to choose from!


Also could never get used to finding wads of money stuck everywhere! One lady had me looking for her social security card, which she thought someone from our agency had stolen! I found it in her safe, stuck in her deceased husbands wallet. While looking, I noticed a large amount of money there. She was wanting me to take her to the bank to get money! I advised her she had cash in her safe! She asked how much? I told her I didn’t touch it, but went back and counted a few hundred dollars and gave her her social security card! She was one of the meanest people I ever met. We called ourselves the “survivors”, as she fired people all the time! She lived to 103


Oh God I have so many. The one that springs to mind first is the house where the firefighters already on scene pointed to the carpet and said «careful, there’s poop on the floor…but, uh…I haven’t seen evidence of pets.»

The whole place was bad.


Then there was the old man whose only «clean» part of the house was a small portion of his bed where he slept. Everything else was COVERED with clutter and filth. I have no idea how food was made in his kitchen or how he used his bathroom to either bathe or sh*t, the bathroom was similarly covered with junk and filth. There just wasn’t a clean surface anywhere. Think about the ruins of buildings you see in post-apocalyptic video games like Fallout. Think about how dirty, stained and cluttered those bathrooms and kitchens are. Then, quadruple the amount of dirt and random junk in any given room so it covers every flat surface, and you’re getting pretty close to this guy’s house.

I took pictures and filed a report with Adult Protective Services; this guy couldn’t care for himself. It was really sad.


I did home hospice nursing for a few months. You’d be surprised how cluttered and dirty even homes in nice neighborhoods can be.


I had one house I went to the patient had vomited all over the carpet hours before. The family member said they didn’t clean it up yet because they were waiting for someone to bring them carpet cleaner. So they laid a towel over the vomit pile/chunks. Mind you this carpet was matted and stained all over. It didn’t need specialty cleaner. They could have used any cleaning product they had on hand and it would have been better than waiting hours.



I went to a patient’s home, and her address was 666. When I met her she was the biggest bible thumper you’ve ever met. Everywhere in her home was bibles, crucifixes, and she was the sweetest lady.



Stripper pole in the living room surrounded by mirrors


My direct job was not to go to client’s households, but I have been “asked” to do it before. The worst place I went to was a house filled from top to bottom with cat carriers. It smelled like urine and you only had a small walkway that lead to the kitchen. Of course, we had to get a fridge into the house. To do that, we had to take the doors off. The client told us to take the old fridge away, and we said “no, that’s not in the order.” Left as soon as we put the doors back on.


When I worked as a housekeeper there was this one airbnb we would clean and in the office there was a giant bookshelf full of books, but upon further inspection we realized that they were literally all books about Hitler and the Nazis


Also not a house but the mechanics of a car dealership we cleaned would ROUTINELY sh*t on the bathroom floor instead of the toilet


When my dad bought his first duplex I was involuntarily ‘employed’ to help him restore the property to a livable state. We filled up 2 20 yard dumpsters which were filled past the brim, and still had to put garbage in the cans out for a few weeks. The previous tenants of both units wouldn’t take their garbage to the street, instead they would lob the garbage bags (not everything was bagged) into the garage, behind the house, and in the side yards. On the plus side I found my first adult magazine collection there in pretty good condition, as well as a crossbow.


I was installing a security keypad in the master bedroom of a couple around Dallas, TX. I was instructed to put the damn thing right next to a collage of nude fotos of this guy’s wife. Luckily she wasn’t home and I tried to get out ASAP. Just as I finished the job his wife made it home and I nopped the f out of the there.



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Esa creencia elevó aún más las apuestas del duelo: si Carrouges moría, Marguerite sería quemada en la hoguera, ya que su muerte significaría que ella había estado mintiendo todo el tiempo.

Este acontecimiento histórico proporciona la trama básica de El ultimo duelo, que toma su nombre del hecho (curiosamente no explicado en la película, a menos que estuviera dormido al volante en algún lugar) de que el combate entre Carrouges y Le Gris fue el último duelo sancionado por el estado en la historia de Francia. Damon, luciendo un salmonete medieval y a veces una mueca de desprecio, interpreta a Carrouges; su esposa Marguerite es interpretada por Jodie Comer, quien está asumiendo un papel difícil. Adam Driver es un Le Gris más joven y guapo que se acerca al señor supremo de los hombres, el rubio decolorado conde Pierre de Alençon (Affleck).

La historia ha ofrecido varios relatos de la terrible experiencia de Marguerite, muchos de ellos (si no la mayoría) sombreados por la idea de que ella, siendo mujer, estaba equivocada, era estúpida, engañada o simplemente mentía. Jager enfatizó en su artículo de Lapham’s Quarterly la frecuencia con la que esto sucedía. “Por mucho que se dice que Le Gris silenció a Marguerite con su capucha”, observa, “una legión de clérigos, historiadores y partisanos consiguieron acallar y sofocar su historia con vagos rumores e informes inconsistentes que han envuelto el asunto casi hasta la médula. En la actualidad.»


Con eso en mente, parte del objetivo de El ultimo duelo es volver a contar la historia, la historia real.

Los realizadores estructuraron la historia repitiendo tres veces: primero desde la perspectiva de Carrouge, luego la de Le Gris y finalmente desde la de Marguerite. Affleck y Damon escribieron las perspectivas de los hombres, basándose en relatos históricos, y Holofcener escribió la de Marguerite. (Hay menos relatos históricos en primera persona de mujeres de esa época, por razones obvias). Gran parte de la narración es alegre, jocosa, incluso ridícula. Cada uno retrocede sobre el mismo período de tiempo, etiquetado en la pantalla como «La verdad según» uno de los personajes. Cuando comienza el segmento de Marguerite, su nombre se desvanece de los subtítulos, dejando, por un momento, las palabras «La verdad».


Un hombre medieval con cabello rubio decolorado mira pensativo, una mujer al fondo.

Ben Affleck en El último duelo.
Estudios del siglo XX

El ultimo duelo sostiene que la versión de Marguerite es la versión correcta. Cuando su historia está en la pantalla, vemos algunas cosas de manera un poco diferente. Carrouges no es el marido jovial y cariñoso que se imagina que es; es frío e incluso cruel, sin importar cuán enérgicamente Marguerite intente complacerlo. Un encuentro entre Le Gris y Marguerite que Le Gris recuerda como coqueto es, en la memoria de Marguerite, breve y frío. Los cambios son sutiles, pero están ahí.

Lo que no cambia (o cambia solo un poco) es la violación real, contada en los relatos de Le Gris y Marguerite. Realmente, no se dice tanto como se observa. La vanidad del punto de vista de la película significa que vemos la escena de la violación de varios minutos de duración dos veces, presumiblemente para establecer que tanto Le Gris como Marguerite experimentaron la misma realidad. Le Gris, sin embargo, sostiene que su reunión fue consensuada; Marguerite dice que fue violada.


A través de los ojos y la ética del siglo XXI, Marguerite parece obviamente tener razón. La vemos gritar, llorar y, obviamente, resistir, luego yacer devastada en la cama después de que Le Gris la agredió, inventos de los cineastas (que consultaron organizaciones de defensa de sobrevivientes de agresión sexual, como RAINN), pero sorprendentemente realistas. Solo un monstruo, habiendo visto eso, no estaría seguro de lo que sucedió.

Le Gris sostiene que él y Marguerite, atraídos el uno al otro y llenos de lujuria, mantuvieron relaciones sexuales consensuales; también afirma que ella protestó al principio, como corresponde a una dama de su posición. En el mejor de los casos, es el chico de la fraternidad que viola a una niña y luego dice que estaba borracha y lo pidió, o la persona que afirma que la víctima simplemente estaba siendo tímida y en realidad quería tener relaciones sexuales, ambas acciones atroces. En el peor de los casos, también está mintiendo, abominablemente.

Junto con algunas líneas clandestinas y torpes que explican la ética del siglo XIV (¿alguien realmente necesita que le digan que las mujeres eran consideradas propiedad en ese entonces?), El punto de la película está claro: la historia ha sido mala para las mujeres, y nada de esta crueldad es nueva. Si El ultimo duelo a veces se torna un poco torpe acerca de sus objetivos, bueno, eso es Hollywood. (Considere la línea donde un clérigo declara: «Una violación no puede causar un embarazo. ¡Esto es solo ciencia!» De alguna manera, dudo que lo haya dicho así).


Pero hay algo más grande y extraño aquí, que es que El ultimo duelo es una película, y lo que estamos viendo es una mujer violada dos veces en escenas prácticamente idénticas que duran varios minutos. Las escenas están haciendo un trabajo narrativo, sin duda. Pero, ¿hay cuestiones éticas que considerar al pedirle a una audiencia que sea testigo de una violación, dos veces, en medio de una película que de otro modo se presenta como una epopeya de capa y espada? Claramente, los realizadores pretenden que los espectadores aprendan algo al ver la historia de Marguerite. Pero, ¿de qué sirve contarlo de esta manera? ¿Y encierra la historia en una reverencia demasiado ordenada?

Dos caballeros medievales a caballo al comienzo de una justa se miran el uno al otro.

Adam Driver y Matt Damon en El último duelo.
Estudios del siglo XX


Habiendo visto El ultimo duelo, No puedo evitar esas preguntas. Ni siquiera puedo contestarles realmente. Se podría argumentar que el contraste entre las fiestas de convivencia y las peleas sangrientas de la película y la violación crudamente grave tiene la intención de poner en relieve a esta última, pero simplemente no se lee como tan cuidadosamente considerada. Ciertamente, la película no está realmente interesado en su duelo titular, está tan desinteresado que no señala que era el último duelo oficial en Francia, o por qué eso importaría. No estoy seguro de que el guión, tal como está construido, realmente sepa lo que está tratando de decir, o que sus escritores puedan defender de manera convincente su extensa reconstrucción de la violación como merecida por un razonamiento sólido y poderoso. Es difícil hacernos estar de acuerdo en que la violación fue mala y que Marguerite fue agraviada, pero eso parece una fruta bastante madura.

Más preocupante para mí es que, a la manera de muchas películas de época de Hollywood, también funciona como una mirada triste y triste a la historia. «¿No estaban tan atrasados ​​en ese entonces?» pregunta. “¡Ni siquiera sabían que la violación puede resultar en un embarazo! ¡Las mujeres eran legalmente solo propiedad! » Pero ese encuadre les da a los espectadores que más necesitan escuchar el argumento central de la película, que poco ha cambiado en las actitudes sociales hacia las víctimas de violación, una ruta de salida. Si ya te inclinas a pensar que Me Too ha ido demasiado lejos, que las mujeres de hoy probablemente exageran las acusaciones de agresión sexual, entonces El ultimo duelo da una salida fácil. Por lo menos, es fácil pensar, no somos como ellos ya no.

La película El ultimo duelo que más evoca es la película policial de Akira Kurosawa de 1950 Rashomon. Rashomon es una de esas películas que aparece en cualquier curso básico de historia del cine, tan famosa que la falta de fiabilidad de los testigos en el testimonio judicial se conoce como el «efecto Rashomon». Rashomon cuenta la misma historia desde diferentes perspectivas; también se trata de una violación y también incluye un duelo. Los vínculos son obvios.


En Rashomon, un hombre ha muerto y su esposa ha sido violada. Tres personas testifican y vemos los eventos desde cada una de sus perspectivas, o vemos lo que dicen que sucedió, al menos. Primero testifica el samurái que presuntamente violó a la mujer y asesinó a su marido, luego la mujer, luego el marido asesinado (a través de un médium). Cada uno miente de alguna manera para protegerse. También escuchamos a una cuarta persona, un leñador, que dice que vio los hechos, pero nunca reveló a la corte que sabía la verdad, poniendo así en duda su propio carácter.

El punto de Rashomon Es que los relatos de testigos presenciales, la subjetividad y la naturaleza humana básica impiden que cualquiera de nosotros sepa la verdad completa sobre lo que le sucedió a otra persona, y que los humanos tienen dificultades para ser honestos acerca de quiénes somos en realidad. (Que se demuestre que todo el mundo está mintiendo puede sin duda hacer el eco de Rashomonestructura en El ultimo duelo un poco mal aconsejado.) Y, de hecho, nuestra incapacidad para ver la imagen completa es la razón por la que el relato de Jager de las muchas formas en que historiadores, clérigos y eruditos masculinos han tratado de explicar la historia de Marguerite durante siglos es tan fascinante y exasperante. La historia real, de alguna manera, no se trata solo del amargo triunfo de una mujer que fue agraviada, sino también de cómo castigar e incluso asesinar a un violador no borra sus acciones ni sus efectos. (Marguerite dio a luz a un hijo que probablemente era de Le Gris).

El hecho de que la historia de Marguerite no terminara con el duelo, o incluso con sus pacíficos años posteriores, sino con siglos de hombres discutiendo sobre si alguna vez fue realmente violada en primer lugar, habría hecho una película mucho más provocativa. Como explica Jager en su Lapham‘s artículo:


Los escándalos históricos, al igual que los contemporáneos que llenan nuestros tabloides, sitios de noticias y feeds de Facebook ahora omnipresentes, se basan en un sentido de certeza ampliamente compartido sobre «lo que realmente sucedió», un sentimiento que a menudo contradice la elusiva verdad. Mientras que algunos afectados por el escándalo pueden resucitar sus vidas y su reputación, otros nunca lo harán: lo que sucedió, o se dice que sucedió, puede seguirlos incluso a través de las páginas de la historia.

La larga cola de un escándalo como éste, un crimen como éste, y las vigorosas afirmaciones de quienes están seguros saben que la verdad es preocupante e inquietante. (Irónicamente, El ultimo dueloLa versión de los hechos es necesariamente una más en la larga lista de especulaciones.) Marguerite y Carrouges recibieron justicia, más o menos. Pero el hecho de que todavía estemos hablando de su historia hoy significa que el peor momento en la vida de una mujer se ha vuelto a iniciar mucho, mucho tiempo después de su muerte. De esa manera, se parece mucho a muchas mujeres de hoy que son violadas; incluso cuando ganan su caso, los susurros continúan. Los ganadores cuentan la historia, excepto cuando no lo es.

El ultimo duelo se estrena en cines el 15 de octubre.



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11 escolares se ahogan en Indonesia –



Las autoridades dijeron el sábado que once niños se ahogaron y otros diez fueron rescatados durante una excursión escolar para limpiar un río en la provincia de Java Occidental de Indonesia.

Los funcionarios locales informaron que 150 estudiantes de una escuela secundaria islámica estaban limpiando a lo largo de las orillas del río Cileueur el viernes cuando 21 de ellos cayeron al agua.


“El clima estuvo bueno y no hubo inundaciones repentinas”, dijo Deden Ridwansyah, jefe de la Oficina de Búsqueda y Rescate de Bandung.

“Los niños que se ahogaron estaban tomados de la mano. Uno de ellos resbaló y los otros lo siguieron ”, dijo Ridwansyah.

Residentes de la zona y un equipo de rescate pudieron salvar a diez de los estudiantes, quienes fueron trasladados a un hospital local.

Los rescatistas desplegaron grandes balsas inflables de color naranja para buscar víctimas y todos los estudiantes fueron contabilizados cuando la búsqueda terminó el viernes por la noche.


Los estudiantes no parecían estar usando equipo de flotación. Según algunas fuentes, intentaban cruzar el río, que es popular para hacer rafting y tubing interior, cuando se ahogaron.

11 escolares se ahogan en Indonesia
Crédito de la imagen: AP

En Indonesia, donde millones de personas viven en áreas montañosas o en llanuras aluviales, las lluvias provocan deslizamientos de tierra regulares e inundaciones repentinas.

Una inundación repentina en febrero de 2020 mató al menos a seis estudiantes que se ahogaron en un río en el distrito de Sleman de la provincia de Yogyakarta.

Usted estaba leyendo: 11 escolares se ahogan en Indonesia



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