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Women Are Sharing The Most Unprofessional Things A Doctor Has Told Them (20 Stories)




Nowhere on this earth do you expect to feel as safe as in the doctor’s office. It’s where we come at our most vulnerable, looking for genuine help and understanding.


But according to some women on TikTok, this is not always what you find there and they’re now sharing the most inappropriate things they were told by a doctor. The trend started when one TikToker, @kristamackenziee, shared an incident during her skin checkup.

“He was an older man and I was intimidated by him,” the woman recounted and proceeded to talk about taking her shirt off to show him the affected area. At this point, the doctor dropped a comment that left her speechless and made her feel super uncomfortable.

Turns out, she was not the only one having experienced a disturbing comment from a medical professional. So let’s see what other women have shared in response to @kristamackenziee’s question “What is the most unprofessional thing a doctor has ever said to you?”

@kristamackenzieeCreepy AF!! Mom gave him shit afterwards. ##doctor ##psoriasis ##foryoupage ##fyp ##follow ##foryou♬ original sound – Krista


I was 15 when I was raped. I didn’t tell nobody but I still went to go get checked with a doctor for std’s/sti’s but they didn’t know that. While they were swabbing me down there I started to cry cause it hurt and I was scared. And the doctor said «don’t cry now you’re the one who decided to open your legs at 15»

Image credits: justsad258

Bored Panda reached out to Krista Wiseman, a social media content creator and mom of three girls sharing her journey through motherhood with her Instagram, TikTok and YouTube followers. Krista was also the TikToker who got women sharing the most inappropriate things they were told at the doctor’s office after she posted this viral video.


“It is very unfortunate, but I think some doctors feel they are ‘above’ their patients because of their title and their education,” Krista told Bored Panda. “Maybe they feel they can get away with more because of that, or they feel they are entitled to speak their mind because they have worked hard to get to where they are.”

The author also said that “obviously this isn’t true for all doctors, but I’ve had many bad experiences myself and so have the women who came forward on TikTok!”


My husband and I had a miscarriage within the first year we were together. I was bleeding so we went to the ER. They were like ‘there’s nothing wrong with you’. I went to the bathroom and ended up birthing our baby in the toilet. I ring the emergency bell. They come in. And they look… they flush the baby down the toilet. I, in shock, walk out to my husband. He says ‘what just happened?’. And I’, like ‘the doctor just flushed out baby down the toilet’. He [the doctor] came in and said ‘Well what else were we supposed to do, it was already dead’.



«You aren’t married, right? This miscarriage is probably a blessing in disguise, huh?»


One time I went to go get my blood drawn. [The doctor] was looking at my arm and she ended up saying that she couldn’t find a vein prominent enough in the normal spot to draw blood. So she started looking higher up on my arm and she’s pressing around and I’m like, you know, that’s really weird. I’ve never really had anyone go up on my arm this far to get blood. And she was like, well, it looks like you’ve had needles there before. She was like, yeah, you have little needle marks on your arm. I’ve never used a needle a day in my life. This woman was accusing me ofusinghard drugs

When asked if she’d handle the situation differently now, Krista said that she definitely would if it happened again. “I’ve been making an effort to speak up for myself more, especially if I feel I’m not being treated properly.”

“When the doctor made the comment telling me to ‘excite him’ I think I was in shock, which is one of the reasons why I chose not to say anything. Being a survivor of sexual assault, I froze and didn’t know what I should say or do.”

Krista said that being in therapy, she learned that this response is normal. “I would hope that if I was faced with the situation again I could gather the courage to speak up and tell him that what he is saying is inappropriate, and that he shouldn’t be speaking to women that way in this professional setting.”



So I had to start seeing a brand new doctor because I was having a bunch of issues with my skin. Turns out it was psoriasis, but we had no idea what was going on. So I got referred to this new doctor. He was an older man and I was a little bit intimidated by him at first. So the appointment starts and he’s asking me all kinds of questions and then he asks to see the rash. And one of the issues I was having was in my armpit. So I was trying to show him like through my shirt. And it was kind of hard to show the whole thing. So I was like, oh, should I just take off my shirt? And this man sits back in his chair and says, yes, excite me. What? I honestly didn’t even know what to say at this point. I took off my shirt and I felt extremely uncomfortable. I had a lacy bralette on and this man is just like staring at me. Anyways, after the appointment, my mom ended up going back in and giving him sh*t.


My doctor took off his mask and said «I already had Covid I can’t give it to you»


The doctor that I was going to for my birth control was checking it. And I had mirena (spiral), and I could tell that it had moved, it was uncomfortable, that she needed to check it better. She said, well, let’s check it, come in. And checked it. She was like, nope, it didn’t move. And I was like, well, how about taking it out? Because I’m having a lot of issues. And she says, no, you don’t need any more kids. You’re young, you have enough. Then proceeds to tell me after ab ultrasound, oh, no, you really do need it removed, because it moved. So we’re gonna get you into surgery. Then, doesn’t tell me or the doctor that is performing the surgery that I’m pregnant. And then, after I have already found out that the pregnancy was terminated after the surgery, calls and says, oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that youwere pregnant.

The woman also said that she was surprised to see that so many women have experienced unprofessionalism from doctors. “I wasn’t expecting the TikTok to blow up, or to have so many responses. Something needs to change!”For anyone who’s wondering if a medical professional has crossed the line during an appointment, Krista says: “I think if a patient is uncomfortable in any way during an appointment, a line has been crossed.”

Moreover, “If someone comes forward saying they felt uncomfortable, the doctor should take accountability for the situation and apologize and try to learn from it,” she concluded.


It was a nurse. I’m well, I’m sexually active. And I was like, OK, maybe I should get tested for STDs because that’s what people who are sexually active do. So I went to a clinic that specializes in STDs and pregnancy, and the nurse looked at me completely disgusted and and said, you should practice abstinence. I’ll be praying for you. Then she grabbed my hand and started praying. I never went there ever again.


OK, so when I was 18, I went to the doctors to follow up on like a bunch of symptoms that I was having. And when I was there, much to my surprise and shock, I found out that I was pregnant. I hadn’t considered as an option. And I was 18. So I was understandably shock. So I because I was in shock, I started crying in an attempt to console me. My doctor said to me, don’t worry, you are still really early on in the pregnancy. And sometimes this early on, people have miscarriages. And for people like you, that may be a good thing. The fact that I’m a medical professional, I thought it was her place to wish a miscarriage upon me. Anyway, this year, my daughter is going to be 10 and her dad and I are still together.


what he said wasn’t really unprofessional. It was more how he handled it. Big back story. I was having pain in my pelvis for about a year and a half. Had every test you can imagine. I was referred to the doctor because he was a specialist and knew my family history. I waited a year and a half to see him. He did not review my file. Asked me a few basic questions. In total spent less than 15 minutes with me. Examined me, didn’t order more tests. Looked me dead in the face and said: Oh, you’re constipated. You just need to take a laxative. And left. Waited a year and a half for that. He did not take me seriously in any way, shape or form. Fast forward to another specialist. She happens to be female. She ordered some tests. I get diagnosed with endometriosis. I’m now on a wait list for surgery. So was the problem that he was a male doctor and it was a female problem, or that I was female and he didn’t take me seriously, or that he just didn’t care?


I stopped getting my periods at the age of 17. I went to my doctor who said it was because I was fat. I was told this multiple times by multiple doctors at the same hospital. Finally went somewhere else and was told its because I have PCOS. I’m 23 and finally got them back and now working on having my own family


I went in for a horrible rash in an area. My doctor tried fighting me saying either I was cheating or my bf was since she said it was an STD.. Ends up I have shingles. I also had a doctor refusing to check out my son’s who I brought in with hfm until I answered questions about my income and sex life. Safe to say I just walked out and that clinic closed


When I was younger, I went to a checkup with my doctor and just had mentioned that I wish I was a little taller. And a literal pediatrician responded: Men don’t date tall women.


I had a miscarriage and was told my only option was a DNC (which now with a new OB I know that I had more options). The OB [messed] up and didn’t remove all that needed to be. I got very sick. The excuse was «well you did have a lot of tissue». The a week after she asked me when I was gonna try for another. 3 WEEKS AFTERMISCARRIAGED


I was having really bad stomach pains after I had had my daughter and I went to the doctor to find out what the pains were. They did ultrasounds and all of that stuff. I go back to get the results. The doctor comes in, she she tells me that she didn’t see what was wrong. And then she goes, but you do have gallstones. So I proceed to ask what are gallstones, you know, all of that stuff. She tells me the best thing I can tell you is Google it.


I went to the doctor at 17/18 so I could get updated on my vaccines. I need 4. I also got an std test because my narcissist boyfriend at the time had cheated on me. she came into the room with FIVE needles. I asked what the 5th one was. she said it was the DEPO shot! Mind you I was openly against birth control for myself and told her before. she said «I thought you’d be okay with it since you’re active» I feel like if I didn’t ask she would have given it to me.


I have chronic back pain because of a broken disk. This old doctor told me it’s because I’m too fat. I neededtoloseweight


Well it hasn’t just been one dr, it’s been multiple, plus other health care professionals. «It would be easier on everyone if you killed yourself». «If you don’t take oral antibiotics we will not admit you for IV antibiotics and are happy for you to die at home», «you are pretty bad at sewer slide, cause if you were good it at you would of succeeded already». «we have given up, you are unhelpable» those are probably the worst that has been said. I have chronic mental health issues and have been in the hospital system since I was 12. These things they have currently been saying have literally broken me


1. the doctor was about done, it was just a normal check up and he looks at me and he’s like «your eyes are kinda droopy» and I was like «yeah I’ve been up since 6am» cuz of school. So then him and my step mother start talking about eye lifts!


2.another check up. So after they do the heart thing ig my heart rate was weird and he asked me (this is a different doctor btw) if I felt anxious and I said «yes» and he was like «no you dont» like you asked if that’s how I felt and I said yes, and now you’re telling me that’s not right like what?


I went to the hospital because I fainted when I was like in my eighth month of pregnancy. And the doctors told me that I needed to put more ranch or my salads because I had only gained 13 pounds during my pregnancy and they were making a big deal that I wasn’t gaining more. So they’re like, don’t be afraid to put in your salads. My ob-gyn said my weight was perfect



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También contactamos a la artista visual Chloe Giordano y a la autora/artista de bordado Michelle Staub para obtener más información sobre cómo comenzar a bordar en caso de que alguien termine sintiéndose inspirado por las creaciones que se exhiben aquí. Así que desplácese hacia abajo, vote a favor de sus favoritos y prepárese para tomar algunas notas si planea comenzar su viaje de bordado.

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Chaqueta de mezclilla con bordado floral n.º 1: ¡un año en desarrollo!


Créditos de imagen: ExperienceMotor1694

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Créditos de la imagen: Tutku_embroidery

# 3 Cisne blanco en un lago negro

Créditos de la imagen: Tutku_embroidery


Comenzamos preguntando dónde debería comenzar un principiante a buscar recursos y guías, ya que Internet está lleno de videos e instrucciones. Michelle Staub sugirió que la gente simplemente escogiera algo y se pusiera a trabajar en ello. “Recomendaría comenzar con un kit de bordado completo o un patrón. Con un kit, recibirá todos los materiales que necesita y no tendrá que salir a comprar sus propios colores de hilo y tela. Incluso puede terminar con algún hilo sobrante para proyectos futuros. Si puedes, evita comprar kits vendidos en Amazon porque casi todos contienen diseños robados de otros artistas del bordado”.

“Lo mejor es comprar kits en las tiendas de Etsy para apoyar a las pequeñas empresas. También puedes encontrar kits de bordado en tiendas de manualidades. También puede optar por obtener un patrón y obtener todos los materiales usted mismo. Puede encontrar patrones de bordado digital en Etsy, o hay una gran colección de patrones gratuitos en Si está buscando aprender una amplia gama de puntadas de bordado diferentes, busque algo llamado muestrario de bordado. Si eres un aprendiz visual y te gusta seguir videos, Youtube es un gran lugar para encontrar tutoriales para diferentes puntadas de bordado. También hay cursos en línea que enseñan bordado que puedes pagar para tomar”.

#4 Mi primer bordado (por favor, no seas demasiado duro)

Créditos de la imagen: pequeño loco


#5 Otro de mis trabajos con Northern Lights. Creo que me tomaré un breve descanso de esos paisajes e intentaré bordar paisajes más coloridos

Créditos de imagen: bordadobynusik

# 6 Algunos de mis favoritos bordé, se veían tan bonitos juntos

Créditos de imagen: nonakeddenim

Algunos principiantes dicen que temen desperdiciar materiales o no están seguros de comprar hilos e hilos de calidad. Chloe Giordano sugirió que “si no tiene la intención de vender el bordado, creo que no tiene nada de malo optar por materiales más baratos, ya que estará menos preocupado por cometer errores y ‘arruinar’ los suministros. Siempre recomiendo simplemente sumergirse, experimentar con diferentes estilos y aceptar que cometerá errores en el camino, ¡arruiné muchos bordados antes de llegar a los buenos!


#7 Diez Alitas De Pollo Con Papas Fritas

Créditos de imagen: cremepat

# 8 ¡Empecé mi propio diario de bordado hace un año y logré mantenerlo!

Créditos de imagen: sewvulgar

#9 Luna Moth, mi primer intento de un efecto 3D

Créditos de la imagen: BigFatJoints


Michelle Staub tenía pensamientos similares. “Lo mejor del bordado es que puedes usar una amplia gama de diferentes telas, hilos, aros y agujas y todo puede funcionar. Sin embargo, hay una diferencia en la calidad entre las marcas de hilo. Las marcas más comunes son DMC, Anchor y Cosmo. Otras marcas pueden deshilacharse mientras trabaja y es posible que no se destiñen. En mi opinión, vale la pena comprar el hilo de marca ya que la calidad es la mejor y una madeja de hilo te durará bastante tiempo”.

#10 Proyecto de bordado terminado (988 días después)

Créditos de la imagen: HumbleNorthHamilton

# 11 Principiante. Mi amiga me pidió que reparara su chaqueta favorita con un poco de bordado. La chaqueta estaba en muy mal estado, pero dije que sí, ¡y ahora está lista! ¡Ojalá ahora pueda amar la chaqueta unos años más!

Créditos de imagen: Mindbogglingloops


# 12 Un retrato de gato que bordé recientemente. Experimenté con subprocesos Dmc, Anchor y Cosmo por diversión

Créditos de la imagen: Floralmente

“En cuanto a agujas, telas y aros, todo es bastante similar. Un paquete genérico de agujas de bordar de varios tamaños le durará algún tiempo. Puede bordar literalmente cualquier cosa, desde algodón, lino y fieltro, hasta incluso su ropa. ¡Y siempre que su aro pueda sujetar la tela con fuerza, está listo para comenzar! Puedes encontrar estos artículos en tiendas de manualidades o incluso en tiendas de segunda mano. Mis primeros proyectos fueron cosidos en una vieja funda de silla de lona que encontré en una tienda de segunda mano y cortada”, agregó, aclarando algunos detalles que podrían ser útiles para los principiantes.

#13 Mis Robles

Créditos de la imagen: NaqsheKhial


# 14 ¡Mi idea original! Este es el dibujo de mi sobrina que convertí en una pieza de bordado enmarcada para mi hermana. Lo enmarqué yo mismo. Veamos hasta dónde llega esto antes de que se elimine/oculte o lo que sea que siga sucediendo

Créditos de imagen: fujoshisoulfood

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Créditos de la imagen: BigBepper

También queríamos saber si había errores específicos o conceptos erróneos con los que se encontraban a menudo. Michelle Staub nos dijo que “creo que la gente tiene miedo de comenzar a aprender a bordar porque les preocupa que su proyecto no termine siendo “perfecto”. ¡Te diré que hay errores en cada bordado que ves, pero solo el grapador podrá decirte dónde están! La única forma en que podrá mejorar con el bordado es si realmente lo hace y practica. ¡Y la mejor forma de aprender es probarlo y aprender de los errores sobre la marcha!”.


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Chloe Giordano se centró en la mecánica del bordado. «Desde un punto de vista técnico, los principiantes a menudo no tensan bien la tela en el aro; debe estar completamente tenso como la piel de un tambor». Por último, Michelle Staub quería que los lectores se llevaran a casa este consejo: “Creo que es muy fácil mirar el bordado de otra persona y comparar su trabajo con el de ellos. Puede ser intimidante, ¡especialmente si recién estás comenzando! Solo sé que esas personas estuvieron una vez donde tú estabas”.

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#20 Envía esto a tus trolls de Internet

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Créditos de la imagen: LizzieTeaOhBee

“Lo que ves es el resultado de sus horas y horas de práctica. ¡Todos comenzamos en alguna parte! Es muy valiente probar algo nuevo y estar abierto a cometer errores y aprender. ¡Si estás interesado en el bordado, esta es tu señal para tomar una aguja e hilo y darle una oportunidad! Puede encontrar el sitio de Chleo aquí, el de Michelle aquí, y si desea ver más creaciones, consulte uno de nuestros otros artículos aquí.

#22 Bordado de cinta de seda en boina de lana. Bordado a mano

Créditos de imagen: linenandfred


# 23 ¡Acabo de terminar un retrato conmemorativo para el tío de un amigo!

Créditos de imagen: schmowd3r

#24 ¡Terminé un regalo para mi madre! ¡Las telarañas brillan en la oscuridad!

Créditos de la imagen: freeeicecream

#25 No es mi diseño sino mi costura

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Créditos de imagen: RibbonPalette

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Créditos de la imagen: vidana_art

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Créditos de imagen: iLabrador

# 30 ¡Terminé mi regalo de Navidad para mi hermanita!

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# 35 ¡Cosí algunos diminutos Doc Martens para una pieza en la que estoy trabajando!

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Créditos de la imagen: MaddCricket

# 37 Un tributo a mi aprecio por el aire libre y una primicia para muchas técnicas

Créditos de imagen: lil_bobbin


# 38 Mi pieza más grande favorita que he hecho

Créditos de imagen: molinduh


Créditos de imagen: Tanya_Poli

#40 78 horas para Rootin’ Tootin’ Space Cowboy Bmo

Créditos de la imagen: agravante-Minute74


#41 ¡¡Tantas cuentas!! Pensando en convertir este en un parche

Créditos de imagen: hun_stuffed_cabbage

#42 ¡Arañas de frambuesa!

Créditos de la imagen: Robot Royalty

#43 He cosido una paloma una vez

Créditos de imagen: gabuclombardi


# 44 Mi favorito absoluto hasta ahora. Del Libro La Reina En La Cueva De Julia Sarda. Tomó alrededor de 45 horas

Créditos de la imagen: abbykos

#45 Día de San Valentín

Créditos de imagen: kenz024

# 46 Terminé mi proyecto Octopus definitivamente no perfecto, pero muy divertido

Créditos de imagen: overtakenbymoss


#47 ¡Mi primer edificio!

Créditos de imagen: kenz024

# 48 A todos les gustó mi parche de calamar, ¡ahora aquí hay un rape de aguas profundas!

Créditos de imagen: tapirsaurusrex

#49 Eneldos Kosher

Créditos de imagen: pearpeachplums


# 50 Estoy bastante seguro de que algo así estuvo aquí antes. ¡Espero que disfrutes de todos modos!

Créditos de la imagen: HardcoreLock



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Empresario y productor de cine Dhar Mann acusado de pagar menos de lo debido a actores vitales en videos tremendamente exitosos



Empresario y productor de cine Dhar Mann acusado de pagar menos de lo debido a actores vitales en videos tremendamente exitosos

Dhar Mann, el creador detrás de un gran imperio de videos compuesto por personas influyentes y actores de TikTok que se utilizan para mostrar lecciones sociales, aparentemente acaba de aprender una lección propia.


Esta semana, varios de los actores que han aparecido en numerosos videos de gran éxito para la productora Dhar Mann Studios se han presentado y lo han acusado de supuestamente pagar menos de lo debido a todos los miembros de su personal, y se han subido varios testimonios en video sobre cómo es trabajar. para él.

A medida que la controversia continuó en los últimos días, esta reacción se convirtió en una protesta de los trabajadores, y algunos de los actores y actrices se negaron a trabajar hasta que mejoraran las condiciones.

Esto también ha llevado a que se realicen numerosas publicaciones en las redes sociales sobre la «cancelación» de Dhar Mann, a lo que respondió en una larga publicación de Instagram a la que se eliminaron los comentarios poco después de publicarse.

Entre las publicaciones que piden su cancelación, el tema predominante se centra en gran medida en la naturaleza irónica de que Mann tenga múltiples videos sobre jefes que maltratan a sus trabajadores, pero que lo acusan de la misma acción como si no fuera consciente de sí mismo.


Ayer, el propio Mann respondió a las protestas en una publicación en su página de Facebook, que desde entonces ha recibido más de 11.000 me gusta en aproximadamente 22 horas, además de recibir miles de comentarios.



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